“Selection and Election of the Correct Person as the Head of the State”- Part 11
Posted on October 6th, 2019

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

The BIGGEST challenge before the Sinhala nation at the forthcoming Presidential Election (Continued from 29.9.2019)

6.Oct. 2019.

Here I will give you a brief analysis about the main Sinhala political parties in this country, their past, and present status and add my views as to how you should act to save this country, the Sinhala Nation and the Buddha Sasana at his extremely critical time in the country’s history.(Note: I have dropped all communal parties (Tamil and Muslim) from this discussion as they are not national parties and they are only extremist outfits agitating for their narrow communal interest, going at a tangent to the national interests of the State, pausing a serious threat to the operation of the democratic process and the unity of the country. Whoever come to power this time he should ban all these communal Parties and have only two or three national parties like SLPP, Democratic or Republican ).

Now I will begin with the UNP.

The United National Party  (UNP) was formed in 1946 by the merger of the Ceylon National Congress and the Sinhala Mahasabha to contest the first Parliamentary election of the Independent Ceylon under the Soulbury Constitution in 1948, to enable the Westminster system of Government to function smoothly (as they said) under the party system. It is said that it was Henry Monk Mason Moor, the then Governor who suggested this name mischievously whereby he implied that there are many nations in Ceylon. The introduction of this concept was aimed at strengthening the divide and rule policy of keeping Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim divided and the country destabilized. This assumption is absolutely wrong as there was only one nation called Ceylonese (Sinhalese) even in 1946 which meant the people of the Sinhale (the land of the Sinhala people), as it was known from 543 BC

This was a shear colonial conspiracy to misinterpret the history of this Island nation to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist nation. This was the first time anyone has implied Tamils and Muslims as nations in this country. The UNP under British directions blindly agreed to accept this new concept in a wink without realizing the long term British coup behind it to destabilize and divide this country. The UNP did not object or protest to this historical blunder and total distortion of the history of this country. Instead, they meekly swallowed that colonial virus. This historical blunder later led to the concept of Sri Lanka being internationally accepted later as a multinational country where Sinhalese constituted over 80% of the total population of the country even at that time (after changing the demographic composition  for 443 years from 1505-1948,  by colonial invaders) and put Sinhalese in par with the minority communities. The total population in 1946 was 6.657.300. (Sinh 4.673, 600; Ceylon Tamils and Ceylon Moors 1.514 300. (CT 733,700. CM 780,600). The balance constituted Indian Tamils and Indian Moors, Burgers and Europeans and Malay who were not Ceylonese at that time. By doing so the British downgraded the Native Sinhala nation, the Bhumiputras of the land and elevated the Tamils and Muslims to parity status with Sinhalese, the sons of the soil. This was the first (1) political betrayal of the UNP. I put the whole blame for this betrayal on the political leaders who took over the country from the British.

Furthermore the UNP also failed in 1948  2) to get the name of the country Sinhale” restored, 3) to get the freedom over the motherland by asking the British to take back all those South Indian Tamils they brought here to work on their projects especially the plantations as cheap labour 4) to get a Constitution of our own enacted based on our civilization  as a fully independent and free State without just accepting a made in Britain Constitution drafted by them (Jennings) designed to perpetuate their control of the Island and exploitation of its resources, 5) to get our own legal and Administrative system restored, 6) to get the language of the people  of the country, Sinhala, declared as the official language of the State and finally 7) to get full freedom and Independence from the shackles and clutches of colonial rule (by accepting Dominion status while India was declared as a Republic in 1951), made the 1948 Independence a big faux pas. Therefore the UNP has absolutely no right to claim that it has got independence in this country in 1948. 

