Posted on January 31st, 2019


News in Sri Lanka during the past several weeks seem to be gloomy and many Sri Lankan living in overseas and in the country question whether Sri Lanka is a corrupt state despite its label that it is a people-oriented democratic country. Several commissions appointed and investigated several cases, but results have been seen by ordinary people in the country.  Despite the commissions of inquiry news media is still talking about corruption cases and the responsible politicians for these corruption cases are successfully serving.  Although the international experts on constitutional matters state that a constitution is indispensable in order to enhance the laws and regulations for any country, the practicality in Sri Lanka shows that the constitution has not supported to eliminate or to control corruptions.

The elections held in 2015 (Presidential and general election) primarily focused on the elimination of corruption and enhance the laws and regulations and clearly defining the powers and duties of the government.  It also widely published in Sri Lanka that the  Obama administration in the USA spent millions of dollars to re-establish democracy and regime change in the country.  The regime change was visible and now people see that severe corrupt regime was established in the name of the clean regime.

Who got US money? Nobody knows about it. So-called free media or non-black media directed the blame to NGOs, who publicly talked about corruptions and the regime change.  Now these NGO representatives also silent and why they are hushed to open mouth and direct talk to the regime they supported to establish.  The experience 2015 give clear advice and directions that Sri Lankans shouldn’t listen to NGOs regarding political or any other matters as they are misguiding.  There is no clear accountability for NGO people or their advice.

Sri Lanka had corruptions in the history.  When examining the period after independence in 1948, corruption begun to grow after the 1960 election.  Since then politicians, bank employees, and social workers highly involved in corrupt activities.  The governments in the office clearly knew about the corruption and bribery and scared to publicly talking about such malpractices as they were politically disadvantaged to them.  The current situation is corruption, bribery, drug dealing and another kind of malpractices got together and have become a complex problem.

During the election period, various kind of corrupt activities expressed in election platforms and later attempted to prosecute them, unfortunate it was not possible as the speeches of election platforms were mere rhetoric with provable evidence at the court of law.  Some people publicly talked about billions of dollars but the quantum was more than the gross national product of Sri Lanka.  Many corruption cases were related to procedural issues rather than true financial deals or they do not consist with the criminal concepts of actus rues and mens rea. Procedural issues are related to the English law concept of administrative discretion and many accusers have no idea about these legal concepts.

Current president elected in 2015 with full power of an executive president and he could not be excluded from the responsibilities for corrupt activities of the own government. After the 19th amendment, the president of the country still has impunity to avoid legal obligations in respect of corrupt activities, is not clearly understood by people. President has appointed certain so-called civil society people, who supported him come to power and some of them associated with terrorist activities or possible religious violence in the country.

The prime minister or his cabinet do not talk anything about the corruption-related issues and seem that they strongly believe that talking about past corruption would support to cover up current corruptions.

What went wrong is the question of academics in the country.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Looks like the writer is living in the West but has no idea what is going on in the West when it comes to our country.

    Obama is a Democrat and there are a lot of Indian Parasite Senators in the Democrats of USA. Then there e lots of Indians in the Public Servants in the USA.

    This is the same in Canda, UK and in Australia.

    It is the Indian Parasites who are the problem.

  2. Christie Says:


    “It also widely published in Sri Lanka that the Obama administration in the USA spent millions of dollars to re-establish democracy and regime change in the country. ”

    Read the above report by the 2016 South Asia Senate Committee of the USA.

    Look at Indian Colonial Parasites and Indian Parasites involvement.

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