Docs declare war on foreign funded civil society groups
Posted on May 23rd, 2018

By Shamindra Ferdinando Courtesy The Island

Alleging that civil society groups were a threat to the country, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) has declared war on Purawesi Balaya and National Movement for a Just Society (NMJS).

They played a pivotal role in January 2015 campaign to oust the Rajapaksa administration.

GMOA Secretary Dr. Haritha Aluthge yesterday alleged that those groups interfered and obstructed legitimate trade unions such as the GMOA and were engaged in a project inimical to the country.

Addressing the media at Professional Center at Stanley Wijesundera Mawatha, the GMOA vowed to do whatever it took to thwart anti-Sri Lanka projects undertaken by Purawesi Balaya and NMSJ..

Dr. Aluthge accused the those civil society groups of pursuing what he called arbitrary and covert motives targeting legitimate civil society representatives. The GMOA accused Purawesi Balaya and NMSJ of clandestine operations.

Referring to President Maithripala Sirisena’s speech at the recently concluded armed forces commemoration at Battaramulla, Dr. Aluthge pointed out that those so called civil society groups sponsored by foreign powers and groups were a threat to the entire country not only to the legitimate civil society. The GMOA alleged that those civil society groups couldn’t see the difference between terrorists and armed forces and were hell-bent on destroying existing systems.

The GMOA attacked those pursuing legal action against GMOA President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya as elements pursuing high profile operation against the establishment and legitimate trade unions.

The GMOA said that it had sought information pertaining to registration of Purawesi Balaya and NMSJ, their objectives and Constitution, funding sources, decision making process, office bearers and members and whether they could move court against others and vise versa from the Commissioner General of Labour and Director, Social Service Department.

The GMOA said the information was sought under the Right to Information Act enacted after the change of government.

One of the convenors of Purawesi Balaya Gamini Viyangoda told The Island that the group hadn’t received registration nor would it obtain recognition from any government authority under any circumstances. Viyangoda claimed that the GMOA lacked understanding of how civil society operated and was acting foolishly.

Declaring that Purawesi Balaya hadn’t been structured as a political party or group seeking political power, Viyangoda said that theirs was a voluntary organization built on consensus on issues.

The writer strongly disputed the GMOA’s assertion that only selected professionals and other interested parties could represent the civil society.

The Island sought Purawesi Balaya reaction in the wake of the GMOA issuing statement challenging its right to operate. Viyangoda issued the following statement in response to The Island request: ” The GMOA’s statement shows how narrow-minded these politicized  doctors are. They  think that The Civil Society should consist of formal, registered civil/professional organisations alone. Informal groupings are not eligible for civic activities of social transformation, according to them. Now they have taken into their heads that they should be the ones who call the shot. In fact, they should be sent back to their secondary school education to learn the role civil groupings have played throughout history to change the status quo. They can start from the French Revolution.

“They can go asking for information about Purawesi Balaya, but won’t get anything in return because we are not a registered civil society organisation for a good reason about which I can give them a lecture, if they want to learn some historical lessons of very concept “organisation” when applied to religion, politics, trades, etc. supported by past experiences in the world. Their organisation itself is a good example. It has become a political organisation than trade union organisation.

“I recommend them to read a world famous novel “Messiah” by Gore Vidal which I have translated into Sinhala some 18 years back titled “Galawumkara Isiwaraya” to have a glimpse of what could have happened to a so-called religious movement even, after being formed into an organisation.

“Simply these doctors are stupid. Otherwise they wouldn’t have mentioned about the court case that I and Sarath Wijesuriya have brought against Dr. Padeniya. That shows where there ‘social mindedness’ spring from.

“I am the one who emphasised from the very beginning that we should not have a Leader, President, Secretary etc like in other similar movements, instead we have three co-conveners, namely K. W. Janaranjana, Saman Ratnapriya and myself for organisational purposes. These conveners also can be changed in the future. Apart from that we have a manifesto of basic principles which has been published and in the public domain. In other words, no membership but co-partners as long as they agree on the basic principles.”

6 Responses to “Docs declare war on foreign funded civil society groups”

  1. Christie Says:

    “In other words, no membership but co-partners as long as they agree on the basic principles.”

    Well man who pays for your food bills?

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    “I am the one who emphasised from the very beginning that we should not have a Leader, President, Secretary etc like in other similar movements”

    Don’t try to fool us Viyangoda. Who are you to be a presidents or secretaries or whatever in an organisation??
    You all are just hyenas fed by your foreign masters for doing the dirty jobs what they want. More you raise your voice, more bones you will get to keep on licking from the master. That is the reason you have called the doctors as stupid.

    As caring sons and daughters of Mother Lanka, we are very happy to see our doctors coming forward to defend Mother Lanka from vultures like you and your masters for the first time.

    Everyone who reads this article knows you are the stupid ones not the Doctors. You have fallen to such a miserably low level that you will sell your mother and daughter for a monetary gain.

    The money that you had earned by engineering the Regime Change project in 2015 was from an extremely bad deed which destroyed Mother Lanka for the last 3 years in all aspects.

    You will re-pay for these sins by your suffering in the HELL. No one need to punish you for that. But the issue is, the damage to your mother land is done already!

  3. Christie Says:

    ඔය කියන පුරවැසි බලයො පිට කොටුඑ ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිත වෙලෙන්ඳන්ගෙ කරෝල කටුවට, හාල් මල්ලට, පෙරුම් කායම් වලට කහින උන්.

    බාහුවත් (ආචාර්ය වික්‍රමබාහූ මේකෙ ඉන්නවනෙ , මිනිහ පුන්චි කාලෙ ඉඳම්ම සමාජ වඩේ කාපු කෙනෙක්නෙ. .

    ඉන්දියානු හා ඉන්දිඋආනු පරපෝසිත සල්ලි බටහිර හරහා එන්නෙ.

  4. Christie Says:

    “National Movement for a Just Society (NMJS)’

    This one my god is Sobitha Thero’s outfit.

    Another similarly funded organization.

  5. ranjit Says:

    A great comment by hiranthe and others too. Viyangoda or veyangoda who ever he is,is a traitor to motherland who is getting paid by foreign evil conspirators. Doctors are correct about this guy and his henchmen in purawasi balaya. They are poison to our society. They spread false information on behalf of western hypocrites and the Indian parasites. These type of NGOs should be banned. I hope they will be vanished to thin air when a new government comes in to power in the next general election. These traitors shouldn’t be allowed to live in our Motherland. They are the worst enemies of our land.

  6. Christie Says:

    Viyangoda is correct about his Purawasi Balawegya being informal org.

    It is an organization like the Indian Colonial Parasites who are not an generally structured organization but one minded organization of similarly minded individuals whose aim is to continue their privileges.

    The same applies to Underworld Organizations.

    The only solution to such mobs is to ignore them depending on the mob

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