The Easter Sunday massacre could have been easily avoided
Posted on April 27th, 2019


The Easter Sunday massacre could have been easily avoided had the government taken the intelligent information it received seriously rather than shrug it off almost callously ignoring the source whence it came from. The Indian Government Intelligence authorities for starters amongst  others which begs the question what price have the SrI Lankans to pay for such a grievous error?

While it is common knowledge that there is bad blood between the President and the Prime Minister in the aftermath of the former’s  failed attempt to depose him but there can be no excuse regardless of the rhetoric one hears on the international news media that this was a colossal failure on the part of the Sri Lanka authorities to protect her people.

It was almost ludicrous to see and  hear Ranil Wickremasinghe grinning like a cheshire cat on  BBC that he was “outside the loop” whatever that meant and therefore he was not responsible where the fact of the matter is, something of a horrendous nature has  transpired from which the Nation will take a long tome to recover  and it appears the leaders of the Nation are now attempting to pass the buck and carrying on blaming the Defense Secretary and others where they should taking the sole responsibility for the huge lapse which caused so much grief and disrupted the lives of so many innocent people through no fault of their own.

They should hang their heads in shame and the’ loop’ Wickremasinghe refered to likened to a loop of the hangman’s noose that should be placed round his neck inasmuch as that of his superior the President ( indeed capital punishment seems deserving here) who are beyond the shadow of a doubt directly and completely responsible for this National tragedy which could easily have been prevented or its impact greatly reduced if preventive action had been taken given the security resources, intelligence and firepower the Nation has.

One has to now dispel and completely refute the various theories  being circulated  as to the whys and wherefores of the neglect and failure to act promptly and who, beyond the dastardly and inhumane group calling themselves ISIS could be responsible. A group that has been decimated in their original location in the Middle East and outlawed by the world including the international community of global Muslims where it appears ironically they have found a base in Sri Lanka or at least attempted to set  one up which now has to be thwarted and completely destroyed while most Sri Lankans now live in apprehension and fear that the worst is not yet over.

They need to be given the assurance that their country is protected and should have no fear of continuing with their lives where the Authorities now have a huge hand to play towards this unreservedly and with the full force of military capability and the Acts of Parliament attesting to this and the land completely rid of the vermin that has caused so much havoc in the name of radical and fundamental Islam which has no place in Sri Lanka or anywhere else on the planet!

It is now known that  the President has finally admitted it and has said” the government should take responsibility for this unfortunate incident as well as for weakening country’s intelligent services.” where the toll for his lapses as well as that of the Prime Minister has been heavy.

​But to quote a recent news report “he has forgotten that he is in charge of defense and remains as the country’s Commander – in  Chief” albeit with a need to deploy all the resources available to him which if it is beyond his capacity hand over the reins to someone better equipped.

In time to come there will be insurmountable losses in revenue from this incident particularly in the field of Tourism and other areas of revenue where hopefully there will be Nation friendly changes which will favour the economy instituted by the person /persons waiting in the wings to take over from the present decrepit Administration which in no uncertain terms is an utter disgrace  to the once Resplendent Isle we call our Motherland and to her noble people.

God Bless And Protect  Sri Lanka.

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  1. samurai Says:

    Very good editorial but why ‘god bless’ at the end?

    Which god – the Christian god or the Muslim god (Allah) is the writer referring? Assuming there are two gods both failed to protect the faithful in their own houses, let alone elsewhere.

    In Christchurch NZ it was a mosque when a white extremist went on a bloody rampage.

    In Sri Lanka it was three Catholic churches where the carnage occurred.

    Time and again the futility of believing in external forces for one’s salvation has been proved beyond doubt. Last year a man armed with an assault rifle opened fire killing 11 Jews in a synagogue in Pittsburgh USA.

    This is the reason why many intellectuals and thinkers born in the West become Atheists.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    I believe the reference to God here is to a superior being where God is whomsoever one believes and accepts Him to be.There are references to the Almighty in various texts and spiritual writings over time and a noble one considering how insignificant we humans are and constantly reaching out to a superior power in times of distress where we believe that this power is capable of alleviating the transgressions of mankind. The utter hopelessness of the situation in Sri Lanka probably prompted the writer to reach out to the superior power he believed in.Something to the tune of “God Grant me the tranquility accept the things I cannot change, the power to change what I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

  3. samurai Says:

    The writer trying to reach out to the ‘superior power’ even in this 21st century again proves that education does not necessarily give wisdom – despite the hard fact that throughout history the ‘Almighty’ has failed to prevent calamities and disasters.

    When Karl Marx said religion is the opium of the masses I believe he meant religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam, since he had little or no knowledge of Taoism, Jainism and Buddhism which did not believe in a creator. Though Hinduism talks of creator Maha Brahma ‘he’ is not ‘a merciful and loving god’ unlike in the Abrahmic religions but only a creator and destroyer which is closer to the truth.

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:


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