Fully qualified cutthroats
Posted on July 18th, 2019


The JVP, who in 1989-90 attempted genocide of the Sinhalese, share similarities with the Nazi’s who actually committed genocide of six million Jews in Germany and occupied Europe in 5 years. In SL there were over 60,000 deaths in a year before the JVP was neutralized. Had they gone on it would have been half a million in five years.

Amazingly, they and not the military, now show sudden and great concern in non GMOA registered doctors working in the Forces hospitals (Island 12 July 19). After all it was not too long ago that the JVP threatened ‘fully’ baked GMOA doctors with death. What do they want with ‘half baked’ ones now? They have asked parliament to look into the question of ‘half baked doctors’. Weird. It is moot whether the GMOA is pulling the strings as it has not publicly stated its position.

The JVP believes that by continuously swamping the people with countless issues, the people will forget its gory year of murdering that dehumanized a peaceful SL. After their first abortive attempt in 1971, they brought the country to a virtual halt in 1989-90 by placing ‘death notice’ chits in work places and murdering innocents all over the South. They attempted to destroy the state by attacking the armed forces and police, the state administrative structure and staff, including the judiciary, health services, education, transport and national infrastructure amongst other things. Apparently this was their way of showing their opposition to the invading IPKF and the LTTE’s campaign of terror. They did not however threaten or attack either of those two organizations ever but turned on the Sinhalese people, exclusively.

SL must never forget how the JVP ordered the closing down of hospitals and made death threats to the doctors and staff if they attempted to work. They threw the entire health system into disarray. It caused the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of seriously ill patients adding to the 60,000 deaths they were responsible for by murder. Their sudden concern now for soldier patients and ‘half baked doctors’, is typical of their proclivity to stir up things for publicity in the guise of showing concern. It is baffling and at odds with its earlier methods of striking terror. Could they be working as usual as a proxy for a shadow organization?

The JVP top leaders then as now from that monster Wijeweera, hid while their cadres, trained and indoctrinated to be murderous hit men, roamed far and wide, killing all and sundry. The JVP paid the price eventually and dearly. The turning point in their battle came when having failed to infiltrate and suborn, they threatened to kill the families of the troops whose doctors ironically are now their supposed concern. While Wijeweera and thousands of JVP finally died in that one terrible year of ceaseless murder, arson and vandalism, some leaders escaped. They and their class progeny got back into society. They pretend to follow democratic politics fooling many but not all, and biding their time. They have survived by cunningly playing one political party against the other in a national culture that nurtures political betrayal.

Curiously and ironically it cuddled up to the UNP and its present leader after 2015, ingeniously overlooking the 60,000 deaths the two together were mutually responsible for in 1989/90. It included the murder of the JVP leader and many innocents while in captivity. They also accused the UNP leaders of running torture chambers. Amazingly, craftily and hazardously for SL the two are now almost conjoined. The JVP often make the difference between victory and defeat and survival for the UNP government in parliament, together with the starkly communal parties.

The JVP brutalized a generation or more, twice. Once in 1971 and then in 1989-90.Their favourite method of murder was by slitting the throat. Their preferred way was not with a knife but with a blade, slowly, enjoying the agony of the victim. They then hanged the head of the murdered on a pole, gate, and fence or placed it on a wall. Those cut throats were JVP, fully baked. It is their unapologetic heirs that now invent ‘half baked doctors’ in the Forces.

Those doctors have qualified in foreign countries whose exams are not recognized by the envious and lucre hunting members of the GMOA who are for this ‘certification’ alone, unashamedly western and colonially oriented. But those foreign qualified doctors are as competent as GMOA certified doctors and far more caring than many. Moreover the Forces have welcomed them. Ask any soldier. They take care of the very troops the JVP tried twice to exterminate: So much for JVP love.

The JVP has a blood soaked, murderous and genocidal history. They are also outrageous hypocrites. They may mystify some with their verbosity and apparent monastic life style, simply as they are without power. But who and what do they represent? One look at their clones protesting and blocking roads and government offices almost daily and making it almost impossible for universities to function, should give more than a glimpse of what will follow if they have even an ounce of power. With their anarchical and brutal history, they are hardly in any position to question anything in this land, including the recruitment of doctors to the forces. Hitler too played the moral card to justify his evil.

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  1. samurai Says:

    There are still humbugs, especially in sections of the Sinhala media trying to project Wijeweera and his JVP cadres during the second Southern insurgency as some kind of martyrs and heroes

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Samurai is ABSOLUTELY correct; there still are APOLOGISTS for the murderous thankfully now DEAD leaders of the JVP, not only among the media, but also within religious establishments.

    Even among well-educated people there is a strange inability to differentiate between human compassion, and wisdom in the interest of preserving the lives of innocent citizens.

    For example, some friends recently agreed to help publish a book written by a university batchmate containing his memoirs as a former JVP Leader who was convicted, imprisoned and punished. I was asked to contribute also. So, I asked whether any of the sponsors had READ and ANALYZED the congttents and the impact of this book on impressionable youth of the future. I asked, in particular, whether the book ADMITS the errors and crimes of the JVP expressing sorrow and repentence, or does it try to LIONIZE those murderous JVP leaders and praise to high heaven their murderous unfulfilled “struggle” that brought death to many impressionable youngsters?

    The ANSWER to my question was NO, they had not read it, but the individual in question was a “good guy” they knew well!!! They proceeded to publish the book, without CRITICAL JUDGMENT on wehther it was a good thing to do, purely on the basis of an old “friendship”. In short, they said to HELL with the MOTHERLAND as long as we help our “friend”.

    Needless to say, I stayed out of it, as did a many other discerning batchmates who shared my view that preserving the future safety of our country trumps knee-jerk misguided expressions of friendship.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    I COMPLETELY ENDORSE the views exp[ressed by the OLD SOLDIER in this article.

    JVPers are INDEED HYPOCRITES beyond comparison; and they DESTROYED the FLOWER of Sinhala Youth in their MURDEROUS RAMPAGES through the length and breadth of Sri Lanka.

    Their attacks against the established government, ELECTED by the WILL of the voters, had another impact: it EXPOSED the military WEAKNESS of the government to the Tamil Separatists in waiting, and motivated they to succeed where the JVP had failed!

    Even today, the JVP remains HYPOCRITICAL, persisting in destabilizing our Motherland in their continuing vile attempt to SEIZE POWER by hook or by crook, temporarily joining hands with ANY & ALL ENEMIES of Sri Lanka to gain that end!

    The PEOPLE of Sri Lanka are now MUCH WISER and will not be easily fooled. The JVP will continue as a untrusted party to dance their nadagama on the political fringe!

  4. Dilrook Says:

    JVP’s past (war) crimes do not nullify its present good moves.

    Similarly some others’ past good does not justify their present failings.

    We always seem to get distracted from the main issue. Take the truth bit, throw away the bad bits. One does not annul the other.

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