Special Tamil Problems, So called Tamil Politicians and Choice for Tamil Masses
Posted on May 23rd, 2018

Nimal Tissa Wijetunga

The more the Tamil politicians talk about, commemoration of war dead in the North, more they talk about Tamil Elam, more they talk about separatist agenda, more you talk against Buddhism and more you talked about Tamil Genocidal Day, do not expect any reconciliation with the Majority and by doing so, the current so called Tamil Leaders Taking the destructive violent path for Tamil masses by poisoning their minds as same as the previous leaders did since 1933 on non-existing demands and unrealistic solutions, which will never ever going to happen in the land of Sri Lanka although some are barking like dogs.

In view of the above, we would like to caution the Tamil masses that this kind of poisoning may end up another round of violent and destructive annihilation as same as what happened to LTTE after 30 years as the conflict brought the Tamil Masses enormous level of destruction, devastation, Cyanide capsule around the necks of children, force recruitment to use as cannon fodder in the battlefields, no schooling etc.

In the circumstances, we are very confident that Tamil masses may get the wisdom not to listen to so called Tamil Leaders for the sake of your families and the future of you all. Today, everybody living in this country is facing serious economic hardships due to increase in Bus Fares, fuel prices, and all the essential commodities and the TNA or any other so called tamil leaders talk about those in the parliament or outside as it is very clear that those talk about the above nonsense for their benefits and survival and not because they are really concern about the Tamil masses and we propose the Tamil masses to protest against this kind of behaviour when the so called leaders come to the villages.

There is no ethnic problem or any Special problems to Tamils in Sri Lanka as the problems are Economic in nature to everybody living here and howsoever, people argue Sri Lanka’s majority is Sinhalese Buddhist and if you dig the land anywhere including North and East, you find artifacts and archaeological evidence connected with Buddhism and not any other.

However, it is good to note that only a few are responded to those bickering by the so called Tamil leaders and we are confident that Tamil masses as a choice use the wisdom to accept the reality and the truth and live peacefully and harmoniously

One Response to “Special Tamil Problems, So called Tamil Politicians and Choice for Tamil Masses”

  1. Christie Says:

    The Tamils (Indian Colonial Parasites) do not want to loose their privileges they enjoyed under British-Indian Empire.

    They want to keep the same privileges under the Indian Empire.

    What non Indians in the Island have to understand is that we are an Indian Colony and we should stand up to the Indian Empire and Indian Colonists.

    We need more Idi Amins a great man who stood up.

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