Double standards of the West 
Posted on November 1st, 2018

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Brisbane

Ambassadors and High Commissioners of the UK, US, Germany, Canada and the UN had visited the Speaker and discussed the current situation in Sri Lanka with him. They had asked him to reconvene Parliament early and had expressed their concerns the country would face in case of a change of govt. They have also had a meeting with Ranil. During the last three and a half years they backed Ranil as he worked to a foreign agenda. Basically, he was at their beck and call. Ironically, these so called ‘foreign dignataries’ have said that they are concerned about safeguarding ‘Democracy’, human rights, good governance and so on, while they do the opposite. 

During the 30 year war, when there was a threat to democracy and elected governments in Sri Lanka, by the LTTE terrorists they were silent. None of them spoke about democracy then. By not selling arms and ammunition to Sri Lanka they indirectly supported the terrorists. At the time, the country which came to rescue Sri Lanka was China. In the same way, China had been the first country to congratulate the new Prime Minister.

The western countries leapt to defend Ranil because he had paved the way for them to intervene in local matters, such as constitutional making. They have urged the President to reconvene Parliament to affirm who will lead the govt. But in Jan 2015, when Ranil was appointed PM with only 42 seats, while D.M. Jayaratna of the UPFA had 144 seats these saviours of democracy were silent. Later, after the general elections, there were no protests by these Diplomats when R. Sampanthan was appointed leader of the opposition with 16 seats overlooking the UPFA which had 95 seats. Subsequently, when Ranil postponed Local Govt elections for 3 years and shelved Provincial Council elections they raised no objections. Then when, Ranil tried to cover up the biggest corruption scandal in Sri Lanka, the Bond Scam, manipulated by his friend Arjuna Mahendra, these western countries had no comments. They are now jumping up and down because the new PM is not a torch bearer to the west. So they are more worried than the UNP politicians about the appointment of the new PM. With the appointment of the new PM, the UK, US etc have been issuing travel warnings and security alerts to travellers to Sri Lanka, to show that there is violence because of the political changes. These show the double standards of the so called International community. On the pretext of safeguarding democracy, they interfere and destabilise other countries.

With all this, the people in Sri Lanka are going on with their business as usual. The latest in this episode is that according to the President, the Parliament is likely to be convened on 5th Nov. This will keep the west, Ranil and his acolytes wondering what to do next.The media as well reported that the Speaker had allocated the Prime Minister’s chair in Parliament to the new PM, Mahinda Rajapakse. So it is time Ranil packed his bags and evacuated Temple Trees.

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  1. Christie Says:


    If you live in a Western country you should know better. These days West does not mean a thing. When it comes to our affairs it is India and Indians around the world who are manipulating the West against us.

    In Australia India and Indians have a lot of power and influence.

    In the last byelection in Wentworth, Sydney an Indian did contest for the government and lost. If he won an Indian would have had the balance of power in the country.

    It is not the West we should worry and focus on.

    It is the Indians in the West and India who are controlling us.

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