We thank the Sri Lankan Government for waking Sri Lankans
Posted on May 21st, 2018

A regime change puts puppets into power. The Sri Lankan government has exposed itself as possessing no powers to even stop banned terrorists from commemorating their dead. It further seals the ineffectiveness & incapacity to lead of a government that is stooping into unpopularity & hatred amongst the masses in just 3 years of coming to power. Every action that the Yahapalana leaders have taken have exposed their inefficiency across all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. The manner that the government has sided with separatist TNA & terrorist LTTE has sealed the fate of its own political future.

Let’s first get some facts straight

LTTE & other militant groups are pawns of a greater geopolitical game. That explains why inspite of 32 nations banning LTTE nothing much has been done against the LTTE fronts operating from foreign nations providing material & funding to kill innocent people in Sri Lanka. LTTE in 2004 were making $300m annual profits now without expenses incurred for LTTE killer machine, the LTTE Inc must be making double profits! Sinhalese, Muslims, Foreigners & even Tamils have fallen victims to LTTE guns/bombs & suicide missions. This negates the notion that Sri Lanka’s conflict is ethnic. It negates the notion that LTTE were the sole-representatives of the Tamils. No freedom fighters kill their own people. It also highlights an oft hidden factor – LTTE’s cadres were from poor & low caste Tamils. The caste factor among Tamils ensured no high caste/class Tamil desired to champion their cause. The caste differentiation in Jaffna, Trinco, Batticoloa, Estate Tamils is what eventually paved the way for Karuna’s defection when he realized his lowcaste cadres were used as cannon fodder first! These intricate aspects need to be brought into the open just as the reality of the new kids on the block now championing the Tamil cause – Where was the Chief Minister pre 2009? Where was Sambanthan & the TNA pre May 2009?

Where were all these LTTE fronts all of whom have been set up after LTTE defeat when the decision was taken to repackage the separatist endeavor from militancy to political & the players were selected for this role.

It is in keeping the LTTE & its new political demands aligned to the greater geopolitical game that we can understand who the players are be they from the Western bloc who desire to have a foothold in Asia or India who is now riding on the US allegiance to subtly advances its own agenda. Knowingly or unknowingly the Tamil minority are playing a dangerous game. Do we require to remind them that minorities are the political bait for geopolitics & minorities used as pawns have facilitated the division of nations (Yugoslavia/Serbia & Kosovo), South Sudan, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria. None of these minorities got what they were promised. Their allegiance was used to attack the majority & internationally present the majority as evil & the only solution to divide the country giving minorities their own self-rule. This is the game they are playing in Sri Lanka facilitated by the leaders of the minorities who are drawn into the game through other deceptive means.

Sri Lanka’s minorities cannot be naïve to think that these same geopolitical players will treat Sri Lanka’s minorities any differently and actually deliver the demands.

LTTE is banned in Sri Lanka. This means NOTHING associated with LTTE can be allowed by a State. No LTTE flags, no LTTE emblems, nothing that represents LTTE & its separatist ideology.

The next question is why has the government allowed a Jaffna State university which runs on the funds of the taxpayer to erect a monument for dead LTTE cadres? Why are lecturers & academics on taxpayers salary allowed to use the hall of the university to hold pro-LTTE functions? Why has the Government not called for explanations from the Vice Chancellor & the entire staff who are drawing state salaries. Why was a circular not sent to immediately stop such commemorations.

The government’s response has been anything but shocking. The spokesman Rajitha Senarath’s media conference which has drawn protests is no different to the statement by the former Defense Secretary K. Hettiarachchi said ‘LTTE are our own”. UNP does not have a good record of defending the national armed forces – the PM himself laughed at the Eastern liberation calling it just a jungle, his finance minister claimed the army commander was not good enough even for the salvation army, his former finance minister ridiculed the war victories – remember alimankada – pamankada. Is it any surprise that the government is having to issue statements claiming it is not releasing LTTE cadres & putting soldiers into prison.


The audacity to call it Genocide Day should make the Sri Lankan government feel ashamed of itself. By this action the Government has presented itself as siding with the LTTE separatists completely ignoring the rest of the communities in Sri Lanka.

When Tamil population has not reduced how can there be a genocide of Tamils?

When 33% of LTTE cadres are said to be from Tamil Nadu how can these be children of Sri Lankan mothers.

The children of mothers killed by LTTE should take precedence by any Sri Lankan Government instead of giving prominence to LTTE dead when LTTE remain banned & proscribed as terrorists. LTTE were given ample time to surrender & lay down their arms which they chose not to. Their choice was to die & they would not have spared any soldier who had surrendered which is why 5000 soldiers remain missing still and no UNHRC is concerned to locate their whereabouts or call for accountability from the LTTE.  That LTTE killed Tamil civilians attempting to flee to safety is confirmed in statements released by the UNSG head & UN associate bodies including foreign envoys who appealed to LTTE to release the dead. The Tamil civilians interviewed too confirmed that LTTE shot & killed many Tamils. So are these the dead the Chief Minister & the TNA are commemorating? We think not.

The sham & farce is exposed in the photos itself. No civilian death is required to be commemorated in the midst of yellow & red flags, LTTE flags, LTTE leaders photo etc. People are really fools if they fall for these lies & propaganda.