Very soon the UNP became a group of closely-knit family circle that was duped as Uncle and Nephew Party” merely enjoying the fruits of political power for personal gain serving the British colonial masters instead of building a free and independent nation as a country that has got independence from colonial rule and serving the natives.. History has clearly proved that the first UNP Government has done nothing towards this goal other than the continuation of the Dry Zone settlement development and irrigation work started during the State Council days. S.W.R.D. Bandaranayaka disillusioned by this negative approach of the Government left it in 1952 and formed the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. D.S the first Prime Minister died in 1953. The people got disgusted and disillusioned over the neglect of their birthrights and the disregard for their Language, religion, and culture by the UNP and revolted in 1956 and formed a new people’s government under the leadership of S.W, R. D. reducing the UNP to 8 seats in Parliament. The new Government introduced a series of patriotic moves first by making the Sinhala, the native language of the nation, the official language of the country after 141 years. Thus the sons of the soil actually felt some sense of freedom only in 1956 and it is hailed as the dawn of a new era Sinhala Buddhist resurgence for the first time not only after 1948 but also since 1815.

This brought to an end the first unsuccessful phase of the UNP. The second UNP government was formed in 1965 under Dudley (DS’S Son) and ended in 1970 again without any significant achievement in nation-building. The third UNP government was formed under J. R. Jayawardhana in 1977. His Government completely reversed the nationalistic policies of the previous government, passed a new Constitution in 1987 replacing the 1972 Republican Constitution and introduced the Executive President system of Government.  He signed the infamous Rajiv /JR Accord in 1987 by which he declared the Northern and Eastern Provinces Comprising 1/3 of the total area of the country and 2/3 of the Island’s coastal belt, paving the way for separation and leading to a Federal State in the North and East with 9 independent Provincial Councils under the notorious 13th amendment  with power over land with Judicial and police powers to be governed by 9 Provincial Councils headed by 9 Governors and 9 Provincial Chief Ministers enjoying Cabinet level status with  nearly 700 Provincial level MPP and 45 Ministers, granting Citizenship to all Indians in this country over the counter without any condition, making Tamil also a national language all over country and thereby reversing the status of the Sinhala (language of the natives), that was the official language for  21 from 1956, increasing the number of MPP in Parliament from 155 to 225 with 29 National list MPP specially made to accommodate political stooges with no qualification without having to face the elections, politicizing the entire public service by  introducing a compulsory chit system from the local MP to get a Government job, giving a free hand for UNP goons to run the country, removing the Civil rights of the Mrs Bandaranayaka for 7 years, increasing the number of Ministers in the central Government to nearly 112, creating a new kind of Ministers called State Ministers and non- Cabinet  and State Ministers and creating 45 Ministers a the Provincial level are some of the prominent betrayals his government did ab initio. This increased the number of superficial politicians, institutions and staff at least by five times and the government expenditure went up exponentially by billions with very little benefit to people and completely disorganized and destabilized the provincial administration that was rum smoothly run until then.

It should also be noted that Rajiv /JR Accord of July 29th, 1987 was singed under Island wide emergency and confining the Government MPP to a Hotel in Colombo after getting all of them to sign an undated resignation letter under compulsion, thereby making democracy a big joke.

Thereafter in 1982, he got the term of Parliament extended for a second term of another 5 years under a referendum conducted in the most undemocratic manner. They also had an election in 1989 March and R. Premadasa took over as the President. Other than starting a garment industry and construction of few hoses under Gamudava program and constructing clock towers all over the country, hardly any other significant development took place during this period.  The biggest political coup during this time was the removal of Mrs. Bandaranayakas’ civil rights in October 1989 for 7 years, violating all basic tenets and ethics of human rights and carried on until they were driven out in August 1994.

Again the UNP came to power under Ranil as PM in 2001 for a short period by accident. During this time he signed an agreement with Prabakaran without the knowledge of President Chandrika and his government was sacked by Chandrika in 2004. He was defeated by Mahinda Rajapaksa at the 2005 Presidential election and was driven in to political wilderness until he was unconstitutionally appointed as PM by Maitripala Sirisena who became the President after quitting and betraying the only Party that brought about the first wave of national resurgence in 1956 after independence and that nursed him as a political cub for long years. The first job they jointly did was to rob the Nation’s Central Bank. Ranil as the Prime Minister was the chief architect in this mega scam. But for obvious reasons the President has not taken any action against Ranil up to date.

