The deception of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress
Posted on June 22nd, 2019

Minority leaders have well-articulated explanations for everything wrong pointed at them and they may well weave a response gullible to many, however this instance we like to present the cunning and deceit of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress taking their website as an example.

Two screenshots reveal the deception

  1. On 19th May 2019 the SLMC website gave a list of 7 objectives of which the last was to preserve & promote Shariah Laws and for Muslims to adopt the entire code of Shariah laws in both private & community life.

This screen shot was doing the rounds via email and obviously it would have been sent to those in the SLMC who would have thought coming colours is no good and decided to camouflage that objective by removing it.


  • On 19th June 2019 exactly a month later, SLMC website has removed item g) that gave as one of its 7 objectives to preserve & foster Shariah laws.

Is this not trying to pull wool over our eyes, attempting to fool all of us? Isn’t this the same as the Vaddukoddai Resolution where the Tamil translation clearly states separate state and blame the translator for giving another meaning in English!

Can people blame the Sinhalese for distrusting the minorities who claim they are discriminated but are carrying fire under water?

If questioned, we can well guess the answer. Does Islam permit SLMC to lie? Lying is allowed if it is to ‘smooth over differences’ or ‘gain the upper-hand over an enemy’ so we can well guess what the likely responses may be.

(Taqiyya) Lying to non-believers is permitted to advance the cause of Islam   

However, we are very disappointed. For a political party that is supposed to represent the Muslims, deceiving us like this is just not done.  

19th May 2019 to preserve and promote SHARIAH LAWS and to encourage members of the party and others to adopt the ENTIRE CODE OF SHARIAH LAWS in their PRIVATE & COMMUNITY LIFE.

Shenali D Waduge

4 Responses to “The deception of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress”

  1. Charles Says:

    Fortunately Nothing escapes you Shenali I hope the joint opposition would see this and make use of it.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Whoever wins the 2019 presidential election, he/she will be begging the SLMC, ACMC, CWC and even TNA to join them. This is the reality.

    Sinhala people must exercise our right of self determination before driven to extinction.

    No justice has been done to the victims of 4/21 and 6,000 Sinhala women illegally sterilized by a Fallopian tube eating cannibal.

  3. Randeniyage Says:

    QUOTE”No justice has been done to the victims of 4/21 and 6,000 Sinhala women illegally sterilized by a Fallopian tube eating cannibal.”

    Come another 5 years, someone will make huge noise on that and call for extradition of the CANIBAL from Australia. similar to deceptive noises being made on Wilapttu now.

    Pretending of Sinhala race protectors are doing more damages than those “equal rights” “multicultural” kattadiyos.
    They don’t allow a TRUE patriot to even talk, they are the kings of mudslinging enterprise.

  4. Christie Says:

    Elections in an Indian Colony?
    Since 1956 we Sinhalese have been directly under India. Bandas and JRJ did what India directed.
    The Indian terrorists the Tamil Tigers killed Sinhalese and India’s Sinhala terrorist killed Sinhalese and got Sinhalese killed.
    Genocide of Sinhalese started in 1958 continues in the Indian colony.
    Let us Sinhalese understand this and unite and stand up to the Indian Empire and Indian imperialists.

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