Cricket , Muslims and Beard ( without prejudice )
Posted on July 12th, 2019

Dr Sarath obeysekera 

In British , Australian and South African  teams ,you note that most of the spin bowlers carry Muslim names who wear beards .

One Bangladeshi Umpire has also started growing a  beard to identify him as a Muslim . 

Most of the Indian Cricketers also have got signature beard like Kohli’s , which is different from beard of other Muslim cricketers worldwide

( I remember the story about an Indian inteprid pilot of a fighter plane which was shot down by Pakistan.He had a signature beard which became popular in India Ironically this hearded ( rather mustached pilot was released by no beard wearing ex cricket captain Imran khan who is the current prime minister of Pakistan) 

Beard of Indian crickets lkkmhas a point with a conical shape like the ones few Sinhala kings had.

I cannot remember any Sri Lankan Muslim cricketer wearing s beard

The fact is that  most of the Muslim personnel in world -cricket started growing beard to identify them selves despite the fact that they have typical Muslim Names..

Question is why have they started this practice during last decade ?

In Muslim community worldwide ,they may have been informed or indoctrinated to wear beard so that they are singled out among all the members.

Other funny side is Muslim cricket  fans in Sri Lanka almost always support Pakistan  when Sri Lankan Team plays against them .

I am not sure how they behave when Sri Lanka plays against Bangladesh

(We also note that Muslim players lift the bat towards sky and look at a imaginary god or kneel and kiss the ground and thank the divine forces.)

Even Muslim Indians never support Pakistan when they play with each other.

Ironically Sri Lankan Non Muslim fans always support Pakistan when they play against India .

Even though Muslim politicians and some religious leaders try to isolate Muslim politics from Sinhala ( or burger ) ,non Muslim fans never discriminate them.

One thing puzzles me is why most of the Muslim

Players in white cricket teams are spinners ?

There is a Racist Sinhala saying thambiyage thoppiya wagei. It turns when and where it suits

May be the meaning of spinning the ball is turning  the ball which batsman fails to play as he often does not know how the direction of turning ball comes to bat and to play safely

There is another saying among racist Sinhalese that he is. Thambiya, you cannot  trust him

Before we go further in building of trust between 

Muslims and other nationalities ,Muslims should drop the habit of wearing hats stop growing beard and change bowling to only fast bowling ?!!!

2 Responses to “Cricket , Muslims and Beard ( without prejudice )”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Hindus deliberately lost to England to avoid Muslims a possible place in the Semi final. Now who is going to the Final!

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    “…One Bangladeshi Umpire ..” refers to Alim Dar who is Pakistani not a Bangaladeshi.

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