Unproductive Rambling by Tamil Politicians
Posted on September 22nd, 2018

Kanthar Balanathan

Since independence from the 4th Feb 1948 to date, Tamil politicians have treated Tamil citizens as a bunch of cattle herds driving them to a state of mental disorder. The perception of the politicians has been so low that they have an agenda for them to come back elected from their club in a cyclic pattern, rather focusing on development.

The main election manifesto was Federal System, however, behind the scene was a separate country on a 50-year horizon. Every election was conducted with this notion of Federalism. Most mind sick Tamil laborers who did not understand structural transformation, economic development technology development, GDP, etc were hinged onto this propaganda of the FP. Even the dam FP politicians were not informed of the GDP and did not advocate a sound GDP and growth. The racial politics was important to them than development. Racism transformed into violence at one stage and subsequently to armed struggle with terrorism in the 70s. UNP must be warned that they are the cause for this terrorism growth. If the UNP government was interested in the country they could have arrested Prabakaran and eliminated and wiped out the terrorist group. UNP was listening to the hypothetical theories of the West which were the prime reason for failure. Well, do the west have an agenda of dividing SL into four states (republics)? (i) North to India, (ii) East to Saudi Arabia, (iii) South to China and (iv) Central and Rajarata to the West.

With the barbaric clowns (LTTE) moved and gone away with politics, some people short of intelligence have emerged without a clear mind and lack of knowledge in democracy and political science to chew the country with racial politics.

There comes the new old fellow CV Wigneswaran (CVW) from the Chief Justice position (retired) via shortcuts and brainwashing the TNA whips to be elected to Chief Minister position. It’s a strategic political agenda planned by CVW, TNA, Vasudeva Nanayakkara (VN), and Kesaralal Gunasekera, both MPs. The question now is how to retain peoples support and hold onto his CM position among the imbecilic Tamils. Quoting imbecilic Tamils here is meaning the Federal party supporters. The only tool is to keep agitating the various LTTE supporter’s claim of war criminals, violation of HR, missing people, the release of lands in the North, police and land power and the various imaginary topics. CVW thinks that these are the topics that will hold him in power and support from the people. However, his supporters and attackers found out that there is a way to rise to the top, overthrowing the TNA power aggressors. He (CVW) was the founder of the Tamil Peoples Council. There is a speculation that he (CVW) is yet to form a new Tamil’s diaspora backed political party in two weeks’ time.

Quote Ref: https://newsin.asia/wigneswaran-likely-to-launch-new-tamil-diaspora-backed-party-in-two-weeks/


The yet unnamed party is likely to include the Tamil National Peoples’ Front (TNPF) led by Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam; the Eelam Peoples’ Revolutionary Liberation Front-Suresh (EPRLF-Suresh) led by Suresh Premachandran; and the Peoples’ Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) led by D. Siddharthan, among other smaller groups.

If we do a psychological analysis and profiling of the people involved, that will lead to a conclusion that these people are purely filled with totalitarian, tyrannical and power hunger mind. Since 1948, can we count the number of political parties formed by Tamils? Where can we fit these people within the cognitive science sphere? What’s cognitive science?

Quote Ref https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/cognitive-science/

Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of mind and intelligence, embracing philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology”.

Suresh Premachandran: Can he swear that he, being the leader of the EPRLF, the most second cruel murderous terrorist group has not murdered any Tamil?

Suresh Premachandran fought with CVW for a portfolio for his brother in the NPC and now he has got it, either may be by sucking or bribing. An indication that our politicians are interested in power for wealth but not address the peoples needs.

Gajendrakumar does blabber without thinking. These are Tamil politicians.

Can CVW confirm the development work he initiated within the Northern Province? He is only fighting for power and money. It’s only now he has got up from sleep and propagating Tamils not to expect government jobs but start their sole trader job and develop the country, which the writer published several years ago. If all Tamils will work for the country’s development then SL may walk towards Singapore.

Ananthi Sasitharan’s fraudulent practices have been uncovered.

The only brain that functions within NPC is the Governor HE. Reginald Cooray.

CVW now states that he has been given four choices by the people:

  1. Retire and enjoy his life at home.
  2. Contest on another single political party.
  3. Form a new party and contest.
  4. Convert Tamil Peoples Council into a political party, join hands with the Tamil Diaspora and contest.
  5. We diaspora can suggest and recommend a suitable option, which is not human. Maybe he can understand what we are trying to say.

It is appreciated that someone has proposed that he should retire from politics and rest at home, which is the best solution for the Tamils in SriLanka. What was the need for Tamil Peoples Council”.

Always CVW blabbers about a political solution, power etc. Political solution: What more do Tamils want in SL. They are doing well in free education, enjoying liquor, sex (rapes), murder, and all what human needs. Every Tamil who comes out of the University wants to get out of SL. Even an uneducated coolie wants to get out of SL. West is a place suitable for uneducated coolies, NOT for professionals.

It is highly recommended that the old Tamil politicians who have acquired wealth via politics should cease to be politicians, go home and rest or chose a highly good option as 5 above. Leave the politics to the younger generation and maybe Douglas Devananda (DD). It is expected that DD will not work towards accumulating wealth but address the needs of the people.

Tamils in SriLanka shall not think that they are Tamils, BUT Sri Lankans. Please read my article on my web page. Ref: http://nrnmind.blogspot.com/2018/08/concealed-risk-of-multiculturism.html

Sri Lankans have every right to build Buddhist temples in any part of the country. Every Tamil film produced in Tamil Nadu do not fail to place a Buddhist Statue in a scene of the movie.

Dam CVW has no right to oppose placing a Buddhist statue or build a Buddhist temple in the North or East. It’s every human’s democratic right around in the world. It’s true that Buddhism is practiced and preached by billions of people around the world. Tamils have proved that they are a bunch of psychiatric patients.  The Tamils have brought down SriLanka’s Economy to a terrible alarming level. Tamils joined hands with the dam UNP, are also driving Sinhala Sri Lankans out of the country. Tamil Diaspora who entered the West as laborers have no brain power to think, but propagate for Tamil Eelam. What benefits can they accrue from overseas?

Let the Tamils in SL work out a program of reconciliation and development for them to survive. Tamil Diaspora shall not engage in advising for negative progress. Tamils have been a bottleneck and a constraint to SriLanka, thereby being a liability.


2 Responses to “Unproductive Rambling by Tamil Politicians”

  1. Ukkubandage Gunasinghe Says:

    Thanks Kanthar, You are absolutely right. Those politicians do not care about well being of general population. Yet they can fool masses with racists ideology. So sad. As you say god save Mother Lanka.

  2. Charles Says:

    These Tamil politicians are misleading the innocent Tamils who did suffer under terrorism and perhaps grateful to the Armed Forces for rescuing them from the grip of the terrorists.

    If they love Sri Lanka they should after the end of the long drawn terrorism forget what ever deffects the Sinhala people had and join hands with them now to make this Sri Lanka- our Sri Lanka , of the Sinhala Tamils and Muslims and others a peaceful happy place to live together as a Nation of Sri Lankans. If they really love Sri Lanka why do they want separation ? There is some thing wrong with the logic of the Tamil politicians. Let us all be the children of one mother Lanka. We all have deffects we should try to straighten out our problems together without inviting foreigners to intervene to settle our problems.

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