JEPPOs Treachery, Betrayals and Deceptions
Posted on November 4th, 2018


In 1971, even before the lapse of one year of establishing a government of patriotic progressives headed by Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the JVP hooligans launched their first rebellion with slogans including” what is the path we are tracking – We are tracking the path taken by Che Guevara” (Api Yannne Koi Paareda? – Che Guevara giya paare), Death or Motherland” (Mawbima nethinam Maranaya), It is precious to die rather than living kneeling down” (Danin Vetee Jeevvath wanawaata vadaa Maranay Uthum). Danaavadaya thuuran karamu” (Let us eliminate Capitalism).

Several thousand youths, male and female, who had got indoctrinated at clandestine classes conducted by JVP leaders which consisted 5 lessons including a class on perils capitalism” and a class on Indian expansionism” gave up their education and in helping these hooligans to capture power and for establishing what they called a government for proletariats. Their general plan was to capture and kill the Prime Minister. The Ministers, MPs., senior government officials, and Police stations throughout the country.   The plan misfired due to a communication error and Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike became hyper alert like 1962 coup attempt alert and got all the leaders including Somawansa Amarasinghe the man assigned to capture her arrested.  J.R.Jayawardemne and other prominent leaders in the UNP such as Ranjan Wijeratne voluntarily came forward to help clamp down this uprising and execute all rebel leaders but Madam Siririmavo Bandaranaike who  had motherly affection towards these misguided youth decided to set up special camps to rehabilitate them and it is because of this action of hers that Jayadeva Uyangoda became a Senior University Lecturer, Lionel Bopaage became an Australian citizen, Mahinda Wijesekera, a leading Lawyer in Matara, Victor Ivan a leading Journalist to name a few.

Then in 1989-1990 they launched their second uprising in which Anura Kumara Dissanayake, Tilwin Silva, Vijitha Herath, Lal Kantha and others in the present JVP politburo who were in the age group of 28 – 30 at that time would undoubtedly have played prominent roles in the killing wing of the group, the DJV – The Deshapremi Janatha Vyaparaya, or in the groups that torched buses, trains, Agrarian Service Offices, Paddy Marketing Board warehouses. government buildings, smashed electricity transmission and telecommunication towers, robbed and looted banks, forcibly taken gold jewellery and ID cards from the people and assassinated scores of people.  During this time the prominent Lawyer Wijedasa Liynarachchi of Beliatte was killed together with several others at the Batalanda Torture Camp allegedly run and operated by the present UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe.

With this gruesome history of killing, persecution and oppression of JVP activists by the UNP, making many of their family members destitute the current JVP leadership has become close collaborators and saviours of the UNP IN ITS ALL FORMS OF MISDEEDS. It was the JVP leadership which has become a super rich clan that was extensively responsible for installing the UNP in power and making foreign puppet Ranil Wickremasinghe, the Prime Minister of this country.  The late JVP leader Mr. Somawansa Amarasinghe has gone on record saying that the present JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake
received Rs. 25 Million from Malik Samarawickrema prior to the 2015 August election to help UNP win the elections.

It is strange that the JVP stalwarts remain silent over the alleged purchase of a palatial residence in Ireland by Anura Kumara without questioning him from where he got funds for this.  He was in Ireland recently for a period of almost one month and his partners in swindling have said that he went to Ireland for propagation of the party in that country where there is less than 10 Sri Lankans.
Since Ranil Wickremasinghe became the Prime Minister on 18th August 2015 Anura Kumara Dissana and his vicious clan has extensively extended their support to Ranil Wickremasinghe which includes:

