My observations and concerns of your meeting the former LTTE fighters in Mullaitivu,
Posted on December 10th, 2018

 Asoka Weerasinghe  Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

December 10, 2018

High Commissioner David McKinnon
Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka
33A, 5th Lane
Colpetty, Colombo 3
Sri Lanka.

Dear High Commissioner David McKinnon:

I was a bit chafed to see your photo with former LTTE fighters in Mullaitivu in the latest TAMIL GUARDIAN.  The text below the photo read:

The former NPC member, T.Ravikaran met with Canada’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka today and urged action on ongoing Tamil concerns.

The continued occupation of land, the Buddhisation of the North-East (that got my goat. I am a Buddhist and former President of Ottawa Buddhist Association,  and will comment on it later), the disappeared and political prisoners were discussed during the meeting.”

So the photo is proof-positive that you are one more Canadian diplomat who is pushing the Canadian envelope to get involved in the internal affairs of this little sovereign nation.  Sri Lanka, which happens to be my Motherland,  is not even a colony of ours,  So what the heck is this all about?  Canadian Tamil votes for your employer?  Phew! Man, this is not right…this isn’t kosher…this is not cricket!

Mr. High Commissioner, can you imagine one of Sri Lanka’s High Commissioners meeting with the First Nation people’s Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence who was on a hunger strike, protesting  that their human rights had been violated by the Canadian Government.  Just wondered what your comments would be if that had

happened.  Well, I suppose our Secretary to the Foreign Minister would have summoned the Sri Lanka High Commisioner to rap him/her knuckles and admonish the diplomat for poking his/her nose into Canada’s internal affairs and shown our displeasure and give the diplomat the third degree and that if it happened again would be declared  a persona-non grata and put the Sri Lanka High Commissioner on the first plane to the coconut palm fringed Katunayake International Airport.  Ha! What disingenuous double-standard by Canada.  Not Canadian, is it!

I for one, a Sri Lankan-Sinhalese-Canadian  who has stomached and endured the arrogance, bullying, attitude of We-are-holier-than-Thou, and lying through our teeth, to secure the mono-ethnic separate, racist Tamil State, Eelam for the Tamil’s,  and resent all of this.

Let’s not kid us and pull wool over our eyes.  Please don’t challenge Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese men and women’s intelligence.

Permit me to elaborate my observations of our Politicians of all three major political parties, the Liberal, Conservatives and NDP.  Here are some incidents that have got my goat,

1:  Arrogance – Judy Sgro, the Liberal Minister of Immigration and Citizenship  announced in Parliament, that she doesn’t need to get permission from the Sri     Lankan Government to set up an Immigration Office in Jaffna to siphon Tamils  who were affected by the Tsunami and bring them over to Canada and not the      Sinhalese who were the most affected.

Damn arrogance I thought and in a letter told her not to embarrass Canada as  Sri Lanka Government had every right to close that Canadian Immigration        Councillor office in Jaffna and kick her out of the island.  Remember how  we treated France’s General De Gaulle?

I advised her in a letter to go back to college and take the  Introductory Course on  International Diplomacy 101, which will do her and Canada a lot of good;

2: Bullying –  After Prime Minister Stephen Harper got into a hissy-fit and boycotted  the Commonwealth Conference held in Colombo, as he was  concerned about alleged Human Rights violations in Sri Lanka.  So he sends his emissary Minister Deepak Obhrai to  represent him and Canada   And he had a Mission to garner every federal Tamil vote in the Greater Toronto Area for his Conservative Party at the next Federal election.

So what did he do?  He flies into Jaffna, I believe accompanied by our Canadian High Commissioner, and then got back to Colombo by land transport. The reason we were told was  because the plane that they were going to be brought back let them down.  But when asked from the Canadian Mission the name of the Company that they had contracted to provide the return flight, I did not get an answer.

But here is what killed  Canada’s slimy-truth.  Deepak Obhrai had an entourage with Him on the return by land transport, and among them was a photographer and a wreath with a printed sign of sympathy for the Tamil Eelamist Terrorists who died in battle  with the Sri Lankan Government soldiers at Elephant Pass, Obhrai deliberately ignored the fact that there were two armies at war, the Tamil Tiger terrorists  and Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces who were defending the Island’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity, and the other soldiers who died at battle were Sri Lankan, mainly Sinhalese soldiers. That’s how the Canadian Government  was so disingenuous with this public act. It was a case of vomiting-sick.

