Vavunativu killings: ‘Rehabilitated’ Tigers to be prosecuted under PTA Gen. Ratnayake urges govt. to take remedial measures
Posted on December 4th, 2018

The rehabilitated ex-LTTE cadres, arrested in connection with last Friday’s killing of two police constables at Vavunativu, Batticaloa, would be charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), a senior police officer said yesterday.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), investigating the incident, would have to use the PTA to prosecute the suspects though there was a government decision to repeal the law, the officer said.

The previous government agreed to annul the PTA following talks with the UN, the EU and the TNA.

A senior security officer told The Island that so far three hardcore LTTE cadres, including one from the North, had been arrested and further investigations were continuing.

According to him, all three had undergone rehabilitation conducted by the military.

Since the previous government brought the war to a successful conclusion in May 2009, a section of the international community had been demanding that the PTA be replaced with new law compatible with international norms.

Peacetime Army Chief and first Commissioner General of Rehabilitation General Daya Ratnayake yesterday told The Island that the alleged involvement of rehabilitated LTTE cadres in Vavnativu killings shouldn’t be made a political issue under any circumstances.

Ratnayake said those in authority at different levels should examine the circumstances leading to some rehabilitated cadres taking up weapons nearly a decade after the end of the conflict. Asserting that Vavnativu incident was likely to be an isolated one, Ratnayake said that a re-assessment of the rehabilitated lot should be undertaken immediately.

The former Army Chief noted nearly 12,000 rehabilitated LTTE cadres had been integrated into society over the years. Responding to a query, Ratnayake, the chief architect of the internationally accepted rehabilitation project said that Sri Lanka could be really proud of its effort.

Ratnayake warned of dire consequences unless tangible measures were taken to bring simmering political and constitutional turmoil to an early end. Pointing out that there were LTTE cadres who hadn’t been rehabilitated, Ratnayake said that continuing uncertainty could influence not only ex-Tigers but various other interested parties as well.

JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva declined to comment on the Vavnativu killings when the issue was raised at a recent media briefing.

MP Dullas Alahapperuma, addressing the media, compared the recent attack with that of July 2001 commando-style LTTE raid on the Bandaranaike International Airport and the adjoining Katunayake air base. He said the government wouldn’t give in to terrorism or succumb to pressure under any circumstances.

The police said that in addition to those so far taken into custody there were likely to be more arrests.

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  1. ranjit Says:

    This incident cannot be ignored or taken lightly. From the day yahapalana came to power we knew this will happen because Ranil and his clan plus JVP and LTTE proxy TNA all were paid agents of the Tamil diaspora and their friends and sympathisers in the western world and the Indian parasites gave ample room for those LTTE murderers to reorganize and do things freely. They allowed them to openly promote LTTE propaganda and also allowed LTTE supporters and sympathisers from abroad to visit the North and East sometimes organise lectures, make movies etc. Yamapalanaya took all these things very lightly and never tried to prosecute them at anytime. We have to thank the current president for taking that bold action to sack the traitor Ranil on time if not it would be a disaster for this country. You can judge this traitor by reading the signed document which Ranil promised these LTTE proxy TNA before February 2019. This tie coat gayboy should be in prison by this time for his part in the most daring bank robbery in history. LTTE raised their heads again Purley due to this traitors actions. He invited all are enemies back to the island in the name of sanhindiyawa even channel 4 crew. I hope our current government will take concrete action to stop the LTTE activities inside the country and bring real peace to the country again. Don’t say it’s only a minor incident and give pardon to these barbaric murderers. Arrest immediately who ever promote terrorism or indulging in LTTE activities including the parliamentarians who promote Prabakaran and his organization. Do not give a second chance. Finish this menace as quickly as possible before they make our country a blood bath.

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