The photos reveal that the commemoration is of dead LTTE & certainly not Tamil civilians. How can LTTE claim to commemorate dead civilians because they shot at Tamil civilians who began fleeing from them to escape to the army!

The fact that only a few hundreds were present in all of these LTTE commemorations spearheaded by the TNA leaders reveals that the majority of the Tamil populace are not giving their nod of approval.

The international community through their ground operatives feeding information to the embassies in Colombo would realize that TNA is losing popularity in the North, the allegiance with the LTTE is scaring many Tamils who now prefer to live in peace & not go down the road of turning the country to pieces. The intelligence operatives would have also sounded them on the fact that no Tamil is ready to go back to a period where LTTE ruled with a mighty fist and many Tamils did suffer.

By taking the side of these minority LTTE – TNA Tamil racist & separatist segment, the Government has committed a great electoral faux pas for it has by its own actions distanced itself from the non-LTTE/TNA separatist Tamil voters while also making their own supporters in the South exasperated on how to respond to everyone who is asking them – Why is the Yahapalana Government supporting LTTE terrorists & if this is happening they are unlikely to get their votes at a future election. Even people in the South do not want to have rebirth of terrorism and neither do they want to divide the country as Yahapalana is doing through constitutional makeovers. With the antics of the TNA together with the statements & actions of the Yahapalana government the unlikelihood of the voters in Sri Lanka agreeing to a new constitution with every provision that the TNA is demanding is now drawing momentum. The People across the island are now beginning to realize that every new draft that the Government is producing in parliament is not only dangerous for the country but will end up in totally destabilizing Sri Lanka as well.

The people are now being woken up thanks to Yahapalana and its own ridiculous actions and polices.

What kind of Government humiliates its Armed Forces by asking them to serve drinks to the pro-LTTE supporters attending the LTTE dead commemoration???? This is absolutely shocking & a disgusting sight to see.


Shenali D Waduge


5 Responses to “We thank the Sri Lankan Government for waking Sri Lankans”

  1. aloy Says:

    I do not think Shenali is right here. Which army in the world would offer cool drinks to those carrying the flag of the enemy?. It is not the GOSL doing this on their own. They are being forced to do it. Even Rajitha did not make the controversial statement on his own. Why did the prez decorated so many senior military officers including the Maj. Gen. Sravendra who was actually in Gota’s camp?. I believe the ultimate treachery is going to be committed and they need the very same military that fought the enemy on their side. They expect a lot of trouble ahead when the bill to divide the country permanently by the way of 20th amendment is taken up. When there is trouble they can even get UN troops to be deployed when our army is divided. The person who can prevent that happening is MR by not siding with them. Will he become selfish again?.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    @ Aloy,

    Good thinking!! That is the worry even I have since MR is quiet on it so far. Only he says is “Balamu…” Let’s see!!

    But with GOTA’s Viyathmaga proceeding well aiming for a great future for Lanka, can MR do such a sabotage to stop a definitely a good thing for Mother Lanka??

    What we have to say is also “Balamu!!!”

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    This is absolutely shocking & a disgusting sight to see- NO, This shows… We are All Mother Lankans !!!

    Velu, where are you OUR Thesiya Thalaiva ???

  4. aloy Says:

    Step by step we are getting there. It seems the JVP traitors going to present the bill today or tomorrow in the parliament. This is what has been agreed by MR when his coup failed on the early hours of 9th Jan 2015, in return for his safety. As usual he must be planning not to show up on the day of the vote. And his henchaiyya like Dinesh, Bandula et al will just make some noise for the gallery. He must be thinking ruling over half the country is better than going to jail. What needs to be done is to somehow prevent presentation of the bill in the parliament.

  5. Vaisrawana Says:

    I have long felt that the treacherous yahapalanaya puppets led by Ranil and Sirisena have been intentionally doing outrageous things like the (purportedly accidental) blowing up of the salawa arms depot, the central bank robbery, deliberate attacks on Buddhist monks including imprisonment for voicing concern about what is tantamount to cultural genocide of the Sinhalese Buddhists (the majority community the country is identified with), incarcerating war heroes, letting extremist Islamism grow among the peaceful mainstream Muslims of the country, introducing extortionist tax regimes that hit even the poorest sections of the population, making the farmers and workers destitute through wrong development policies that actually benefit foreigners at their expense, and many other acts of the same kind. Through such activities, these traitors probably mean to provoke a violent public uprising, which they hope to exploit as a pretext for calling foreign military intervention. India pledged support to the government after the drubbing it got at the local government. At the same time, the leaders who freed the country from terrorism and initiated economic development despite unprecedented geopolitical pressures are being obstructed at every turn. The government’s abject official mea culpa (through the actions of the Northern Provincial Council) to baseless genocide allegations and its humiliation of the soldiers by having them serve cool drinks to LTTE sympathizers who celebrated the memory of the dead terrorists that had murdered in cold blood thousands of innocent Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims during 30 years of an unjust insurgency can be expected to awaken Sri Lankans to the present abominable reality. In this sense, Shenali Waduge is right. If people don’t wake up now, they are as good as dead.

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