Merger of UNP and JVP with NGOs
Posted on May 24th, 2018

By Gomin Dayasiri Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Colloquial Sinhala is an exotic dialect when phrases are enunciated in the vernacular with the input of a smattering Anglo-Saxon linguistics that, leads to-‘Broken English’. Sounds more the railcar ‘burgher-ism’ than an outpouring of intones from the Dutch Burgher Union.

  • Parts of the 19th Amendment are on the verge of being dumped (by none other than Ranil–19A champ)
  • JVP is juxtaposed between constitution making and their inadequate proficiency of the English language
  • Who appointed Sripavan to the Board Room at the Commercial Bank (is it the Government nominees?)
  • Every constitution needs a smart dick with a command of English to act as draftsmen

Parts of the 19th Amendment are on the verge of being dumped (by none other than Ranil–19A champ) stealthily with an eye on the Northern vote. Adversaries gave a rousing farewell in multiple languages to the chants of 19A is down the pallam” [slippery slopes]. That’s pigeon’s droppings and/or a long drive from Suddha Sinhala.

In a nutshell the JVP is juxtaposed between constitution making and their inadequate proficiency of the English language and is killing itself softly by overcoming language deficiencies by turning to the NGO/good governance disciples. They are taking the Sobhitha route without visiting the nearest temple – like eating food with their feet.

‘Don’t blame Ranil too harshly –point the finger at the Supreme Court under Justice Sripavan? gloomier than in the era of smart and silly Sarath Silva. Pronounced it constitutional without holding a referendum- by the ultimate dispassionate arbiter? The mother of all faults lies in depriving the people of their franchise for 4 1/2 years and having to watch a game of musical chairs enacted in Parliament, as Ministers shift chairs in the cabinet room. Who appointed Sripavan to the Board Room at the Commercial Bank (is it the Government nominees?) after the crisis that caused a nation disaster/whereas it required a 2/3 majority and a referendum the judgment allowed the Government to steam roll with a majority? Is it worth a Presidential Commission for the harm caused?

Come 2020, does Tilvin or Vijitha know the finer or raw points in constitution making. They are not shy to deny much knowledge in English but here comes the howler

Clandestine operations are at hand – to re-work virtually the same script – by the same writers [good governance folk] in a fresh dressing led by the gang that contributed to the downfall of Mahinda Rajapakse in 2015; bringing forth the strategically splendid workmanship of Good Governance [GG]. It was a doctrine that was never to be functional! These kids seeking a place in the sun were treated flippantly by the present government after rendering yeoman service in setting the foundation for the electoral triumph. Shaken by inelegant hospitality they severed connections with the present government; now are on the mend by public recognition in becoming the constitution makers in ushering the 20 Amendment [20A]. It’s a reward for the good governance kids entrusted to produce such a premier legislation for the UNP via the JVP – an empty paper that creates no impact – will never see light a the end of the tunnel – as no government will dare to bring forth a bagful of muck with an election too close. Bottom line is that the JVP cannot write good English. Fortunately they know it and the upper echelons of government is not their route to achieve their aspirations. Limitations – JVP are aware, makes them good fodder for lesser office in our lifetime. The draft of 2015 is a historical record for Ranil’s posterity – legacy that smells defeat at the polls whoever propels it. None will, as it remains a JVP born in a union with Ranil.

In a well-coordinated move, the UNP handed the constitutional assignment to the JVP, whose knowledge of English is miniscule? Beggars cannot be choosers; limitations are such, encountered in not knowing English – is an inherent defect in the JVP. Let them find wordsmiths to do better than the work that one man did for the19A. Surely not to be alienated to NGOs? Were they always part of the circus, one wonders?

Such material is not easy to find. Every constitution needs a smart dick with a command of English to act as draftsmen. In 1972 Mrs. Bandaranaike had Colvin R. de Silva and H.L. de Silva; In 1978 J.R. Jayawardane carried brilliant Mark Fernando and able L.C. Seneviratne. Whom did Ranil & Sirisena turn to in seeking advice on the Constitution 2015 – one Jayampathy Wickremaratne emerged a holder of a good certificate issued under the hand of Sarath Silva (If his certificate is of a credible value in the jolly days of Chandrika– if so, JW is indeed a good choice). Come 2020, does Tilvin or Vijitha know the finer or raw points in constitution making. They are not shy to deny much knowledge in English but here comes the howler. They entrusted the assignment to the good governance kids that know a smattering of English but nothing more. Blind leads the blind.