  • Occupying an office in the Temple Trees and acting as an unofficial advisor to Ranil;
  • Helping in the formation of the despicable FCID and in directing this vicious illegal Unit on persons to be interrogated charged and directing on what are the charges to be framed against them;
  • Help introduce anti national Acts and clauses to be incorporated in revision of legislations;
  • Accepting the illegitimate post of the Chief Opposition Whip and collaborating with the illegitimate Leader of the Opposition and making efforts to protect the government always;
  • Speaking on behalf of the government on all and sundry issues;
  • Fully acknowledging the necessity of introducing a new constitution in order to establish a federal and secular stat as demanded by the Tamil diaspora and western powers;
  • Making no objections for the illegal denial of holding Local Government Elections and thereby curtailing the voting rights of the people.  This is not an offence in their eyes as they prevented Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike becoming the President of this country in11989 by shooting and killing village voters;
  • Despite the anti-Indian policy of their founder leaders were and one of their policy lessons was titled as Indian Expansionism” fully collaborating with Ranil Wickremasinghe’s Indianization programme of our national assets and natural resources;
  • Helping to introduce illegal clauses during 3rd stage reading of acts thereby to avoid Supreme Court Rulings;
  • Endorsed leasing out of the Hambantota harbour and 1,500 acres of people’s lands containing places of worship from Hambantota district to China despite Hambantota district being the only district which sent the first JVP MP Nihal Galappathi to Parliament and it was Tissamaharama in the district which elected the first ever Local Government Institution held by JVP.
  • They agitated and got legislation enacted for banning sale of lands when they were in the probationary government but endorsed repeal of this same legislation and facilitated sale of lands to foreigners by Ranil’s government.
  • Remaining silent on denying voting rights for the people by postponing Provincial Council Elections;
  • Endorsing the co-signing of the despicable American UMHRC resolution by Quisling Mangala Samaraweera. without the consent of the President and without Cabinet approval.
  • The .JVP. Leadership remained silent about this resolution as it had been drawn up by western powers on the behest of Tamil diaspora and which makes Sri Lanka obligatory to permi-foreign powers to prorosecute our war heroes on concocted chargers;
  • Remained silent when Ranil introduced legislations utterly detrimental to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty ty and as demanded in the UNHRC resolution.
  • Endorsed establishment of institutions demanded by UNHCR and appointment of anti Sri Lankan and terrorist proxy Nimaka Fernando and her ilk to man these institutions;
  • Did not utter a word when Wigneswaran spoke against Sinhalese people resettling in the North, against placing statues of Lord Buddha in [places that had been destroyed by the war, and made moves to take over temple lands in the North;
  • Remained silent when terrorist grandpa Sambandan visiting foreign dignitaries and foreign diplomats to urge the Sri Lankan government to adopt a federal and secular constitution;
  • Never condemned but fully encouraged terrorist proxy Sumanthiran’ repeated calls for enacting the federal and secular constitution he has formulated with Jayampathy’
  • Never spoke a word against UNP MP Vijayakala’s call for revival of the LTTE
  • Never spoke against construction of statues and monuments for slain or deceased terrorists and against holding of commemoration ceremonies for the terrorists.
  • Remaining silent on the despicable clauses containing in the Malik Samarawickrema’s designed Singapore-Sri Lanka Trade Pact;
  • Remaining silent on the offensive conditions of ETCA which was scheduled to be signed in December this year and to be followed by another vicious agreement with Thailand;
  • Remaining silent on non-payment of compensation to Raja Rata farmers extensively affected by floods, droughts and lack of fertilizer;
  • Remaining silent on failure to pay compensation to people who got affected by Meethotamulla tragedy, Aranayake mountain erosion, and several landslides;
  • Remaining utterly silent on deterioration of the economy, taking foreign loans at extensively high interest rates, failure to curtail rupee depreciation and indulging luxury imports; etc.
  • Bring in a constitutional amendment, 20tjh Amendment to nullify the powers of the Pre4sident and empower Ranil as the Executive Prime Minister of the country;
  • Flaying the President for the legitimate constitutional step taken by the President to dismiss Ranil who is alleged to be behind the coup attempt to kill the President
  • Ranil slavish and dollar voracious Anura KD has said that they will never recognize Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister even if he affirms that h3e has the majority in the Parliament;
  • The JVP who misused the University students for their agitations and kept the Universities closed for several years remained silent when Ranil’s government inhumanly suppressed by beating, baton charging, using high pressured water cannons and tear gassing demonstrations of University students which demanded justice for their grievances and demonstrated against SAITM
  • They also remained silent when disabled war heroes staged demonstrations demanding justice for their grievances and against non-payment of their pensions and despite, they are being disabled they were inhumanly assaulted by Ranil’s Police battalions;
  • They treat their ordinary misguided members as slaves and these people working for them without any renumeration was evident at Anura Kumara’s wife’s son’s church wedding and at LAL Kantha’s mother’s funeral house.  These JEPPOs said that they are volunteers.
  • These dollar voracious JEPPOs who would settle down in foreign countries soon following the guidance provided by Lionel Bopage and Anura Kumara will know their real stand in the country if they at least read comments being made by people whenever a news item appears in websites or newspapers.  Their mothers even in their graves May be3 regretting for giving birth to them.

These are some more treacherous acts done by thes3e JVP hooligans and listing of all their treachery acts will run to several pages.  I feel it is also pertinent to mention that other than Ranil and the UNP they have now found a new ally in the Tamil separatists Tamil National Alliance.  It was to please these terrorist proxies that they held their official May Day rally in Jaffna this year with the participation Terrorist Grandpa Sambandan and terrorist comrade Sumanthiran.  Since these terrorist proxies are fast losing their popularity and Wigneswwaran’s Tamil Makkal Katchi (TMK) which is backed by the Tamil diaspora is fast gaining grounds it will not be strange to find these treacherous JEPPOs aligning soon with the TMK.

The misguided or4dinary JVP members who spend their hard earned money to erect platforms for them, at their own expenses or through hat collection hire buses to pull villagers to attend their rallies for survival and deception, perform various other activities should seriously view the UNP and terrorist affiliations of their so-called leaders and discard them forever and align with the progressive patriots to serve and build this country..

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  1. Christie Says:

    Jeppos and LTTE are both Indian terrorist arms.

    Both killed Sinhalese.

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