Solar power could save Rs 266b – SIA
Posted on April 20th, 2019

RANMINI GUNASEKARA Courtesy Ceylon Today

The immediate implementation of the ‘Least Cost Long Term Solar Power Generation Plan’ will save a total of Rs 266 billion for the Sri Lankan economy, the Secretary of the Solar Industries Association (SIA), Lakmal Fernando claimed today (18).

He said this at a SIA Press conference held in Colombo.

Fernando further claimed that the proposed plan can also prevent a foreign currency outflow of approximately Rs 1,187 billion on emergency power purchases.

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has been purchasing emergency power for the last four years. At this point, we can’t even call this recurring habit of power purchasing ‘emergency power’ anymore. According to our calculations, the Government has spent around Rs 1,187 billion for the last four years to purchase emergency power,” he added.

He further added that the savings of Rs 266 billion can be realized in another five years if the Government was to implement the proposed solar power generation plan immediately.

Fernando also said that the CEB would have received 1,550 mega watts (MW) from the pending 617 solar power applicants.

The CEB is just sitting on these applications. If these 1,550 MW were in the system, we could have avoided these power cuts all together. Why are they not approving these applications? As the SIA, we have added 230 MW to the system, and if not for this addition, the power cuts would have been even longer. We are simply trying to increase this contribution,” he added.

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