This was followed by a series of undemocratic conspiracies like the dissolution of Parliament in July 2015 to avoid a Parliamentary debate on the COPE report, followed by August General elections, the second CB scam of 2016 and  a plethora of anti-national, anti- Sinhala and unpatriotic actions such as selling national assets like Colombo, Hambantota and Trinco harbours together with 101 oil Tanks at Trico and  Air Ports like Mattala and Pallali to India and China, allowing the Tamil and Muslim extremists to run riots and betraying the country at international forums like the UN and UNCHR and destroying the oldest political party in the country by internal feuds for power directly goes to Ranils account. What more evidence is needed to show the disqualifications of the UNP to hold on to national politics in this country anymore? Looking at the ongoing infighting and the mess they have made out of it how can anyone can expect them to run this country. Ranil is the worst and the most undemocratic, self- centered, irresponsible and inefficient leader UNP ever had in its 72 years of history.

Today as it stands even a tiny tot can understand that there is no political party called the UNP in the country anymore. As one writer recently said, History will write hi (Ranil)  off as morally corrupt pimp of the West who dragged the Grand Old Party, the Parliament and the people to the lowest moral level in the post-independent era”. To this, I would add that the UNP under his leadership has ruined the whole country and the entire social system beyond recovery.  The same writer observed The knell of the parting day will toll for Ranil on election night on Nov 16. But how many UNP mourners will be there to follow him to his political grave?” So said the same writer quoted above quite rightly.

Talking about the ongoing tussle between Ranil and Sajit some might think it is over with Sajith‘s appointment as the Presidential candidate. That is far from the truth. It is only the beginning of another major conflict. Ranil will do everything to defeat Sajit. As I see it Sajit will never win even with all Muslim and Tamil votes. Even if he wins by some miracle, which is very unlikely, Ranil will make it virtually impossible for Sajit to do his job as the President. That will mark the beginning of the war between Ranil and Premadasa which will drag the country will go from bad to worse.

The overall the UNP has never been people-friendly. Never has being patriotic either. As it stands today it is almost dead and buried as a national political party, thanks to Runil’s 29 years of miss-leading that grand old party. Its survival right throughout has rested on minority voters. The net result has been the unpardonable betrayal of the Sinhala nation and the country. It has gone down on record as the Political party which robbed the nation’s Central Bank by its own leader, the Prime Minister of the country. It is also on record that as the party that has sold the greatest number of national assets, as the party which has imprisoned the largest number of Buddhist monks and that kept the eyes closed while allowing the Tamils and Muslims to vandalize most of the Buddhist heritage in the North and East and openly declared that this is not a Sinhala Buddhist country.

I am asking the following q1uestiobs from those all Sinhala Buddhists who still remain stuck like leeches and ticks to this treacherous ant-Sinhala and the ant-Buddhist obnoxious band of political rogues.

 Don’t h you feel ashamed as the descendants of heroic Sinhala forefathers to be a party to these betrayals.

Don’t you have an atom of the brain to understand what these traitors have done and the irreparable damage they continue to do this great nation the country and the Sambuddha Sasana

Don’t you feel guilty that you have already become a party to the crime of destroying the Sinhala Nation   the motherland that has nursed you for 2600 years, not done by you but by someone else, that is those politicians who have come to power through  your vote promising the sun and Moon but has done nothing to you or the country

Don’t you realize that all that you had done so far by voting these rogues have only enriched them and their kith and kin while you have gone down the slope of poverty, misery and eternal hopelessness as individuals and a nation?

Don’t you see that the present-day UNP is a dead and stinking corpse that will never reappear again in this country under that name?

