Maggots in Sri Lanka Leadership Cause Grief & Pain
Posted on April 28th, 2019

Prof. Hudson McLean

Both the President of Sri Lanka and the Prime Minister placed their own selfish interest First, at the expense of the Country!

The Result: Annihilation of 250++ innocent Victims, Men, Women, and the next generation of Children and Youth.

The Buck Stops at the Feet of the Maggots of Leadership.

No Excuses.

Both are Complicit, Accessory to Murder, by their Inept, Incompetent, Selfish, Idiotic behaviour.

The Prime Minister is a well known serial Loser in Politics.

Due to his family background and wealth, he thinks, Sri Lanka owes him to be an Eternal Leader!

He is a Born Loser!

Then comes the President My3 Sirisena.

Sirisena, “Bit the Hand that Fed Him” to a Ministerial Position, which he did not deserve.

President Deserves a Kick from a Heavy Boot on His Buttocks.

Followed by “Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka”

Once again “Bit the Hand that Fed Him”.

Good ex-soldiers, specially ex-Generals, cannot hang-their-coats and the bits of brassware.

They still try to Command the Civil Folks.

I have met several ex-Generals & ex-Colonels in business.

They are Total Failures in the Civil World.

Back to the survival of Sri Lanka and the Citizens.

As a Buddhist centric country, the Buddhist culture is a Peaceful, Quiet, Humble, Generous Existence, Epitome of Humanity.

This is the humble opinion of a practising Catholic.

The Easter Sunday massacre is the worst incident I have ever seen and heard in my life.

Caused by two First Class Inept, Incompetent  Idiots who should spend their life in prison.

It is neither the Time nor Reason to have an Citizen’s Uprising when the entire country Mourns for those Departed and Injured.

The Mourning will never stop after 30 days, but will last a lifetime and into the history of Sri Lankan National Loss.

May the Good Lord embrace those who left the Shores of Srt Lanka, in that Fateful Seconds, and Help to Comfort the Grief of their Families!

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One Response to “Maggots in Sri Lanka Leadership Cause Grief & Pain”

  1. Christie Says:

    The dead locals are Sinhalese Christians and Muslims both religions Hinduthwa wants out of India and its neighbors.

    India knew the locations and even the names of the bombers and they had a local group in South India of the same names.

    It is Tirupati that spared the Taj hotel? I am sure Sirisena prayed for it!

    Taj is always frequented by our king makers like Chandrika, Atul Keshap’ of the days gone by,Mr. Singh; local Indians and Indian from overseas.

    Taj is part of TATA and our tea is next on the line with Tetley’s.

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