People have decided whom to vote: Cardinal
Posted on October 8th, 2019

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said today the people had already decided to whom they would vote at the upcoming presidential election and those defeated should allow the person elected to rule the country.

He said this at a Sunday school ceremony held at the Asokarama Temple in Kalutara South.

The people know how to use their votes. Mere shouting and running down their rivals others will not attract voters,” the Cardinal said and recalled a reply given by former president D.B. Wijethunga when he was asked whether he would contest again.

I have had enough of politics,” he said.

The Cardinal said those who lose should accept defeat.

We must help create a beautiful country. Some politicians level false allegations against their rivals. Some contestants take presidential election as an opportunity to hinder others mentally or disgrace them with false allegations. They should not act in this manner,” the Cardinal said. (Sunil S. Thanthriarachchi)

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  1. dhane Says:

    To create this beautiful country Sri Lanka people would have already decided to send all present corrupted 225+1 home. During the last 71 years Sri Lankans had enough of politics with these thugs & rogues. Should allow the brand new set of persons to elected to rule the country if wish to go forward.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Yes. Not only that MUST have concrete set of solution to eradicate Federal constitution and corruption.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    That is my wish too Dhane and Randeniyage but very unfortunately people have not made that choice. Over 90% of the people want doom and gloom for the nation and they are always right (in a democracy). If that is what they want, let them have it.

    Defeated politicians go home only when they don’t plan to empower their kith and kin. When they have plans for their clan, even death cannot stop them!

    LKY’s book mentions how great Ceylon was until 1948 when it all started to unravel. (Thanks whoever for sending me that excerpt. A perfect description of SL’s history in the past 71 years.)

    What I find most disgusting is those who claim to be Buddhists have totally ignored what Buddha preached in Lanka (circa 583 BC) having made His way into the island to settle a political clan dispute. We have not learned!

    After over 2,600 years we are same – clans cannot give up power and fight for it no matter what happens to the nation.

    But we are very particular about venerating Nagadeepa where the sermon was delivered totally disregarding the content.

    (“Ewan asirimath jaathiya jayen uradayi!”)

  4. Randeniyage Says:

    Over 90% of the people want doom and gloom for the nation and they are always right (in a democracy). If that is what they want, let them have it.

    No. That is what it looks like. But there are criminal activities that make people to vote that way. Such deceiving tactics are illegal in every advanced democracy. People are being fooled in an unbelievable way. Both major camps are responsible. However, there is light, slowly but surely getting brighter and brighter. We have to wait. 225+1 idea will be so bright next time which will definitely expel darkness.

    LKY’s book has a lot of inaccuracies. This is due to his trust of Tamil politicians there.

  5. Nihal Perera Says:

    I have lot of respect for the Cardinal…

    But he should be impartial and non-political if he has to maintain his integrity and credibility that he earned, and rightfully deserves.

    I would like him to take no sides even though I am a hard-core Gotabaya supporter.

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