As such it is high time that you change your Maruvath Kepuwat Kola blind mentality at least now, as there want to be any UNP after the 16th of November. Therefore I strongly advise you to bury the UNP and align with a new patriotic force where all Sinhala people stand united under the Lion flag to rescue this nation from the socio-political and economic mess in which this government has put it within the past 4 ½ years. That is the only way the Sinhala people can save this country, the nation and the Buddha Sasana for posterity.

So now I appeal to all those mad and blind followers of UNP who are still suffering from the incurable mania of ‘Api Kepuwat Meruwath UNP” to immediately leave these unpatriotic good for nothing bunch of political rejects and get out of this rut as early as possible and join the patriotic forces to save your bellowed motherland and the Sinhala nation from extinction, for reasons, I have outlined above. In this noble mission, you have no alternative but to elect the person selected and presented by the Mahasangha as the most suitable leader who can take this country out of the present pathetic situation. A vote for the UNP is a vote against the Sinhala nation. A vote for the UNP is also a vote against this country and the Buddha Sasana.  

Now I Come to the SLFP.

The SLFP was found as a people-centered nationalistic political movement by SWRD in 1952 as said before as an alternative to the then Western servile UNP that was serving their colonial master rather than the needs of the native people. It formed the first people’s government in 1956 with the heavy backing of Sanga, Veda, Guru and Govi Kamkaru, the neglected segments of the society but who formed the five steel pillars of the then existing social system. Thus 1956 marked a turning point in Sri Lankan progressive and patriotic politics that ushered in a new era as an independent nation. Before long agitated and disturbed by the ensuing radical socio-political and economic changes that deplete their power and positions reactionary forces backed by the UNP conspired and got Banda assassinated in 1959. But proving the dictum that ‘A flowing river will never turn back’ the newly emerged forces continued under the able leadership of Mrs. Bandaranayaka, the wife of dead Banda, until 1965, in spite of a second coup attempted again by reactionary UNP forces backed by the Church to assassinate her as well. Again from 1970 to 77 under Mrs. B, and 1994 to 2001 under Mrs. B and Ratnasiri Wickramanaayaka, and 2002 to 2004 Chandrika and 2005 to 2015 under Mahinda Rajapaksa it carried out a number of people-friendly and patriotic programs.

The long list of patriotic and people centered activities like, making Sinhala the official language Setting up of the Ministry of Cultural affairs, a Ministry of Buddha sasana and the Ayurveda Department and the Navinna Ayurveda research Center, nationalization of the Colombo Harbour, taking over of Katunayaka and Trincommallee air base from the British, he Paddy Lands Act, nationalization of  the omnibus service and foreign owned Oil Companies, setting up The People’s Bank , Sri Lanka Insurance corporation, CWE, State Timber Corporation, creating the Employees Provident Fund, Nationalization of Sterling Tea Estates, abolition of the colonial vestige of Ceylon Civil Service and creation of The Sri Lanka Administrative Service that enable the Sinhala educate village boys and girls who knew their country and the needs of the native people to reach the higher echelons of Public Service that remained a privy of the children of English educated social elite who knew very little about the country and its people, the declaration of 200 miles Sri Lanka sea limit, Sirima Shastri Indo-Lanka Agreement and  annexation of Kachchtive Island are some of the highlights of SLFP achievement. Among all these fetes inauguration of the Republic of Sri Lanka in 1972 removing the Dominion Status  under Mrs B under the new Republican Constitution that replaced the British made Soulbury Constitution and defeating and ending the 30 years LTTE terrorist menace in 2009 under MR leadership (2005-2015) stand up as the most outstanding achievements under SLFP governments. The singular credit for having the best foreign policy also goes to the SLFP under Mrs. Bandaranayaka. The 1976 Non-Aligned Conference held in Colombo   that brought the Leaders of 77 countries and attracted the attention of the whole world that put Sri Lanka prominently on the world map and the settlement of Sino Indian war in 1959 and easing tension between India and Pakistan are the highest achievements of Mrs. B’s regime that have been inscribed in golden letter in world history.

