Dayasiri received Rs.1mn from PTL related company
Posted on May 24th, 2018

By Shehan Chamika Silva Courtesy The Daily Mirror

According to a further report (B report) filed into the magisterial inquiry over the Bond scam by the prosecution today, it was revealed that UPFA Parliamentarian Dayasiri Jayasekara had received a cheque of Rs.1 million from Walt & Row Associates-a Perpetual Treasuries Ltd related group company in 2015.

According to a statement given by a police officer to the CID, who was attached to Mr. Jayasekara’s security in 2015, it was revealed that, on June 13, 2015 Mr. Jayasekara had asked his security officer, Amila Kumara Herath, to encash a cash cheque (Bearing number 566635) which was issued by Walt & Row Associates (under the current account number 0073900773)

According to the statement of Mr. Herath, he then had encashed the cheque from a Kurunegala Bank and subsequently the Money ‘in cash’ was handed over to Mr. Jayasekara.

Due to the suspicious nature in which Perpetual Treasuries Ltd had transacted with its group companies (W.M. & Mendis and Walt & Row Associates) to encash cheques which had been ultimately lasted with third parties, the prosecution also obtained a court order to the Chief Executive Officer of Walt & Row Associates to provide details about cheque transactions relating to such nature.

A Parliamentarian received ‘cash cheque’ from PTL related company: ASG Kodagoda

Additional Solicitor General Yasantha Kodagoda today said a cash cheque of ‘Walt and Row Associates’ – a group company of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd- amounting to Rs. 1 million, had been encashed by a security officer of a Parliamentarian.

The name of the Parliamentarian which was stated in the B report was not revealed in open courts by the Prosecution.

This was revealed according to a statement given by a police officer to the CID recently, who was attached to the security of the so called Politician.

Elaborating on the suspicious nature in which Perpetual Treasuries Ltd had transacted with its group companies (W.M. & Mendis and Walt & Row Associates) to encash cheques which had been ultimately lasted as money to third parties, ASG Kodagoda revealed another encashment of a cash cheque in similar manner.

ASG Kodagoda said that the investigation had accidentally revealed another similar cheque encashment where an employee of a professional services providing company (Certis Lanka) was interviewed by the CID.

This cheque was also amounting to Rs. 1 million belonging to W.M. & Mendis- a PTL related group company.

It was explained that on behalf of W.M. & Mendis this person had encashed the cheque from a reputed Bank and subsequently the money in cash had been handed over to a third party at the car park of the Bank premises.

The name of this third party was also not revealed in open proceedings by the ASG.

At the onset of the inquiry, ASG Kodagoda also sought necessary court orders in relation to certain details of the secondary market transactions of PTL.

He explained that it was not only about how PTL operated in the Primary Market but also how it dealt within the bond related secondary market.

It was explained that every primary dealer like PTL had to maintain records about their secondary market dealings in both physical nature (as paper works) and in the scriptless computer system contemporaneously with the Central Bank’s computer system (RTGS).

This computer system that primary dealers operate in relation with secondary market deals is installed and maintained generally by a company called Lanka Finance Services Bureau.

In view of identifying whether PTL had fed its secondary transactions properly into the CBSL scriptless system via its computer system provided by LFSB, Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne directed LFSB to provide all details relating to secondary market transactions of PTL including ‘SWIFT messages’ from January 2015 to February 2018.

The Magistrate also directed Geoffrey Aloysius who was the second share holder of PTL to provide all the physical documents that it maintained during all bond transactions to the prosecution.

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  1. ranjit Says:

    Not only Dayasiri, disclose the names of others too including the prime minister. Arjun and this whole gang of thieves, responsible for the state of the country today. It’s the truth nothing but the truth. We are not fools as these corrupt politicians thinks. They are the non educated fools who betray the motherland and it’s people. Expose all the culprits and bring this historical theft to an end. All the wrongdoer’s in this bank robbery should be punished and put behind bars period.

  2. Charles Says:

    Not surprising ; This is the gains from the Bond Scm. Why Dayasiri ? Even the UNP Seniors, Back and front benchers may have recived these santhosams. And Certainly JVP and Champika Crowd

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