Posted on July 20th, 2019


Like in many other countries, there are no mandatory academic or professional qualifications required by a person to be elected as President, Prime Minister or Cabinet of Ministers of Sri Lanka.  Late Mr D S Senanayake’s qualifications were never questioned when he became our First Prime Minister under independent Sri Lanka.

Unlike in 1948, now Sri Lanka has produced thousands of highly educated  and world renowned academics and professionals.  Yet, our political system continuing musical chairs with the same old seasoned politicians.

There are rumours that the former Auditor General Mr Gamini Wijesinghe might come forward as a Presidential caididate from JVP, as he continuously had close links with Sunil Handunhetti during Bond Scam investigations.  

Sajith Premadasa’s academic credentials are now being questioned in public.  Sajith entered Mill Hill School in London. In addition to normal  admission requirements of GCE OL, the Mill Hill School has a direct entry for those over 17 years of age, without GCE OL passes.  Sajith did enter the Mill Hill when he was just turned 17. 

From there he entered the prestigious LSE (London School of Economics) when his father was the President of Sri Lanka.  Sajith only completed the first year studies, he fell ill and could not complete  full course of studies.  However, the LSE      awarded Aegrotat Certificate, as a Bachelor of Science in 1991. Aegrotat is not Pass Degree certificate. It is an Unclassfied” degree, not recognised as equivalent to a Pass Degree. Towards end of first year, Sajith fell ill with Measles and paralysis of his legs. Aegrotat Degree is a pathway of an exemption from the rest of the course of studies, due to exceptional circumstances of the student, such as serious illness.  Aegorat is therefore is a Degree, but not classified as a Degree, a Clayton’s Degree. 

It is common politicians twist and turn their academic and/or professional qualifications.  A former Finance Minister of the current government claim FCMA signifying Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA), UK.  However, his studies were in Certified Management Accountants, Sri Lanka, not CIMA UK.  However, CMA Sri Lanka is a well structured examination, but  recognised by CIMA UK to register as a student, with few exemptions.

Similarly, a former Power and Energy Minister who claim membership of Chartered Institute of Electrical Engineers, Sri Lanka is also under a cloud.  He did complete the degree from Katubedda ( now prestigious University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka), but did not complete the post qualification experience segment to qualify for the B.Sc.Engineering. 

The National List of Sri Lanka was originally introduced to fill the vaccum, to be able to recruit properly qualified men and women  to become Ministers of the Cabinet etc. But today Sri Lanka has not been able to make productive use of National List, as originally intended.  It is now a gateway for defeated candidates, Buddhist Monks like Rathana to enter the Parliament. Going forward, it would be most appropriate to restrict the National List nominees to Specialists, at least until mandatory minimum academic qualifications are stipulated in a future Constitution Assembly.


  1. Nimal Says:

    There are many fakes with fake qualifications but I am just the opposite.

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