Mahinda to file appeal with Supreme Court against interim order
Posted on December 3rd, 2018

Courtesy Adaderana

Mahinda Rajapaksa says that they will file an appeal before the Supreme Court against the interim order issued today by the Appeals Court as they do not agree with it.

The Court of Appeal today issued an interim order preventing Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cabinet from holding office.

This was after the court decided to proceed with hearing a Writ of Quo Warranto petition signed by 122 legislators that challenges Rajapaksa’s authority to hold office after he lost two no-confidence votes last month.

The judge issued the interim order against Rajapaksa and his cabinet, and asked them to appear in court on Dec. 12 to explain on what basis they hold office.

However, issuing a press release today, Mahinda Rajapaksa said that they do not agree with the interim order issued by the Court of Appeal.

He said that they are currently working on an appeal which will be filed against it with the Supreme Court at the earliest tomorrow morning (4).

6 Responses to “Mahinda to file appeal with Supreme Court against interim order”

  1. Randeniyage Says:

    What he should do is force Sirisena to end this murder attempt of MotherLanka and resign.

    1. Stop this thuggery and let Ranil come back again to continue his dirty job.
    2. Form a powerful opposition. Remember JVP is also opposition. Let Ranil appoint LTTE ministers for a short while.
    3. Bring a proper NCM against Ranil in the parliament , it will be supported by a lot of UNPiers
    4. With him removed, UNP will be broken and government will fall automatically
    5. There is still a good chance to come to power in the proper way ( although a lot of people who are in the middle will NEVER vote you again)
    6. Alternatively let Ranil run and get UNP completely fall to bottom. Acutally this is the smarter way.

    This is the proper way. We know you all are not babies, you know this is possible than harming the country.
    If you keep on doing by-force activities like now, surely Indian rule inevitable . May be this is the whole conspiracy.

  2. janakic Says:

    Please Mr/Ms Randeniyage, dont give dead ropes to Mahinda. Please wait till the Supreme Court decision on the dissolution of parliament without being hasty and take stupid actions. Mahinda’s action of appeal is a good way to go. Only 2 more days for the SC decision. It is not a big deal for Mahinda to resign after the SC decision. UNP will never support a No Confidence motion against Ranil. They are all in it as they cannot face the polls. If Mahinda has to resign after SC decision he would do so and continue as the opposition leader if TNA joins Ranil. Mahinda has already won as there is no 2/3 majority for Ranil anymore.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Mahinda knows very well he doesn’t have the 113 seats. Far from it. So the right thing to do is to resign with dignity. But there is a bigger reason why it cannot be done. The moment Mahinda is not the PM, Special Court proceedings (suspended temporarily after Mahinda was made the PM) will restart. A number of Rajapaksas will be prosecuted. In fact, Sirisena used it to blackmail Mahinda to accept the PM post.

    He also threatened to release the bond scam report but didn’t really do it. Threatened, UNPers cooled down and came to meet him. If UNP agrees with him, the report will not be released.

    Sirisena has created violent rivalry between Ranil and Mahinda. The more they battle each other, the better it is for the country.

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    Mahinda can not even come closer to winning these MPs. These MPs were very well taken care of. They have Tamil die-Ass pora behind them with their coffers bigger than McDonalds world wide income. They have bought all the 115 members of the parliament who support Run-nil.

    Nothing good for the country can be expected by these illegal members.

    Best thing is to wait till 7th December verdict of SC and take it from there.

    I now have a serious doubt that they will support an election. It looks like the Judiciary has been bought by the LieTTE die-ass pora.

    What a pity situation for Mother Lanka. Selfish sons and daughters of her are destroying her from top to bottom including the sacred Buddhism protected by this land for 2500 years.

  5. Randeniyage Says:

    I suggest every commentator here to read the constitution very carefully, taking your own time. Do that assuming you are a Ranil supporter ( VERY DIFFICULT TO DO IT but this is the only way you can realise the danger we are in).
    Once you read the constitution ( don’t listen Sri Lankan lawyers they all are bluffing), you will see that both Mahinda and Sirisena legally cannot win this battle.

    There is no doubt Ranil is the ENEMY OF THE NATION. But with a strong opposition he cannot do harm quickly. He will harm slowly but surely.
    Mahinda & Sons is not as patriotic as you all think. It is very very obvious once you remove your mental bond to them. However, I cannot give an alternative, That is the problem.

    What Dilrook has mentioned ( about SPECIAL COURTS) is very real and true. This is one of the main reason to this whole episode. The other reason is Sirisena & Co Ltd new born aspirations. This too is obvious.
    Ranil, LTTE are only scapegoats for these two companies.

    I will support ANYONE who promises to REMOVE 13A , RE-ESTABLISH OUR SINHALA MOTHERLAND AND PROSECUTE ALL THESE THIEVES and get back the money stolen. None of the names mentioned will do that.

    Although I am not sure, something in me telling me that this is a Subramanium Swamy + Modi orchestrated conspiracy to destroy Sinhalese completely and make Sir Lanka a two-province country run by India.

    Contra ray to what Hiranthe is suspecting, I will not be surprised if some of the judges are murdered in the near future by RAW.

    Like Christie does, always remind your self of INDIA. Think why India is silently watching without making a noise. If Mahinda is not on their side, surely they are making a huge noise by now.


  6. ranjit Says:

    “Do not trust any politician” so who can we trust that’s the question we have to ask from our citizens? I prefer army take over like in Thailand. Take over and disciplined the country and its people then slowly and gradually hand over the government to civilian leadership who truly loves this Sinhala nation of 21 million. We need a strong government to take us forward. In the name of democracy what we have done for seventy years? Nothing except swindled the public coffers by the so called corrupt politicians. We had good sincere politicians in 60s,70s the likes of Dahanayaka, Dudley Senanayaka and few more of the same generation. In the current situation can you name a single politician of that calibre? Regarding the leadership no one can be compared to Mahinda Rajapaksa. He showed his leadership qualities for ten years. He saved us from the clutches of LTTE brutality. You cannot just take that victory as an easy simple thing. It was a great achievement and all the credit should go to him and the war heroes not anyone else. He may have made mistakes in other matters but he is truly a Sinhala Buddhist leader whom the majority of this country trust and have hope. Go for election is the best solution at this point and president should not give back the power to traitors like Ranil and the clan including JVP and TNA never. Their plan is to divide the country and give our territory to LTTE same like in 2004. This traitor and his thieves should be behind bars by now for the biggest bank robbery in history. President should stay strong without wavering at this point. Majority are with him. Let’s support him at this juncture.

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