Once Again Sun Rises with Hope for Sri Lanka – Prof. Hudson McLean
Posted on November 20th, 2018

Prof. Hudson McLean

Having read the professional scrip of HLD Mahindapala, I decided to re-enter LankaWeb.

Three years I watched the antics of Ranil W and his mob raking the Sri Lankan green fields to the bare barren earth.

Today I read the excellent prose of HLD Mahindapala, the evergreen of Sri Lankan journalism, factual, well presented, a joy to read. Thank you Sir!

Whatever said & done, the future of Mother Lanka may rest with ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa, as the Prime Minister, and his erstwhile brother Gotabhaya, who might ditch his American citizenship, and claim the Presidential seat.

One point I wish to point out to our Lankaweb patriotic scribes, that, the future of predominant Buddhist Sri Lanka must rest with an indivisible patriotism, whether one is a Tamil Hindu, or a Muslim or a Christian Catholic.  Those who do not agree, should find pastures elsewhere.

I do hope, for the glorious Sri Lankan future, the electorate will cast their ballot with the best for the future of their net of kin.

May God Bless the Pearl of Asia!

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