I feel a burning need to talk about Sharmini Seresinghe.
Posted on December 8th, 2018

Diannah Paramour Australia


I feel a burning need to talk about Sharmini Seresinghe.

I guess she’s been sheltered her entire life from the hard facts surrounding Sri Lanka’s grandiose yet terrifying history.

Those whose blood soaks the white sands are that of soldiers who gave their lives in service, in service to save everyone, including her.

As if her article a few years back defaming and insulting the Monks wasn’t enough, now the nasty pen scribbles away yet more hate.

In regards to His Excellency Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa I think she must be so immensely jealous of him that she sees no other recourse other than humiliating herself with her nasty words against him.

You all know, even the enemy knows that we all touched his feet for his bravery in ending the terrorist war.

With his hands towards the international community to help, alas Sri Lanka was alone in her darkest days, it took only sheer bravery to stop the war.

As to his brother Goatabya Rajapaksa, it was his brains outstanding ability for strategy and empathy for all concerned that allowed the kidnapped citizens to be released, it was not his fault that people died, when terrorists unleash their evil, of course people will die after all it was a war zone.

The combination of the two Rajapaksa brothers does not make for a dictatorship, it will be a strong bind that the people understand, when some are still running a mockery of their dedication to you all, unwise mouths like Sharmini dare to flap out ugly words against them, I’m astounded.

As to her continual condemnation of Sri Lankan Monks….

What’s her genuine problem?

Does she seek to strip every single tradition of reverence until nothing is left except a dust bowl of lost opportunities?

Just remember your ancestors and how with dignity your Kings lay their heads down for evil colonial execution.

Does that kind of ultimate gift to Serendip only exist in storybooks?

Or are you prepared to be brave enough to speak up in protection of your Monks and all those who died in the war?

Does Sharmini wish for every Monk to be vanished in some ‘tragedy’ or do they change their direction to help her bit by bit dismantle Sinhala Buddhism?

We have a saying down here:

‘Never pick up mud from the ground and throw it in your own face’

Yes Sharmini you have done just this.

Please, I think deep down she might be a kind person but I’ve yet to see one inch of foresight.


‘Whoever holds the sacred Buddha tooth relic, rules the country’

Then move out of their way Sharmini and stop trying to sell articles by insulting those who meant you no harm.

Without the Rajapaksa brothers bravery you too would be dead right now, in my eyes you are a traitor to the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and all her people.

Trust me, this is not the way to bring about reconciliation and long lasting peace.

Peace be with you Sharmini, just try it for once.

You are a very rude disrespectful little girl, your family must be extremely ashamed of you.


Without prejudice

Diannah Paramour


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  1. samurai Says:

    I totally agree with Diannah. Sharmini needs to have her head examined.

    H.L.D. Mahindapala exposed her miniscule brain a couple of years ago

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