Was the Attack on Innocent Sri Lankan Catholics in Colombo Revenge-Retaliation on Mosque Attack in New Zealand?
Posted on April 23rd, 2019

Prof. Hudson McLean

After over 10 years of Peace & Harmony, in the Island Paradise, sudden blasts killing innocent  Easter Sunday worshippers,  shocked the World.

The well planned, organised, coordinated attack on three Churches and several hotels in different locations, add to the fact, that, the attacks were professionally managed & executed.

It is dangerous to jump into hasty conclusions on the perpetrators, before investigations delve into details.

Furthermore, people should refrain from taking the Law into their own hands, but leave it to the Law Enforcement professionals to deal with it and offer maximum support.

Quite frankly speaking, the retaliation against the Mosque attack was expected, even after the reaction of the New Zealand Prime Minister showed immense empathy and love for those who suffered from the attack.

However, Sri Lankan Buddhists or Hindu or Catholics had nothing to do with the New Zealand Mosque attack, and it is not in the nature of the Sri Lankans to cause such unnecessary pain, death and destruction.

This was a massacre, an un-necessary tragedy on the innocent humans, specially on a Sacred Easter Sunday.

St. Anthony’s Church in Colombo is a Miraculous Shrine visited & revered by All Faiths, Buddhists, Muslim, Hindu, who visit to Pray, Weep, Beg and Contemplate for a Miracle.

I have no doubt that the entire Island of Sri Lanka will now Unite to Rebuild the Miraculous Church of St. Anthony, as a Shrine of All Faiths.

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