‘The Broken Promise anniversary’
Posted on August 17th, 2018

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There was a big party at the Yahapalana Medura, –Home of the Disunited Coalition at Maga Petalunu Mawatha.

Everyone was happy at this Third Anniversary of the Coalition of So-called Good Governance. Cabinet Ministers, State and Deputy Ministers and MPs – elected or pushed crookedly into parliament after poll defeat, were comparing the profits gained since August 2015. Commissions was the unmentioned word of the event. The word used was ‘Success”.


“How much of success have you had” asked one Yahapal from another.

“Plenty, plenty,” was the quick and happy response.

“What do you mean, plenty, I asked how much?”

“Come on, you must know it is in millions, many millions, just like your success”.

There was a big cheer when the Prime Leader Ranil came in. Many were shouting “Heta Nayaka”. Some were not so sure, but gave him an applause. A few began shouting ‘Arjuna Keliyata Jayawewa”. They knew his strong links with Arjuna Mahendran of Central Bank ill fame. Many of the celebrants knew how the elephantine profits of the Central Bank Scam enriched the Green Party.

As the Prime Leader moved around there were shouts of Port City and Hambantota among those celebrating three years of crooked green profit.

The party had special stands of decorated highway models, high rise make-dos, and decorative pages of Free Trade Pacts. There were plenty of food and drink here, beyond the dreams of those who voted for the Yahapal Government three years ago.

There were some of the Green celebrants having chats about a new leadership. Sajith and Navin were two names heard. Both remained very close to Ranil who was talking more of the latest “Gamperaliya” – Village Struggle of the trapped jumbo type.

Sajith was moving closer to the Colombo Greens than the Hambantota Greens, with indications of plans for a big political leap to his late father’s central vote base.

As the spirits went deeper there was singing, with a new baila, ‘Gam Peraliya – Maha Peraliya,

Api Okkoma – Yak Peraliya, Paga ganna – dola peraliya’. Ranil picked up the words and joined the singers.

There were new cheers heard at the entrance. The Maha Maithri had just walked in, and the Blue Brigade was shouting ‘Jayawewa – Polon Raja – Jayawewa”.

Maha Maithri was very cheerful, although his blue cheer team was much smaller than the greens. As many celebrants gathered round him, MM began speaking.

He said this is a Porondu Kadana Uthsavaya – a Celebration of Broken Promises, getting an instant cheer.

He told the celebrants that the success of Yahapalanaya was in broken promises. “Look how those we defeated are also celebrating today. This is the democracy of broken promise equality.” Shouts of Jayawewa.

The biggest cheer came from the Duminda guy, who must be holding the world record for commissions on the rent for a ministry premises.

“We must know how to give promises that can be broken. That is the path to success, to leadership. I said I would not seek the presidency again. That decision is mine; it is my plan and action that matters. Not my promise. Those who believe political and vote catching promises, are fools, just like those who believe the promises of a new president”. There was another round of Jayawewa.

As the cheering continued he said, “We are celebrating three years of Podujana Prodava” – Jayawewa. “See how I fooled the railway strikers. See how I gave hope to hopeful hangmen of the future,” that is the stuff of Yahapal leadership.

A group that came from Polonnaruwa came up to garland Maha Maithri. He thanked them and said,” I give you a new promise. Polonnaruwa will not be the next Hambantota. It will be better than that. The Silk Road of the Chinese will be going right through Polonnaruwa. I promise you that we will take the Parakrama Samudra, to the real Maha Samudra, and there will be a Polon Varaya, bringing ships from the world.

There was a big drum beat as he gave this Maha Poronduva.

MM saw Ranil smiling and coming up to him. He moved forward, embraced Ranil and both moved to the centre.

He asked Ranil to join him in the Broken Promise Dance – the Kadavunu Porondu Natuma. Ranil was hesitating. “Come on, you have also broken so many promises to the people and the country. It is time to celebrate,’ said Maha Maithri. He soon held Ranil by his shoulders, Ranil also held him like that, and the dance began.

They were well gripped at the shoulders. But the feet were moving in two directions. It was a strange dance, the stuff of political opportunism. Pulling in different directions, but well tied at the top. They were moving to the new beat of the Kadavunu Porondu Rythmaya – Broken Promise Rhythm.

Everyone was soon dancing to the Broken Promise Rhythm, the music of the Yahapalana Keliya, with Maithri and Ranil the best performers.

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  1. Christie Says:

    No they have fulfilled their promises to the people who installed this government.

    Indian housing project and toilets for Indian Colonial Parasites.,

    Lower prices for Indian Colonial Parasites food.

    Destruction of Sinhala enterprises like Avonguard.

    Destroying Sinhala soldiers who wiped out the Indian terrorist arm the LTTE.

    ..the list goes on.

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