How Graphene is taking Solar Cells to the next level
Posted on April 11th, 2019

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Sri Lankan graphite is considered to be the best sauce material for the production of Graphane, which has many uses in advanced electronic and solar panel industries. As always, we’ve been so generous that we wanted foreign countries to benefit from it.  So we sold our mines.

  In this video we look at how the miracle material Graphene is  helping to improve solar cells.

Graphene is not only being used as a transparent  and flexible electrode but also as the PV material.

  Graphene- Perovskite cells have already shown Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE) of over 20% in the lab.

Doped Graphene is also showing remarkable properties as a charge holder.

5 Responses to “How Graphene is taking Solar Cells to the next level”

  1. Christie Says:

    Who owns our Graphite mines?

  2. aloy Says:

    I remember this news broke out about three years ago and the value of lands containing Graphite veins in Warakapola area shot up. And there were news items in the media that shares of companies in some developed countries that acquired these lands in a hurry skyrocketed. Perhaps this coincided with the news that Tesla was going to build massive batteries to store energy. That enthusiasm died down and now we see this Indian sounding videos and perhaps they may be stale news.
    However there are some recent developments where carbon (perhaps in pure form as graphite) can replace silicon in the chip making with some advantages over silicon. At the moment silicon seems to have a limit of 5-7 nano meters of gate width in transistors in chips that we have in mobiles etc. However it has been found that carbon when doped with molibdenom sulphide can reduce this gap to just one nano meter without the quantum tunneling taking place. That would be a significant step in increasing the clock speed of present day mobiles/ PCs etc. from the 5 gigahertz to 10. This would increase the demand for our graphite one day.

  3. aloy Says:

    It looks like Intel which has a dominance in making the CPUs of desktops is in serious trouble. There was a video yesterday saying that Intel has been inserting a core in the CPUs since 2006 in a separate section to which only Intel has control. Through that section they can get all information of the machines that anyone in the world uses their chips. It seems US defence found out about it asked for access to it. It seems Intel refused to budge, but who knows whether they got it or not.

    Is that the reason why Julian Asange was arrested yesterday?.

  4. Nimal Says:

    I wonder if the government could get a foreign company to produce solar panels in the country using this materials?
    Then every householder could generate electric power to the grid and earn something in the process but our para corrupt politicians haven’t got the vision to do some thing positive..

  5. Nimal Says:

    People here are very much against the arrest of Asange who was held in the embassy only 300 yards from my house. Truly shameful that UK is siding with the criminality of the US where they had a Turkey shoot,shooting people in the street using a gunship. I am surprised that a journalist exposing a serious crime is punished. Western countries mustn’t lecture us about war crimes and human rights and that doesn’t give our leaders in SL to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.Two wrongs doesn’t make it right.UK justice system is on trial now hope they don’t make the law into an ass.

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