Open Letter to the Sinhale & Thamizhan Solidarity and Cohesiveness
Posted on July 12th, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan, Australia


The contents of this article should be propagated to all SriLankan citizens, especially the Sinhalese and Tamils.   


Buddhism is a non-violence advocating philosophy. In the early centuries, the Sinhale were quite peaceful and unobtrusive loving people. The Indians from Pandinadu, Cholanadu, Pallavas came into the island and mass murdered the Sinhale in order to conquer power. The poor Sinhale were quite soft and gave into the invaders. That is how the Tamils were able to settle in all the areas in the South and there are Hindu temples in the South. It is not the Jaffna man who built these temples, but the Indians. Jaffna Tamils cannot beat around the bush that they built these temples thousands of years ago.

During the Portuguese/Dutch era, Portuguese and half cast Portuguese/Dutch known as Burgers held positions in the Police, army, Navy and Air Force and to be selected into the Navy one must be white in color. The Sinhale have undergone through various atrocities and oppression by the invaders: Portuguese, Dutch and the British. The British colonized the highland with Indian labor brought from Tamil Nadu, Andra, and Malabar. The Tamils were not at all in sympathy with the Sinhale but got all that they want from the Dutch and the British.

Sri Lankans did not get their independence through war or struggle but was given on a silver tray. This indicates the value of independence to the Sinhale and Tamils. Means nothing to both races. The Soulbury and the Donomore constitutions mean nothing to them but was training in politics. After independence people elected unscrupulous and incompetent leaders except DSS focussed on structural transformation like Galoya etc. However, DSS also made a severe slip-up of disfranchising one million Tamils, which could have been done before receiving the Independence. Every leader afterward made severe racial & and silly faults and directed the country to degrade to the worst state. The Champion as JRJ giving in to the Indians. JRJ’s nephew has wrecked the country to the worst level by trying to give in to federalism which will be a catastrophic failure to SriLanka if passed by the parliament. Tamils cannot run a federal state because of the differences and hatred they carry towards the Sinhale, caste differences among the Tamils, and religious differences. It may end up with another caste war in the North.

An example: Since independence, what have the Tamil MPs done to the North apart from fighting for Tamil Eelam? Since NPC was given to the Tamils and the NPC was formally opened in 2013, CV Vigneswaran was elected the Chief Minister. What has he done apart from talking in competition with the FP clowns for missing persons? Okay: the recently appointed Suren Raghavan: What has he done to the North on development and people’s sustainability on fixed earnings through work, private work, etc? Several young boys and girls have been subjected to sexual attacks and rapes. These are the young future of the nation. Cannot the Governor use his power to curtail these types of sexual incidents? How can he focus on development if he could be added to the incompetent nincompoops’ lists? One MP demanded his brother to be given a Minister position in the NPC.

It is recommended that the GOSL shall appoint a team to investigate the blemishes, imperfections, bribery, corruptions that the former NPC council ministers and members and the current Governor have done so far. These people are responsible for the citizens of SL. So many imperfections have occurred in the North but with lack of focus by the Governor and the GOSL.

SriLankan politicians enter politics to earn and fill their coffer, not to serve the public. The reason is that they have to spend funds from their coffer at the elections as collateral for a vote. What it means is that the politicians buy votes from the people. Hence the people have no right to protest on bribery and corruption. The main culprits are the people (voters) who sell their votes. Can the people understand this corruption?

The recent attack on the deprived, underprivileged Catholics at the St. Anthony’s Church by the Mad Islamists is a conspiracy. Why the Tamil Catholics? It is like an Indian movie. Create a precarious & explosive situation and make people crawl into a nervous state. All the racial riots are similar incidents. One of the dirtiest, animalistic acts was to gouge the eyes of Kuttimani (TELO) and kill him in jail by the rioters in July 1983. Of course, this act must have been done under supervision by the jail guards and police. This is against Buddhism. Therefore, it is of the view that there is no difference between the Islamophobia infected Muslims, Sinhale Buddhists, and the Cruel animalistic murderous LTTE. The TNA consists of racial hatred politicians: Sambanthar was in love with the Leader of Opposition (LOP) position cos of the Police guards, palace, car, etc provided to the LOP. He is definitely a FOOL. Instead of the LOP position, Sambanthar should have joined the GOSL and accepted three or four Ministerial positions and focussed on developing the North and the Country. He was selfish and self-centered as a normal Tamil. Quite often he comes in the media and makes a statement; I am fighting for the missing persons”. The FOOL may not know that these missing persons may be down in the Indian ocean or earning money overseas and spoiling the youths in the North. When will these fools get rational and free thinking? It is only Mano Ganesan appeared in the media condemning the serious terror attack with TEARS. Where was Sampanthan? Where was CV Vigneswaran? Where was Suren Raghavan? COWARDS? Douglas is a man who does not boast, but a man of action.

The racial quarrel in the East now has started by the Muslims. They are determined to make the East a Muslim state and crawl into the South through bombing and intimidating the poor Sinhale. Maybe In 25 years, the Muslims will convert SriLanka into a Muslim state (Wahabi) and then Buddha may have to relocate to another country. Already Buddha has started to relocate to other countries anyway.

The illiterate Sinhale have been voting to politicians who are weak in politics but rich in making money. The UNP, Ranil, etc gang have become a slave to the West. Let us study the history of the Balkans, Sudan, Iraq, and Bangladesh. They have become the worst beggars except for Serbia. We can find them in other countries like Australia. Even most Sinhalese have migrated from SL and are doing well in other countries because SL does not respect educated academics and professionals.


People shall be enlightened and vote for the right candidate. In the forthcoming election for the Presidency most clowns, entertainers, movies stars, immature sports stars, illiterates, uneducated suckers, dupes, hoodwinks, eight standards educated who claim they are from London School of Economics in Wikipedia, may enter the election purely for the purpose of creatively dividing the votes. I viewed an advertisement by Kumar Sangakkara in a media show showing his five fingers for solidarity and force. This is purely a child affair and is an old example. Is this gentleman fit to run for the presidency of a country full of educated academics and professionals? Politics and governance are not playing cricket. People: Please do not be taken by this false propaganda in Wikipedia, media by cheap people.

The Rajapaksa team is the best for SL. Gotabaya Rajapaksa (GR) is the best patriotic, methodically planning intellectual fit to govern SL. People in SL should know this and vote with a free mind to GR. If for any circumstances GR will not contest in the presidential elections, people of SL should vote for the Rajapaksa TEAM and NOT sell their vote for cash or wealth to unpatriotic politicians. People should understand whether they want SL for cash for their short pleasure or save the country from bribery and corruption and protect SriLankan sovereignty. The country is for our future generation.

People: You have not forgotten the Central Bank robbery of Billions of dollars of BOND irregular sale, and the person who sold the BONDS is still in Singapore and people who associated with the sale are still in SL How about ACSA and SOFA agreement.

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  1. Gunasinghe Says:

    Well said my friend, You always analyse reasonable and most relevant way. I like the last paragraph in bold letters. I hope some sinhala MODAYAS will get this

  2. Kanthar P Balanathan Says:

    Thank you Mr. Gunasinghe.

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