UNP ridiculed her as a Kussiamma coming to politics. Some learned pandits sang Stribuddhi Vinaasaya. It was R. Premadasa who once said in the so-called supreme Parliament that the chair she sits will have to be washed every month. That was how UNP politicians ridiculed and despised this great ‘uncommon woman of an uncommon husband’ as D, B. Danapala the doyen of. Mrs. B brought credit to this Island nation like no other. Her Stature, Charming smile, impeccable character, graze and outstanding charm, wherever she  graced whether at home or abroad generosity as a true Sinhala  Buddhist Upasika and above all her lofty Leadership qualities she had inherited from her birth to rule as a Queen  among Kings have made her the most illustrious leader of Independent Sri Lanka. As D.B.Dhanapala the most eminent journalist in Sri Lanka (Lanka Puwath path Kalave Sakviti) once said ‘Nobody thought she will do it But today nobody doubts that she has done it” better than any male leader of contemporary politics in this country. I say, she has aptly proved the classical Sinhala saying Totilla padawana Ata Lokaya Paalanaya karai” The hand that rocks the cradle rules the World)   (I request you to read her book Sinhalayaage Anaagataya haa  Indulankaa Prasnaya” Jaatika Prakaasanamandala  Anka 1: published by Jaatika Adyaapana Mandalaya 1965, to rediscover the Modern Vihaaramahaadevi in this Great Sri Lankan personality.

All this incredible credit goes to the SLFP of the past. That is pre 20. Why I say so is, in my opinion, there is no SLFP today in this country. It was brutally murdered and buried under 100 feet below on 10th Nov 2014 when Maitripala Sirisena left to contest as the UNP Common candidate and betrayed it under the advice of Chandrika.

Although MS was able to snatch the leadership of the Official SLFP after becoming the President thanks to MR for not sacking him from the post of General Secretary, the next morning, he does not have the support of the grassroots level SLFPers anymore. So long as the present SLFP 12 or 13 MPP hanging on to the President he may be able to collect few people for his dream election rallies. But the day they come to know where the grassroots level SLFP men and women stand they will en masse jump to the legitimate and true successor to SLFP that is the SLPP as the election draws nearer and nearer. Judging by the latest events I will not be surprised even if Dayasiri Jayasekara and Duninda Disanayaka are suddenly discovered in the lap of Gothabhaya. Then what will happen to MS? He will be found all alone stranded in the middle of the devil and the deep seas or in the Minneriya weva medde as it happened to Lewke metindu who was found dead all alone in the mid of the paddy field surrounded by Marasenaga.

Therefore, the only way out for him to get out of this political catastrophe, in my opinion, is first, he should give up his daydream of either contesting or nominating someone else for the Presidency from his dead SLFP or supporting Sajit to take revenge from Ranil on the dead ropes given to him by his close associates. Second, he should directly talk with Rajapaksas and join that camp without allowing Dayasiri Jayasekara (former UNP) or Weerakuara Disanayaka (former JVP) to talk on his behalf. Third, as outgoing he himself should stop talking now as he will be no more the President in two months’ time. You just wait and see all these fellows who stick on and hang around making big noises for one reason or the other, will leave Sirisena the day nominations are closed when the realization that he is a dud coin. Fourth and finally he should openly apologize to MR for all the betrayals he had done to him and the SLFPers in the country for the damages he has done to the party and support Gota to be the next President. Then at least they will forgive and look after him and his family as if a prodigal and disobedient son who has come home                

As for those SLFP grassroots level foolish people who still hang on to anachronistic MS and his acolytes thinking they have power expecting to get their things done in future please give up this wild daydream immediately as there is no political party called SLFP today and also there is no tomorrow politically for anyone of this group. Therefore the wisest thing you should do is to immediately fall in line with the ‘Gota Wind’ and vote with him if you need to get your grand old party back in power and also to get your things done in future and more particularly if you want to save a country for posterity.