Where have all the good and great UNP lawyers gone? Not gone to seed, surely. Lesser are making the bucks over time, overnight. Others to Commissions and Committees, few to Ministries. Really good and genuine, and indeed the great are at home not hogging the limelight. It is just that ‘Ranil and his Merry Men’ cannot distinguish the good from the bad.

14 Responses to “Merger of UNP and JVP with NGOs”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    This may be the first time I disagree with Gomin.

    I commend the JVP for leading the charge to abolish executive presidency – the election promise that won Chandrika, Mahinda and Sirisena into office. The rest of 20A is worthless and must not be passed. JVP need not know English for constitutional making. Every law contains a clause that says if there is inconsistency between the English or Tamil versions and the Sinhala version, the Sinhala version shall prevail.

    JVP must push ahead with abolishing executive presidency. Leave other matters out. UNP will not support abolishing executive presidency as it has the widest support in presidential elections than in any other election thanks to the minority bloc vote. However, if the UNP can be convinced it cannot win in 2019, then there is hope.

    2018 LG election proved that JVP has 10% of the Buddhist vote in its kitty whether we like it or not.

    TNA is getting ready for 2019 from 2 rival fronts – Vigneswaran and Summathiran. Both trying to outdo other in extremism and separatism. Both major presidential candidates will (without any doubt) try their very best to appease them but UNP will end up winning over 90% of the Tamil vote. The remaining 10% will be divided. If JO MPs have foresight, they must support the abolishing of executive presidency when they have the upper hand.

    JVP proposal includes dissolving the parliament when the presidential term ends. That is another good move.

    If executive presidency stays, patriots must field their own candidate with the promise of abrogating 13A, FTA with Singapore, ETCA and subsidiary agreements with India, resettling displaced Sinhalese and Muslims in the north, removing all settlements in Wilpattu, reversing land sale deals concerning areas close to Sripada, re-establishing damaged Buddhist shrines in the north and east and a better economic deal for Sinhalese. We must not support any mainstream candidate if he/she doesn’t agree to these. Nearing the election, if any mainstream candidate agrees to some of these, he/she can be supported by this candidate withdrawing his/her candidacy.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    As Gomin explains, JVP leaders know that they are illiterate when it comes to legal matters and more seriously when it comes to Constitution drafting.

    Neither JVP nor UNP doing any drafting here. In my view, everything has been already done by LieTTE Die-ass-pora with the involvement of Rudrakumaran, Sumanthiran and their paid agents all over the world. They must have amended the previously prepared “Separatist” version to suit the new brand name of 20A. JVP have been blackmailed to present it otherwise their whole political career will be destroyed once their secret affiliations with RAW and the Diaspora is exposed.

    The whole country and the majority of their cadres know that the current JVP leaders are not up to the task. But they cannot escape now. They will get exposed more and more.

    To show the allegiance to their pay master, they are also working on a new project declaring that MR did not contribute to the war winning and it just happened. According to Anura Kumara, LieTTE got defeated similar to what happened to JVP in the past and it was a natural thing… What a fool he is. Those who follow him are nothing but Zombies.

  3. ranjit Says:

    What ever said and done or whether you agree or disagree, Mahinda and his pohottuwa will win the next general election and the presidential elections overwhelmingly. Mark my word patriots. UNP and JVP both the parties are garbage now. People understood their lies and broken promises. They both fear of Rajapaksas and make all kinds of bullshit stories which no one will believe. Instead of building our country and make people happy they blame rajapaksas day and night without any truth. They are truly afraid of this one kind of a stateman we have today who can rescue our island nation from destruction. Let’s work hard to bring him to power and to free this country from all evils within and abroad.

