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This essay contains snippets of information on Mangala Samaraweera and Ranil Wickremesinghe, taken from the media.


Journalists based in Washington and New York have noted that, from the time Mangala Samaraweera assumed office as Foreign affairs minister,  he has taken upon himself to denigrate the previous leadership of the country before his Western counterparts, sometimes embellished with unsubstantiated tall yarns, perhaps in the naive and forlorn belief that his popularity among them would be enhanced. (One recalls his tales of the Rajapaksas siphoning off $50 billion to foreign tax havens or Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election campaign being funded by the Chinese).

It is doubtful if this goal has been achieved as Western diplomacy itself is based on the continuity of a country’s interests. Badmouthing a previous leadership which could return to power at some point, with foreign counterparts, is certainly not cricket” and not in the country’s best interests.

Minister Samaraweera was in Los Angeles after attending the 71st Session of the UN General Assembly in New York. About 200 residents from Southern California were present at the September 25 event, 2016, which was the first featuring a visiting government dignitary organized by Mrs. Gunaratne who took office earlier this year,  reported Lankaweb.  Notably absent were Buddhist monks from the local Sri Lankan temples.

Minister Samaraweera, dressed in open shirt while the invitation called for formal attire, said he was surprised at the large turnout, quipping that as he walked in to the meeting he thought for a moment he was in Matara (his hometown). 

In contrast to other Sri Lankan leaders who from time to time have addressed the expatriate community here, Mr. Samaraweera, speaking for about 20 minutes, solely in English, did not have one good thing to say about Sri Lanka from independence to present.  None of the warm nostalgia for the homeland usually evoked by leaders from all sides of the political divide.

Quoting extensively from the late Lee Kuan Yew, founder and prime minister of Singapore, he painted a grim picture of a country that couldn’t evolve,” a nation, contrary to the promise shown when it became independent, is still struggling to move forward.”

When Ceylon gained independence in 1948, it was the classic model of gradual evolution to independence. Alas it did not work out.  It is sad that the country whose ancient name Serendip has given the English language the word serendipity” is now the epitome of conflict, pain, sorrow and hopelessness,” he quoted the late Singaporean leader as saying.

Now, after sliding for almost 70 years, Sri Lanka has finally caught a break according to the Minister.  There’s hope in the horizon with a new vision for democratization and development” being pursued by his government which came to power in 2015. All the countries are coming forward to help us,” he declared. Emphasizing that the island will be a strategic military hub in the Indian Ocean and a gateway to Asia (Source http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2016/07/28/the-foreign-minister-samaraweera-must-go).

Elsewhere, Samaraweera, touching on Sri Lanka’s economic future, said the government will take measures to make it easier for foreign investors to do business in the island as well as for foreign nationals to buy land. In pursuit of promoting reconciliation, there was a new political trajectory” aimed at breaking down walls and building bridges” and putting away past baggage.”Reconciliation was key to coming to terms with the tragedies of the past” which was why, he said, the government felt it important to show the world” its commitment by cosponsoring the Geneva Human Rights Council Resolution 30/1. ( Source http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2016/10/05/fm-mangala-samaraweera-in-l-a-says-no-separation-but-leaves-door-open-to-federalism/)


Ranil Wickremasinghe should retire, he will definitely lose the presidential elections if he comes, said Derana news of 10.6.18.


It may be recalled that the PM on several occasions, both within and outside the Parliament, made attempts to cover up Mahendran’s misdeeds, said a critic. He first appointed a committee of three attorneys handpicked up by him to report on the issue, who exonerated Mahendran fully. When the COPE report on the bond issue was submitted to Parliament, before the report was taken up for debate, it was conveniently dissolved. Further, the PM defended Mahendran at every opportunity he got. Covering up a misdeed is equally an offence as doing the misdeed itself.

With all the damage done to the country and to its economy by Mahendran, the PM should not be allowed to go scot free for handing over the Central Bank to Mahendran, particularly when there was opposition at the Cabinet, as if the Bank was his inherited property, this critic continued. Though the Commission has not held the PM responsible explicitly for Mahendran’s misdeeds, the PM has no option other than to tender his resignation if he has even an iota of self-respect,  the critic concluded.


Probably the most noteworthy contribution ever made by Ranil Wickremesinghe  in support of the Rule of Law was his unswerving refusal to vacate Temple Trees during the 50-60 days that the unconstitutional regime of MR was imposed on the country. Given the revoltingly crude manner in which Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake and General Sarath Fonseka had been treated by  Rajapaksa’s  regime, there was genuine public concern that a similar fate might befall Ranil Wickremesinghe .