If an epitaph is needed, to decorate the tomb it could well be inscribed: Here lies the remains of The Sri Lanka Freedom Party” Founded by S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, on September 2, 1951, and destroyed by his pissu daughter and Maithripala Sirisena, the modern Brutus in Sri Lankan politics.

                                           Final religious rituals are done on 16th Nov 2019.

Finally, now let us look at the JVP.

The JVP is called the Jatika Vimukti Peramuna. You perhaps know better than me about their dark past and who they are.  To begin with, the name itself is a misnomer. Because to begin with, they don’t have a Jatiya. They at least pretend to be international. I don’t think they even know what the Jatiya of this country is.  For that matter, none of our politicians appear to know it. If they do why on earth they always like parrots say there are many Jatiin in this country. If you carefully listen to them or read what they write always they come out with lose talk like ‘siyaluma jaatiinta , kisima jaatiyakata venask netiva etc. This implies that they all believe there are many nations in this country. To me, this is a big joke. Because any country has only one nation. Eg Japan Japanese, China Chinese Every country has named its the Jatiya after their native language. So in this context here in Sri Lanka, the Jatiya is Sinhala. Because the native language people have used for millennia is Sinhala.  The irony is here in Sri Lanka our politicians call even Muslims a Jatiya, whereas there is no Jatiya called Muslims anywhere on earth. The word Muslim refers to those people who follow Islam Just like Buddhists and Hindus, who follow Buddhism and Hinduism are called Buddhists and Hindus. To that extent Muslin it is only a name used to denote a group of people who follow a certain religion. But our fools call it a Jatiya.

Coming back to JVP I am posing the question as to what is the Jatiya are trying to liberate when they themselves have no Jatiya. I am sure it is not Sihala Jatiya. Because in the first place, like all other Sri Lankan politicians, they don’t accept there is a Jatiya called Sinhala. Which means their Jatiya is also Sri Lankan. That makes it more than clear that the JVP doesn’t accept Sinhala as a Jatiya. Moreover, they also don’t have a religion or a culture to liberate or protect either, as what ordinary folk like us have. They also don’t believe that this is a Sinhala Buddhist country as most of our politicians do for political expediency. None of them know that we have a rich Sinhala Buddhist heritage in every grain of sand in this country running into millennia. The JVP cadre doesn’t know about our kings and Queens. They only know about Karl Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, and Stalin. That is why they only have their pictures hung on their stages. The way they talk, behave, dress and act clearly show that they appear to be an alien set of misguided set of lunatics. People know what they did in 1971 and 1979 and also the most uncivilized way how they did it. People also know how they have already destroyed the University students and the whole younger generation who are expected to take over the country tomorrow.

Class struggle, Jealousy, malice, and hatred seem to be the four pillars on which the JVP built. In their minds, they live in Russia. Marxism and Leninism are their bread and butter. They are neither Sinhala nor Buddhist.  So will they ever protect the people or their culture of this Sinhala Buddhist land? What is they will do that.  I admire the active roles played by Anurakumara in Parliament and Handunhetti at the COPE, in excavating the garbage of other political parties and the public and corporate sector. But I pity their inability to understand what Sri Lanka is and who its people are. I am more than convinced that unless and until they adjust to the local cultural matrix they can never come to power in this country through the democratic process. I do not know as why these young people don’t learn a lesson from their old Marxists veterans like NM, Colvin, Philip Gunawardhana etc and join the mainstream and work hard to prove their metal and do some service to the motherland without wasting their valuable youth in vain. They also know that they can never win a Presidential election. Then why are they contesting?  As I see every vote cast for the JVP is a loss to the nation as it is definitely going against the national interest. It is especially so at a Presidential election where each vote counts in deciding the fate of the nation. At a time when we are struggling to rescue the Sinhala nation from the extremist Tamils and Muslim every vote cast for JVP goes goal and you are increasing the chances of the UNP candidate that is extremely fatal to the Sinhala nation. If they want to liberate the nation as the name of their party suggests, what they should do is to support Gota and withdraw from the race. If they do that they will enhance their future chances as the UNP will disappear from Sri Lankan politics after this election. Therefore I appeal to the JVP cadre to act wisely on this most critical time. I am also requesting the younger generation who still hang on to this JVP mirage  that lead them headlong to destruction and disaster not to get misguided by the venomous rhetoric of the present day JVP leaders who are neither Sinhalese or Buddhists and to use their heads and think far and use your vote to select the correct Sinhala Buddhist as Anura Disanayaka will never get elected as the President at this election. You will be only wasting your valuable vote by voting JVP. If you do that you will be hailed as a patriotic set of youth and go down in history as a generation who saved the nation at a critical time of its history in the present context where all minority communities the UNP and even the whole world is working against the Sinhala Buddhist identity in this country.

