Why Sri Lanka will never be Singapore? Article by Eranda Ginige in Daily FT …….
Posted on December 15th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I do not agree with his theory .He talks about the  fact that ,we have to accept who we are and find indigenous development strategy ? and that we do not need Globalization I would like to ask him to name a country which has developed so far after world war 2 which has been following democratic principles .Take Iran ,Iraq,Saudi Arabia,China ,Oman ,even Maldives .Have they not been run by  Authoritarian Dictators who put  country in forefront ?

Singapore developed because Lee Kwan Yew was a dictator who knew the priorities .Our country has a prosperous past and unprecedented development few centuries back .British came and force Democracy to our country which was the bane .


We need a dictator who should identify the path for development and forcibly implement .He talks  about sustainability in Food Supply,. A Ruler can impose strict rules in developing agriculture .When you drive along Southern Highway you could see land mass with plenty of water which can be forced-developed .We pass by and keep telling that what a beautiful sight with no clue that it is a gold mine

Many areas in the country are abandoned and scrupulous land sales companies are blocking out lands and making money .A good ruler can impose strict restrictions and force cultivation or even get Israelis to develop the lands !

There are much shallow sea front Jaffna Peninsular ,which are not harvested Can a dictator recognize the potential and force marine aqua culture development ?

All other proposals in his article are valid, what we lack is a Forced –Implementer. I know by experience that Vision of Lew Kwan Yew is what we need,

We need a Benevolent sane Dictator

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

2 Responses to “Why Sri Lanka will never be Singapore? Article by Eranda Ginige in Daily FT …….”

  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    I completely agree…

    Democracy is a buzz-word that can be used to supress the progressive development of a country. It may have worked well in the West. But not in the developing countries. All it has done was to promote corruptions and division.

    What Sri Lanka needs a patriotic and a sensible dictator who put the country and welfare of its people first. Not bunch of partisan political parasites who cater to some minority groups, and the hidden agendas of the West.

    That’s the ONLY way SL can be saved.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    It is wrong to say LKY was a dictator and stop there.

    1. He established law and order , not obvious and visible injustice.
    2. He was a true nationalist. For him Singapore came first ( before his personal wealth and exuberant family wealth creation – although he too promoted his son). He made sure majority race received due place.
    3. He made sure racial balance
    4. He did not allow “promotion of himself” ( i.e. by making huge cut-outs ). Instead he reasoned to the public his every major decision
    5. He was never scared of the major powers but smartly sided with USA for security
    6. He made sure every project was thoroughly evaluated and cost/benefit analysis done to make sure it made money
    7. He made sure an excellent tax system was created and collected taxes

    8. He had a lean and mean cabinet with raw talent – not merely political supporters but professionals

    9. He made sure integrity of the government and punished the slightest misconduct to the maximum

    10. Most of all, he was not a dictator because he did not do everything himself and according to his ideas but always listened to best specialist advice of many.

    We have a long way to go before even thinking of a “Benevolent sane Dictator”, because our society is addicted to politician Gods with so much self-centered with overwhelming personal greed and a huge population of FOOLS ( both educated and not educated).
    who worship the political clans.

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