Saudi Embassy refutes allegations of providing loans for Lankan Muslims
Posted on July 12th, 2019

Courtesy  Saudi Gazette

COLOMBO — The Kingdom’s embassy in Colombo has refuted allegations that Saudi Arabia is providing loans for Muslims through some local banks at the interest rate of 1 percent.

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia referred to a statement made by former Western Province Governor Dr. Hemakumara Nanayakkara on June 13 in their media release refuting the allegations.

The embassy has asserted that the soft loans provided by Saudi Arabia for the development projects in Sri Lanka are intended to be contributions to provide a quality life for the friendly people of Sri Lanka.”

The list of projects financed by the government of Saudi Arabia in Sri Lanka, as revealed by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, is as follows:

• Colombo Water Supply and Sewerage, $26.64m

• Electric Power Transmission, $12.83m

• Mahaweli Ganga Downstream Development System “B” Left Bank, $22.66m

• Medical Services Development in Colombo, $14.93m

• Batticaloa-Tricomalee Road Development, $10.66m

• Epilepsy Hospital and Health Center, $32 Million

• Kaluganga Development, $46m

• Road Network Development, $60m

• Improvement of Peradeniya-Badulla Chenkaladi Road, $60m

• Development of Left Bank of Kaluganga, $45m

• Development of Wayamba University, $28m

• Medical Faculty of Sabragamuwa University, $50m

The total: $408.72 m

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    NOT QUITE ENOUGH, my dear Muslim Ministers!

    Before Muslims are entitled to field a candidate for the President of Sri Lanka, as a COMMUNITY they must demonstrate a committment to JOIN the OTHER LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS of Sri Lanka without demanding SPECIAL RIGHTS for themselves.

    To that end,

    1. Make Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act comply with the Marraige and Divorce laws of other ALL other citizens! Eliminate underage marraiges, require CONSENT, Eliminate MULTIPLE wives, Require LAWFUL divorces in the Sri Lankans courts under the same laws as other citizens; not merely intoning I Divorce Thee 3 times, Require fair and just DIVISION of marital assets upon Divorce or Death of husband.

    2. Ban Wahabi relipogion from Sri Lanka, Ban intolerant sermons at mosques and madrassas. Bring ALL Muslim schools under government supervision.

    3. Ban the imposition of Halal food standards on non-Muslim communities and the public’s food supply. If Muslims want, let them eat Halal foods, but leave non-Muslim communities alone!

    4. Ban Sharia Law from Sri Lanka. One ONE LAW, the Law of the Sri Lanka State, shoulod exist and apply in Sri Lanka.

    5. Ban Sharia lending: The same lending policies and practices should prevail throughout Sri Lanka, and they should be available and apply to ALL Sri Lankan citizens!

    6. Ban/Limit FREQUENT and LOUD CALLS to Prayer from the Mosques. Limit the building of Mosques in Sri Lanka

    7. Ban the practice of Muslim majority Muslim controlled towns and villages from preventing non-Muslim citizens from settling and engaging in business. No COMMUNAL local administrations should be allowed to exist in Sri Lanka. We want ONE NATION of ONE People under ONE system of Laws ENFORCED IMPARTIALLY!

    8. Ban intolerant Muslim Wahhabi preachers/teachers from coming to Sri Lanka.

    9 Bring the Sharia University in Batticaloa into the University of Sri Lanka system. Demolish/Moodify the Arab-Style buildings and landscaping to be compatible with Sri Lankan culture. Ban the Arabization of Sri Lanka by stealth!

    10. Ban ALL Foreign NGOs who act against the Sri Lankan heritage, indigenous religions, and national security. Send these BUGGERS HOME!

    Sri Lanka Muslim MPs decide to amend Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act

    Sat, Jul 13, 2019

    July 13, Colombo: Muslim parliamentarians of Sri Lanka have decided to amend several core articles in the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) including articles governing minimum age limit for marriage & woman�s consent MP and President’s Counsel Faiszer Musthapha announced today.

    “I am pleased to announce that the following amendments to the Muslim Marriage Act were unanimously agreed upon yesterday after discussions with all the Sri Lankan Muslim parliamentarians,” the MP tweeted.

    Under the current Muslim law in Sri Lanka a girl can be married without her consent as soon as she comes of age. Her parents have the authority to declare her marriageable.

    The Muslim MPs have decided to amend the MMDM so that the age of marriage for both the bride and the groom should be 18 years

    Furthermore, the bride should sign the Register of Marriage as a sign of her consent. The MPs have also decided to upgrade the required qualification for a ‘Kadi’, an Islamic judge to Attorney-at-Law and allow female Kadis, women who will adjudicate family law of Muslims.

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