Tamil’s Dishonoured Culture & Social Disintegration
Posted on September 29th, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan

Tamil Culture, whether in their own country or overseas has dishonored, besmirched and corrupted to the lowest level, beyond any tolerant level by honest humans. In SriLanka, people are shouting and claiming to bring back Arjuna Mahendran (Tamil) from Singapore for draining 20 billion from the Central Bank. There was a guy in the USA known as Rajaratnam (Tamil) who swindled millions from the stock market via insider trading. This guy late Sivapragasam Kumarasamy from VVT, who was sacked in 1978 by the Cement Corporation stole several thousand from the writer’s coffer, and one of his children stole two million from the writer and so his other children and so on.

A SriLankan in Sydney has earned millions of dollars by giving loans on Usury interest. Usury interest is giving loans without any collateral and it is high as 3%-5%, which yields an interest of $3.00 for one month for a loan of $100.00 or $300.00 for $10,000.00 per month. Guys without any form of education and who were involved in smuggling in SL have earned piles of money through this business. The money earned is distributed without their family. Ie children etc. It is illegal; however, these guys survive in Australia. Tamils are also involved in chit funds. This happens among Tamils worldwide. This type of income evades tax to the ATO, as it is hidden within the family. Some organizational committee members, maybe sharing the yield of the money (profits) collected through this person and show a loss on their balance sheet. When the country has honorable professionals working hard these types of frauds earn mints o money through corrupt practice.

Just to give another example: The Ceylon Cement corporation club was running at a loss till 1972 and after the writer took the position of the Social Secretary, in one year he showed a profit of Rs 1500 with free Christmas party & free drinks and meals. The writer investigated and found out that most of the senior staff did not pay the club and the amount was written off at the end of the year. The Social Secretary (I) devised a strategy to collect the money automatically through their pay. It was like a gang affair. The previous club social secretary’s granddaughter is in politics in a foreign country. Therefore, we should be open-minded to recognize how politicians from SriLanka rise up to politics and accrue wealth. It may be in the bloodstream and hereditary.

It is plundering among the Tamil community holding positions. However, they roar, shout, moan, groan that Tamils are been oppressed in SL and have tried through GOSL to establish an office called OMP (Office of missing persons). Every country is flooded with Tamil boat people. Just to give an example, please view this video:

The secrets of Tamils holding office can be understood from this video. What one man confirms is that 80% of the collection is spent by them and only 20% goes to the victims in SriLanka Northern Province.

In Sydney, Tamils collected $20,000 in the name of establishing a chicken farm in Vavuniya. However, when a Tamil questioned after six months about the execution, the radio guy has said that a bicycle has been bought for them at a cost of $125. What happened to the rest of the funds collected? Only God knows.

Most of the LTTE volunteers who were involved in collecting money had swallowed the money and now they became millionaires. The same thing applies to Tamils in Europe, Canada, UK, etc.

In the North of SL, social disintegration gave birth before independence and subsequently with the LTTE wiped out and corrupt politicians took office in the NPC. LTTE was involved in plundering the wealth of citizens and the killing of innocent civilians. With the NPC giving birth Tamils entered politics and commenced their bribery and corrupt practice. It is obvious that GOSL grants funds to all MPs for development. Except some MPs and NPC Councillors giving buckets and cheap chairs what have the people and schools and community centers received from these clowns. The caste issue is another motivation where society is becoming divided and social disintegration has given birth.

Now with the bribery and corruption is holding like a stem to the corrupt politicians, they are focused on arming NPC with Police and Land power so that they can earn more and strengthen the social disintegration.

Please view this review:

Tamils lay emphasis on culture, religion, like the Muslims, however, they forgot to lay emphasis on integration and assimilation within their own Tamil community, thereby forcing to give birth social disintegration via the caste system and the rich & the poor.

Finally, we may have to conclude that most Tamils are corrupt humans with no principles in their life. Only talk principles and theory.

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