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna; A new Patriotic National Movement that saved the political philosophy of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party of Bandaranayaka

In the aftermath of the 2015 Jan Presidential Elections, several important changes took place in the political landscape of this country. Maitripala Sirisena the General Secretary of the SLFP who left the party under mysterious conditions to crown the UNP as the Common candidate won the Presidential elections unexpectedly with the support of the UNP, and all anti-Sinhala, anti-Buddhist forces both at home and abroad. The SLFP, the only political Party died a natural death. Chandrika, the daughter of SWRD, the Father of the SLFP, was the chief architect of this coup. Consequently, the SLFP voters in the country were left fatherless and motherless too. A group of devoted SLFP stalwarts in desperation formed a new group called Our Sri Lanka Freedom Front” (OSLFF) as an attempt to gather round the disintegrated and rudderless SLFP voters. Later it was re-launched as the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) in November 2016 by Basil Rajapaksa and his friends with the blessings of MR under the chairmanship of Prof G. L. Peiris and became the focal point of rallying the Fatherless and Motherless SLFP orphans”, made destitute by Chandrika and Sirisena. Within a very short time, SLPP grew up as a mighty peoples force under the shade of MR and contested the 2018 Local Government Elections and came out with a resounding victory reducing both the UNP and the Sirisena factions to Lilliputs. We as patriots are happy that the SLFP voters, at last, have finally found a new home from where they can wage the third phase of the war in national resurgence and nation-building.

Conclusion and my appeal to the Sinhala Nation!

 In this backdrop now I come to the question of Selecting and electing the next President of this country. As I have already pointed out above both the SLFP and UNP are dead and buried. The final rituals of SLFP was performed on Nov 10.2014. The UNP final rituals will be done by the people of this country on the 16th of November this year. The JVP also will disappear after this election and go into political oblivion just like the old LLSP and CP, very soon. The JVP as a political party is utterly irrelevant to our context and absolutely inconsistent with our national needs. Already it has changed its name as Jaatika Janabala Vyaapaaraya and the Symbol also has disappeared. They may have sold it to somebody to bell a cat. But their alien political ideology remains the same. Going by the notorious performance of the UNP, more particularly during the past 4 and half years none of those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and a nose to smell and ahead to think will ever vote the UNP or the Sirisena camp if he nominates someone. All nominees under those defunct labels should not be even considered at this election, apart from electing them.

Going by the age-old traditions of this country the one to be elected at this election should be selected by the Mahasangha (preferably by a Council of Mahasangha) and elected thereafter by all the people in the whole country again keeping with the Mahasammata tradition. As I see already a group of eminent Mahasanga has selected Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as the prospective candidate and this has already been publicly declared by Mahinda Rajapaksa the Leader of the SLPP group at a recent Convention of the Pohottuwa. He told the gathering, I don’t have to name him here as you have already selected Gota as your nominee”.