When he was requested by a Sri Lankan Government Officer not to lay the wreath, Deepak Obhrai  put on a cloak  of a  Canadian High School Bully, and laid  the wreath anyway. and the photographer clicked his Camera to show proof what he did for the GTA Tamil-separatists when he returned  saying See what I did for you all, now give us, Conservatives your Vote at the next federal election!.”

 When Obhrai was questioned why he did it, his explanation was that Elephant Pass  was a neutral spot to lay the wreath.  That was not only foolish, he was asinine. I pointed out to him in a letter that Elephant Pass was the Eelam War Theatre where three major battles were fought and the Sri Lankan Army got a good pounding in one of them..  Damn! Western Pinocchio-Bullies, I say, who wants to hurt my Motherland, unfairly. O!   No, no..don’t even try it.  If you do  you will hear my voice loud and clearly like the Westminster’s BIG BEN’s noon hour ding-dong chime” I say to the  Canadian politician-bullies.

3. We are Holier than Thou – Conservative Minister Jason Kenney, after a stint in Sri Lanka on January 7, 2013, meeting the Sri Lankan Government Officials to discuss how to curb Tamil human smuggling, switched his mask to, I am the son of an Anglo-Saxon Evangelical  Preacher Man, preaching to Sri Lankans about Human Rights violations during a 27 year long bloody Tamil Tiger Terrorist Eelam War which Canada aided and abetted, And that We are Holier than Thou”, all that Evangelical Blarney BS when Amnesty International had already pinned Canada onto their Human Rights Violator Rogues Gallery,was despicable, uncouth and sick.  Especially, when on that very day when the First Nations Peoples Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence was on a hunger strike on Victoria Island, a stone’s throw away from Kenney’s parliament office, for the very reason that Canada has violated their human rights.”  What nonsense is all this High Commissioner, McKinnon?  I am not impressed, not a bit.

If I was the President  of Sri Lanka then, I would have told Minister Jason Kenney;

 Listen, my son, why don’t you take the first flight  home to Canada,  and help eradicate your Government’s Human Rights violations of  the peoples of the First  Nations, like Chief Theresa Spence.  They  need you more than my people.  We can look after ours.  Once you   solve your Country’s Human Rights violations, then come to me and I   will listen to you.  Until then, please keep off your feet from my island’s kabook soil.

 You can now take my leave and hurry back home to Canada. Those  First Nations peoples of yours need you.”

4; Lying through our Teeth:  It was during the Tamil Blarney Gong Show that  took place in the Parliament’s chambers on the evening of 4 February 2009,  called by Jack Layton, the leader of the NDP.  It was supposed to be an Emergency Meeting on Sri Lanka, with a packed Gallery of Sri Lankan Tamils.  What a stupid hoot.   I watched it on CPAC.

It was on this afternoon that Liberal’s Terrible Lying Five, Robert Oliphant, Jim Karygiannis, Derek Lee, Judy Sgro and Albina Guarnieri, charged  Sri Lanka of Genocide”.  What tosh, what garbage, what poppycock, what buckets of dead capelin from the shores of Newfoundland’s Middle Cove Beach, what strings of baloney hanging from Deli stalls in Byward  Market.

They were off the mark by lying miles as they were not capable even of gathering Nuts in May…Nuts in May, even though they were taken to a field to harvest nuts, as they couldn’t distinguish a nut from a stone.  The Word Genocide has no place in Sri Lanka as this stupid five wouldn’t be able to reconcile the fact that on 19 May 2009, when the Tamil Tiger Terrorists were annihilated  militarily, how come the Sri Lankan, mainly Sinhalese  soldiers, rescued 295,873 Tamils from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who marched them from the west coast to the east coast for 30 Month under the Jaffna-Killinochchi scorching sun like unwashed cattle.

They were not shot dead by the Sri Lankan soldiers, as that would have been easy.  But they didn’t. Genocide” my foot.  Nor were they starved to death when they were housed in  temporary refugee camps and the Government of Sri lanka prepared a million meals a day to feed the Tamil Refugees hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Do you know what High Commissioner, a good percent of the cooks were army soldiers.  Genocide” my foot.  The Liberals Terrible Five were a nasty bunch.

Do you know what Mr. High Commissioner, if my late Mother was alive, it wouldn’t have mattered to her whether the Liberals Terrible Lying Five were Canadian parliamentarians, she would have marched every one of them by their ears to the Parliament’s kitchen sink and forced them to wash  their  lying mouths with Carbolic soap.  She didn’t liked liars.

