Black and White
Posted on May 31st, 2018

chandrasoma rajapakse 

While admiring the zeal  and burning patriotism of your editorial correspondent (Miss Waduge) it must be stated that there is no warrant in science to support her ‘burning’ thesis – that ‘Black People’ are the founders of civilization and ‘progenitors’ of all that is bright and beautiful in our troubled world. The word  ‘black’ refers to a phenotype – not a genotype. Thus the Nileotic Negros of Africa and the Negritos of the Pacific Island Region are solidly black – while being distinct in ancestry and in genetic markers that identify kinship.

The Veddhas of Sri Lanka are black – so are the primitive Hill Tribes of Southern India but it would be extraordinarily naive to suppose this ‘blackness’ is a genetic marker of kinship. The undeniable fact is that ‘blackness’ is strongly correlated with the arid conditions of the habitat and (negatively] with the kind of social advancement seen in both Mongoloids and Caucasoids.

There is no record of truly black people building cities and founding civilization – let alone opening doors for the advancement of science and civilization of the kind that the White Races are renowned for – indeed, our indebtedness to the pioneering civilizations of the White or Western Nations is so obvious that only the chronically purblind will advance a thesis that denies this foundational truth. It pains some – the bogus nationalists – that the ‘Sinhalayas’ are Black and the Whites constitute a force of  ‘invading aliens’ that threaten our indigenous purity of racial affiliation and cultural uniqueness. The painful truth is that we became better and safer after Kings, Nobles and other social parasites were thrown out and the forces of secular and humane justice took hold – thanks to the White Invader.

A final point – the Sinhalayas are not black  – they are ‘yellow -brown’ mostly – with strongly Caucasoid features. Indeed the famous ‘White’ – Robert Knox – found the Kandyans of the Hill Country to be very much like his kinsfolk in distant England.


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  1. aloy Says:

    According to a documentary produced by BBC, there are thousands of earthen pyramids in Nubian desert built by a set of people who are very much like Egyptians and called Nubians. They seem to have left the place and migrated to Europe to form the Caucasian race.

  2. Christie Says:

    Where do our prehistoric human findings fit in to this debate?

  3. L Perera Says:

    Given the magnitude of problems that Sri Lanka currently faces and must be addressed as well suitably dealt with, it is futile to be debating the past. We can certainly learn from the past but what matters more is the future.

  4. Nimal Says:

    Though out my life from the very young age observed that the sudda types were well organized, well mannered, and even well advanced, not forgetting very generous too. This result me in calling a spade a spade.Mr Methananda was surprised that we the 10 year olds were protested against the Chinese bringing a wild boar’s tooth to Kandy to fool the gullible humble people.
    Perhaps he was responsible to get the US peace corps to be stationed at the Darmaraja collage Kandy. This was in 1957 where I was curious and stunned by the celandines of their toilets, especially Dr Denham’s toilet at their residence at the Peradeniya university while that of the Sinhalese professor’s house toilet next door was appalling.
    This was not a trivial observation but the truth of their advancement of their life styles.
    There’s no doubt that we and us all came from Africa but sadly due to the hot weather conditions these unfortunate people are unable to advance themselves in life, besides there was no necessity work to make a living as their demands in life is meagre the reason they never grew any food or reared livestock as those things were plentiful.
    Human curiosity made them emigrate northwards where they encountered severe weather conditions like winters and that made them think a bit deeper and work harder.
    When they reached after thousands of years to places like Mesopotamia where changing weathers were extreme, forced to grow and rare animals for the first time in human history and they were known as the Aryans.Though they were highly developed the usual defects of the animal kind got the better of them like greed, jalousies and envy. They once again became tribal and splits were prominent among them where they migrated at different directions and some of them came far south as Sri Lanka where some of the selected few had a high nose that once helped them to survive in much colder countries they came from.
    Those who migrated to European countries were developed the most, perhaps being there longer than any one else.
    Those who migrated to hotter countries like Aus and even US are reversing back and I noticed this among the burgher community in SL as over 100 years of settlement in the hot tropics have made them less sharp than the resent Europeans and Americans I associated with.
    I often meet so many foreigners and observe and hear that even in US old settlers are either ignorant or non productive reason why they import brainy people. I feel Northern EU countries will hold the advance standards in science and technology while other will do the catching up with a severe EFFORT.
    As the great teacher say that the our lives and even the nature is cyclical.
    I did a bit of fact finding with DNA s and found our Artigalle family originated Azabijan(came to SL as fire worshiping traders) and the humble people in a village near Rabukkana came from TN, the reason why there were so many devales.
    During the Colonial times it was very convenient and beneficial for the settled Tamils to become Sinhalese and Sinhalese to become Christians. That was part of our survival instinct, I think.

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