We will use the leverage we have to address grievances – Hakeem
Posted on June 8th, 2019

Ada Derana

Former minister Rauff Hakeem says that the Muslim MPs who quit their government posts will use the leverage they have in order to see that their grievances will be addressed in the proper way, without affecting the national unity and cohesion among communities.

He made these comments while speaking to journalists after meeting with Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa along with the other Muslim parliamentarians who recently resigned from their ministerial portfolios.

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) leader said that they explained to the Opposition Leader the reasons for their collective resignation and also requested him to understand it in the correct context.

He said they also requested Rajapaksa to assists them in trying to build reconciliation and understanding about the Muslim community’s plight as well as to see that whatever they do collectively for the sake of this nation and its reputation internationally.

We have assured him that whatever action we have taken is limited to the immediate risks that our community faced and that we would collectively take forward our agenda to appraise other party leaders as well as the religious leadership of the country in order to bring about national consensus on the proper manner in which we should work towards eradicating terrorism forever from this country.”

Hakeem said that they will be meeting a variety of different political leaders as well as the religious leadership of the country, particularly the Maha Sangha. 

He said they also intend to meet important civil society leaders and important emissaries of the foreign governments and explain to them the situation in which they had to take this drastic decision.

But hopefully things will settle down soon,” he said. 

Asked whether they will now sit among the government backbencher MPs, he said: We are right now without our portfolios. Some of us may occupy the frontbenches. It may literally not mean the backbenches.”

He said that party leaders will occupy the frontbenches according to parliamentary traditions, but apart from that they will not be holding any privileged office in the executive. 

Nevertheless we will use the leverage we have in order to see that the grievances we have will be addressed in the proper way without affecting the national unity and cohesion among communities,” he said. 

2 Responses to “We will use the leverage we have to address grievances – Hakeem”

  1. Gunasinghe Says:

    What are your greivences? You multiple like rats. You own all the business in Sri Lanka. You run the drug empire. What else you need. Mahinda do not get involve these rats please.

  2. dingiri bandara Says:

    All Sri Lankan whether Sinhalese , Muslims have grievances.But the Muslims have their leaders and politicians and the Tamils have theirs to represent them The Sinhalese only have traitors who call themselves leaders and only look after themselves. That is the reason for the current situation. It did not happen in a day or two. Most Muslims and Tamils are better off than the Sinhalese and they control the business because we did not boycott them,being the majority of the clientele.
    It is well known fact that Muslims who pray and praise Allah five times a day are engaged in so many dishonest and nefarious business practices including the drug trade. Starting from the purchase of spices from the poor villagers who grow them, they cheat.This not what True Islam teach
    I don’t understand as to why the Mahanayakas appealed to the Muslim ministers who resigned on their own accord to come back. They should work to educate and untie the Sinhalese Buddhists. That is the only way we con survive. The Catholics and the other Christians have the local leaders and world Organizations to safeguard and educate them. We need to learn from the Muslims who are very subtle

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