SLFP breakaway group pledge support to JO
Posted on May 23rd, 2018

Kelum Bandara Courtesy The Daily Mirror

The 16-member Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) group that broke away from the government called on former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today and pledged to cooperate with the joint opposition in the future political matters.

MP Dayasiri Jayasekara told Daily Mirror that he and his colleagues had expressed their willingness to work to bridge the gap between President Maithripala Sirisena and the joint opposition.

However, he said the SLFP breakaway group would function as a separate entity inside and outside Parliament. “We will cooperate with the joint opposition when it comes to political activities. It does not mean that we will join them,” he said. 

One Response to “SLFP breakaway group pledge support to JO”

  1. Charles Says:

    I cannot trust these chaps. Specially SB and Dilan. SB may be made the General Secretary of the SLFP by Sirisena and that may end his rebellion against Sirisena. Sirisena wiill not want to unite with the JO at any cost. He will styay on with Ranil, because without Ranil he is nothing and he will not be able to visit foreign Countries as the Head of State. That is all he wants.

    What has happened to the Bond scam ? It is now a forgotten issue and Ranil and the UNP is enjoying their time with the massive Funds now in UNP coffers. Sirisena keeps post poning things so that he can continue until the end of his term. He is not a patriot but a Talker. He even puts off until September to take a decision on leaving the UNP. Why cannot he as the President of SLFP take an immediate decision if he wants to or call an immergency meeting of the CC to take a decision. Sirisena is a dishonets politicians.

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