 As the next step, I propose that his selection be publicly ratified by a Maha Sangha Sabha (The great Sangha Council of Sinhale) consisting of the Mahanayaka Theras of the Tun Nikaaya and other subsidiary sects like Kalyani, Kotte, Rangiridambulu, Dakshina Sangha Sabha and Vanavasi Sangha sabha as soon as possible. That will set a new tradition in selecting and electing the nation’s future leaders so that it will last forever as a national convention of this Island nation. This will also bring the Mahasangha of the whole country under one Council for all purposes in the future.  This should be done before the handing over of nominations on the 11th of October. In case they fail to do it before, I suggest ratify it at a public meeting as soon as possible at a national convention of all Mahasangha to set a permanent tradition and Convention. Once that is done Mahasangha of the whole country has to refrain from appearing on behalf of any other candidate and advice everybody to elect the person so nominated. This will also firmly confirm and consolidate the universal concept of Sukha Samgassa Samaggi” (Happiness and peace is there in the world when there is unity among the Buddha’s disciples) as preached by the Buddha. Further, I also suggest that Sri Lankan Mahasanga all over the world should come back and work for Gota’s success going from village to village making a clarion call to the nation to Vote for Gota to save this country, the Sinhala nation, and the Buddha Sasana.

 Now that the SLPP has already pledged its support for Gota, and SLPP being the legitimate successor to the SLFP found by S.W.R.D and nursed by Sirima and Mahinda, first, all those who were with the SLFP all over the country should rally round him. President Sirisena also should now drop his ill-advised ambition of putting a candidate and throw his weight with Gota to keep the former SLFP votes together if he wants to defeat the reactionary UNP and rectify the damages he has already done in 2014 by helping the reactionary forces to come into power. He must now realize that he is now a political refugee only spending the last two months in power. In my opinion, he stands between two realities. That is on the one hand now he cannot toe with the UNP.  On the other, he also cannot win an election as an SLFP candidate as there is no SLFP now, as the majority of them have aligned with the SLPP as it was clearly demonstrated in the last Local government elections. The mere 4,90, 000 he got at the last Local elections is also now drastically eroded and therefore there is absolutely nowhere he can get at. Any action to the contrary on his part will only reduce the chances of SLPP candidate and increase that of the UNP. Under these circumstances, the best thing he should do now to safeguard his own interests is to openly support Gota, which will also mean that he is only going back to his old home. 

Second, all Sinhalese as one force should discard all their past political alignments, like UNP and JVP and rally round Gotabhaya, as he is the only candidate who stands for the Sinhalese. I appeal all hardliner UNP men and women and JVP cadres not to waste their votes by voting their old party candidates this time. Instead, vote Gota and be a party for a historic resurgence of the Sinhala nation in the year 2019.

I also have a word for the new voters nearing 6-7 lakhs. This is your maiden vote. Therefore you must vote the winning candidate if you want to be happy and proud that you have elected a President with your first vote. The man who will win this election is Gotabhaya, I swear you. By doing so you are not only electing a new President but also become an active party to change the History of this country and the Sinhala nation that is going to be a landmark in the annals of this country. As such I suggest you vote Gotabhaya, the trusted and able warrior who led the war against the LTTE and liberated the country for you and me and of cause the brother of Modern Dutugamunu, Mahinda Rajapaksa. Also please remember that by voting Gotabhaya you are also voting the legendary warrior Gotabhaya one of the trusted Dasamahaa Yodayas of Dutugemunu, the legendary warrior king of this Island nation, who defeated the Indian invader Elara, who ruled the northern parts of the country for 44 years and brought it the whole country under one parasol.

Once election trend gathers momentum I believe even the ordinary Tamils and Muslims, who understand the political reality, might revolt against the oppressive Tamil and Muslim Politicians who have been driving them as a herd of goats and free themselves from the cruel clutches of their politicians who have blindfolded them and exploited these poor and innocent creatures for 71 years and vote for Gota.  It will once again make this country a worthy place where everybody could live happily in peace and harmony and prosperity san all ugly communal and religious clashes ignited by Tamil and Muslim politicians from the day we got Independence in 1948. 

(To be followed up by Part 111)

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