However, in an unprecedented show of public support, a determined contingent of civic activists took significant risks, made personal sacrifices and gave very generously of their time to protect Ranil Wickremesinghe  and thereby safeguard the existing Constitution. The highly impressive, steadfast and absolutely vital part played by RW in protecting the Constitution during this fearful period is something for which all citizens of this country should be eternally grateful, said A.C.Visvalingam.

On the other hand analysts pointed out that Ranil Wickremesinghe was reappointed to the post of Prime Minister December 16, 2018. Which meant that  Rajapakasa’s appointment as Prime Minister was legal, and the  occupation of Temple Trees by the UNP was illegal.


Senior Journalist and former UN official Mohan Samaranayake said that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was the only winner who wanted to promote imperialism and danced to the tune of Western powers. Citing examples, he said that PM Wickremesinghe was the only leader in the developing world who justified the US invasion of Iraq. (Island 28.6.19 p 2)


This is how Prime Minister Wickremesinghe comes across in the account of an expert British analyst. Prof Paul Moorcraft is a former senior instructor at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and the UK Joint Services Command and Staff College.

 He writes:”…On 20th December 2001 a Special Forces team was in place in the Vanni jungle. For once it knew for certain where the elusive Tiger leader was. The assassination team was due to strike on Christmas Eve. The team leaders were just ready to press the start button when they were countermanded, despite fierce intelligence arguments that Prabhakaran’s death would end the war…The Special Forces operatives were stood down temporarily in a safe house in Colombo. In one of the biggest intelligence own goals of the war, the house was raided by Special Branch police from Kandy. The highly secret operation was exposed. It was not a case of overzealous detectives…The heads of military and national intelligence were overridden when the police arrested the operatives and jailed them in Kandy. They were released after two weeks and, as a scapegoat, a middle-ranking police officer was suspended, temporarily. It didn’t end there: the intelligence leadership was accused of using the safe house as a base to assassinate the Prime Minister. Once again, the Tiger leader was unscathed.”(Paul Moorcraft, ‘Total Destruction of the Tamil Tigers: The Rare Victory of Sri Lanka’s Long War’, Pen & Sword Military, UK, 2012, pp. 38-39.)I


The Dayaka Sabha of the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara passed a resolution to remove its Chairman Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe from that post. The resolution was moved by a member of the Kelaniya Seela Bhavana Samitiya and seconded by Co-Secretary of the Dayaka Sabha.

Chief Incumbent of the temple Ven. Prof. Kollupitiye Mahinda inquired from the Sabha whether there was anyone supportive of Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, and seven members of the Sabha raised their hands in support of the PM. There had been around 300 members of the Sabha present. Chief Incumbent then announced that the matter would be referred to the Executive Committee of the Sabha for a final decision.


The Sri Lanka joint study group for  CEPA  set up by Ranil Wickremesinghe  in 2003 included  18  persons. Among them were Ken Balendra as  Co chairman of joint study group, Arjuna Mahendran, Chairman BOI, R. Paskaralingam, advisor to Prime Minister ,N.Pathmanathan, Chairman of Rehabilitation of Persons, Properties and Industries Authority, Mano Selvanathan, Chairman Korea  Lanka garments, K. Shanmugalingam, Chairman, Tariff advisory Council,  and R Selvaratnam, Chairman EDB. Several who were in the CEPA committee Such as Mahendra, Paskaralingam are also in the ECTA committee, added Chandraprema. 


Suave, comfortable in a European life style, fluent in the only European language he knows, English, neo liberal in thinking, and from an elite background, Ranil Wickremesinghe  is fondly addressed as Ranil” by the European diplomats and the dominant Western media representatives. He moves in Western circles with ease and is the darling of the mainly Western funded NGOs. Ranil enjoys an easy relationship with the Occident, having cultivated individuals and institutions there over the years, said analysts.  

 He  is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society. The Mont Pelerin Society is a society dedicated to dismantling the welfare state. The USA  liked him and wanted him to be President of Sri Lanka .he was nominated for the Presidential election of 1999 . He lost, continued critics.

Politicians sometimes make fun of Ranil Wickremesinghe . When Ranil  went to Singapore, they wanted him to bring Arjuna Mahendran back with him. They criticize him heavily too. Corruption charges against  Mahinda Rajapaksa are not proven but corruption charges against Ranil Wickremasinghe are, said one critic. Wickremesinghe and his group of closest friends conducted themselves as if shaping the future of the country was a fun game they played, said  President Sirisena angrily.  ( Continued)

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