And now to deal with the Northern separatist Tamils  complaining to  you about Buddhisation of the North and East.”

 If you have any inclination to get involved with this comment, my advise to you is don’t even touch it with a barge pole.  If you do you will be skating  on thin ice. Here is why!.

I suppose Ravikaran did not brief you that in ancient  times the  north and east of Sri Lanka were spotted with Buddhist temples  When I say ancient”, I mean Sinhalese-Buddhist culture goes back for over 2,500 years,  Canadians might have difficulty to comprehend it when Canada is only 151 years old since Confederation, and we have a Department of Heritage to preserve our 151 year old heritage,  So let’s not get involved in tinkering with Sri Lanka’s over 2,500 year old Heritage, when we have absolutely no business there.

So what is Ravikaran belly aching about!

Among scores of ancient Buddhist shrines and sites did he not brief you about the Muhudu Maha Viharaya which is over 2000 years old in Pottuvil, in the Ampara District and built by King Kavan Tissa?

Ravikaran’s Tamils are trying to claim that the North and East is theirs.  And that’s hog wash.  There were 74 ancient Buddhist shrines and Archeological sites in the Trincomalee District, and 55 such ancient Buddhist  shrines in the Batticaloa and Ampara Districts

Didn’t Ravikaran brief you that the Seruwila Mangala  Raja Maha Viharaya in the Trincomalee District was built in the 2nd century BC by King Kavan Tissa.   So what were the Tamils belly aching about asking you to stop Buddhisation” which got my goat.

Well, if I were you, High Commissioner David McKinnon, I would keep your nose out of this nonsense as you might feel the simmering winds of the unnatural Sinhalese Buddhist wrath wafting within the walls of your offices in Colombo.  Their anger will be visceral.

And they will charge you with cultural genocide as we in Canada have been accused of  by the indigenous peoples  with the forced Residential Schools policy.  And the cultural genocide by the white-man of the Beothuks in Newfoundland when by 1829, with the death of Shanawdithit  the Beothuks were officially declared extinct after suffering epidemics, starvation, loss of access to food sources and the slaughter by white English and French fishermen and traders.

Remember Mr. High Commissioner that the Tamils have a Motherland to return to. It’s India’s Tamil Nadu just 18 salt water miles from the northern tip of Jaffna peninsula of Sri Lanka where 80 million Dravidian kith and kin of theirs live.  And the Sinhalese Buddhists as well as Christians are indigenous to Sri Lanka which is their Motherland..

So High Commissioner David McKinnon, as a diplomat, you have a choice of either to get involved in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka which is high-hypocrisy and  an act  of colonial like condescension which is none of your business to act like a pseudo-viceroy.

The active involvement like going and meeting former Tamil Tiger terrorists in Mullaitivu and discussing  ongoing Tamil concerns  that cannot be justified in any manner. The eagerness of Canada to get involved in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka is explicable.  Or keep your nose out of trouble, and not expose yourself to a possible embarrassing event like the David Gladstone syndrome of 1991.

May be that you will be troubled by my frank discussion here, and want to reject all what I had to say.  But I pray, that you will  not open a window for me to tell you”Didn’t I tell you so!”

And, by the way, my enthusiasm for the heritage and culture of Canada was recognized by the Mayor of Ottawa and was the recipient of the Annual prestigious  City of Ottawa, Appreciation Award for Arts and Culture in  2003.

And my resentment of a Fundamentalist Christian decapitating the large Buddha Statue on the front lawn of my Buddhist Monastery, Hilda Jayewardenaramaya at 1481 Heron Road, is documented in the Ottawa Citizen of. May 1, 2018. He is been charged by the Ottawa Police.  Little wonder why and how I reacted to the former Tamil Tiger T. Ravikaran’s belly aching to you about Buddhist sites in the North and East.  You bet, it will be so in the future too.

Have a magical holiday season and hope that Santa will be good to you and keep well.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

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  1. Henry Says:

    Hi Asoka,

    Your article says it all! I have a few questions. Do the people in Canada know what their stupid, scheming, smarmy politicians are up to? I very much doubt it. Is there any possibility that newspapers in Canada will give due publicity to letters such as yours? Or is the so called democracy of the west under a cloud, at best or dead in Canada, with the blessings of the press? Are these the types of “leaders” that prevail in Canada, much like in some other countries in the “Democratic” West?

    Western newspapers, please copy. The beleaguered, yet defiant Sinhala nation, backed by its 2500 year civilization dares you to!


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