  4. Charles Says:

    I differ in opinion, I think it is not necessary to know good english to wrtite the constitution. The 19 A may have been written by some one who knows English but it is a mess. The 13A was written by Indians who may have known English but they have given something which is strange to Sri Lanka. And the Local Government Bill may have been done by the American Embassy but they have destroyed the whole local government system with it.

    Chinese do not know English nor do the French and Spanish but they have written good Constitutions. I saw a UNP lowyer called Nanayakkara in the TV Debate Aluth Parlimanthuwa. He was I am regret to sya is a foolish man who did not know what he was talking about, he was blaming the Genes of the people opposing the Yahapalanaya government for criticising the government.

  5. Charles Says:

    JVP is lead by the nose by the NGOs Ranil and perhaps the American Embassy etc. they have no idea what theya are doing. They only want to come to power or have a larger number of seats in the Parliament. That is all they want. Their 20th Amendment is not at all acceptable. They want a President elected by the Parliamentarians. That itself is a ridiculous position to take. It should be rejected by every one in parliament and outside.

    It is not at all a good idea to abolish the Executive powers of the President now, it would be a political suicide. If the JVP has some wisdom they should join with the party which has even a modicum of Socialism and not hang on with the halfbaked capitalist UNP.

  6. Charles Says:

    Ranjith I agree with you.

  7. Christie Says:

    Abolish executive president and provincial councils all work of Hinduthwa.

  8. Nihal Perera Says:

    I too agree with Ranjith..

    Whatever said and done only genuine patriotic leaders SL have are MR and Gotabaya. These too are the proven, patriotic leaders who can bring SL back from disaster – created by Ranil/Sira and their bandit-regime.

    JVP’s are bunch of losers who only care about themselves, and the perks they can get from the current regime.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    I TOTALLY DISAGREE with Dilrook when he ADVOCATES dismantling the Executive Presidency.

    This is the ONLY POSITION to which s candidate is elected by a NATIONWIDE MANDATE.

    If the Executive Presidency is removed and an Executive PM is created instead, then the PARLIAMENTARY GAME will hold sway, with minority parties becoming kingmakers, and the buying of MPs taking precedence over the WISHE’S OF THE PEOPLE …… just as we see now everyday in Parliament with its collection of elected and appointed goons making decisions to disintegrate the Nation AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

    Without an Executive President there won’t be ANY STABILITY, not even the barest protection the Nation has even under the present PANA-NATHI JANA-PATHI, and our Motherland will fall like a ripe mango into the arms of its enemies to be sluced and diced againstead our vehement protests.

    I AGREE with Ranjith; I LONG for the day when the Yamapalanaya is OUSTED and a DESHAPREMI Govt is RESTORED under our dear leader Mahinda Rajapaksa as PM and Gotabhaya Rajapaksaya.

    I LONG for the day when the Mahinda Chintanaya is RESTORED to us Patriots of Lanka, and our Resplendent Motherland again marches with unshaken determination to achieving its ancient role as the Light of Asia!

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! Meant to say “Mahinda Rajapaksa as PM and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as Executive President”.

  11. Dilrook Says:


    There is no executive PM – no country has that and the proposed amendment does not create one. In most democratic countries the Cabinet exercises executive powers.

    The stability argument is false. Sri Lanka was far more stable before EP was introduced. Instability crept in after it was introduced especially since 1982. The only instance an EP stood up to a few foreign ministers was in 2009. Until then no EP could take any such lead. But our PMs were far more brave in the past. One of them nationalised very powerful oil companies, another the highly influential tea companies, another came to a trade deal with China against stiff resistance from the US and the UK, another came to a defence partnership in the face of massive opposition from India and the Soviet Union. The 1971 JVP insurrection was put down in days whereas it took EP more than 2 years. Sinhala-only introduced by a PM, citizenship act, deportation of Indians and settlement of Sinhalese in Gal Oya, etc. under PMs. No EP had the backbone to do anything even close.

    The biggest danger is another minority-backed candidate winning EP or someone with the majority support winning it and then appeasing minorities to win their support (e.g. Mahinda 2010). Both are equally dangerous and detrimental to national interests. CWC, EPDP, SLMC, ACMC and TNA are the real winners of presidential elections.

    If India has EP, Modi’s party would not win it. Minority backed Congress will win with a power sharing deal with Tamil Nadu and West Bengal politicians.

  12. Ratanapala Says:

    The way I see it, the only alternative to political blackmail by communal and religious parties is to actively canvass support from patriotic UNPers to join with Pohottuwa. Pohottuwa politics will not be either SLFP, UNP politics or politics as usual of political horse trading with insignificant political parties such as the JVP. 70 Years of betrayal of the majority Sinhalese at the hands of the minoriteis should end. As long as the rights of the majority in Sri Lanka are deprived and given step-motherly treatment for political expediency Sri Lanka will not prosper. What is ailing Sri Lanka is the deprivation of the majority – who have shown throughout history that they are willing to live and let live. They are ready to join hands with all others as long as their physical and cultural spacec is not invaded.

    The days of the old SLFP are gone with the Sirisena’s back stabbing which put into shame those of C P de Silva and Mahanama Samaraweera – ponna Mangala’s father and is in no shape for resurrection. SLFP is not in a position that it can be revived economically and the cost far ourweighs the benefits.Time has come for both the UNP and SLFP to give up their ghosts and go the way of all nature – into dust and oblivion. The injuries inflicted by Sirisena and his cohorts trying to bring revenge on Mahinda Rajapakse has injured him too. For him too politics cannot be – politics as usual which has continued to injure the majority.

    The majority in the island are in agreement with Middle Way politics with active state sector as well as private sector participation in the control of the economy. We must be self sufficient in our basic needs – food and security come what may lest we will be betrayed by foreign forces who are only interested in their continued push for world domination. People have rejected wholesale Capitalism as well as Socialism of the JVP. the LSSP and of the Communist Party. It is time to unite to save the nation from going the way of Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The recent interview given by the American Ambassdor Atul Keshap shows in no uncertain terms, the corrupt and menial way in which the US is trying to put Sri Lanka in the way of Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. He showed the adage – ‘Diplomats are there to lie for their countries’ with little or no shame. The spider was asking the butterfly – “Come to my parlour”!

    Time is of the essence and next few months are crucial for Sri Lanka. There is a way for the whole nation to move forward and that was enunciated by Gotabhaya at the Vyath Maga recently. The nation must understand and remove the coloured glasses they have been wearing to see the reality.

  13. Dilrook Says:

    Gotabaya is the best choice for president. However, no sooner Gotabaya wins the presidential election, Tamils, the West and India will push for war crimes investigations. Sri Lanka will give up anything to protect its president – the president can also dish out anything to save himself. This is what happened to Mahinda after 2010. In 2011 he borrowed over $11.4 billion that was wasted in the north and east hoping massive development will supple the war crimes investigation demand. Our total net borrowings from 1815 to 2005 November was only $11.3 billion.

    This danger must be understood from a national point of view. Sadly most Sri Lankans are aligned into political camps and the Sinhala community is an orphan.

    This is when the best outcome of the presidential election happens! Imagine a lesser outcome.

  14. nilwala Says:

    On this topic, I agree with comments of those who consider that the Executive Presidency should be retained at this critical juncture wherein all anti-SL energies are concentrating on moving back to a Parliamentary system where ignorance of sovereignty implications and diehard rejection of Sri Lanka’s heritage and culture, i.e, a lack of patriotism, prevails. In that climate of hostility to the Sinhala predominance in Lanka’s civilisational history, and in which external know-how for rigging elections electronically will work to result in another UNP victory, it will take the country even further into fragmentation through ethnic hatred and conflict, to result in the permanent establishment of ethnic territories. This is the goal of some of Sri Lanka’s so-called “FRIENDS”.

    The JVP’s role in this adventure is very sad, for they were looked upon by Youth in the Universities as the protectors of the nation from those inimical to the socio-cultural and political path of human development that they had pinned their hopes upon with so-much sacrifice, albeit somewhat MISLED. Today’s JVP has sold out on that hope, for WHAT?? They first destroyed the University education system by not understanding what exposure to higher education was meant to serve for the youth of the country that held Its FUTURE. Now they are ready to bargain with the devil in order to stay in power, to the extent of fragmenting the nation.

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