Scientific energy saving technique can save nearly 60% energy wastage
Posted on October 22nd, 2019

Dr Hector Perera         London

There are far too many cooking programmes in many British TV channels. When I watched them to see any energy saving cooking, I must say I didn’t observe that much energy saving in cooking. Cooking has to be done using energy but that has to be controlled depending on the situation. Many chefs cook so many different types of food and they are far too many to be mentioned here.
One of the common things to be cooked is rice then comes a curry or two. This is quite common in a country like Sri Lanka or among Sri Lankans or Asians. Some of these Asians eat rice and curries as their main meal when compared to British people who eat fish and chips or chicken and chips than rice and curries. Don’t forget they also eat pasta, spaghetti and many different pies as well. There is no strict method of cooking them. They bake them in ovens after a certain stage then mix with so many things then eat. Before they eat the food they add so many varieties of flavours and sources to make the food palatable. Most of the times these flavours are found in bottles or in packets and they just add them to the food as they eat. If someone eats fish and chips then the person would add some sources from bottles or from packets as they eat. Some tomatoes sources are sweet and as well. Not only tomatoes sources but other sources such as mustard, vinegar and salt are also eaten to get the food flavour. The more they eat, more salt and far too much sources are eaten without their knowledge. Who would recommend too much salt to eat?

Judges in cooking competitions

When the judges, judge the individual cooking of each competitor they also go by these food flavours than anything else. Most of the times these food flavours are added to the plates so the judges are forced to taste the food flavours along with the food. The judges watch how the food are cooked then they make so many facial expressions and say so many things while these cooking competitions are taking place. I have my doubt if they cared about energy wastage while cooking. The fire goes out of the cooking pans and most of the times they even let the food catch fire. When food flavours and vapours catch fire, there are so much misty, cloudy vapours surround the cooking vessels but the chefs do not care and even the so called judges just keep on looking at them but never mention if that kind of work is right or wrong. Most of the times there are two judges watching the cooking of a few contestants but they never say anything right or wrong of that kind of cooking.

Any mistakes are ignored while cooking, why?

Strictly speaking these kinds of cooking should give an example to the public as they are broadcasted on the spot. Within an hour and half they finish cooking a few dishes, may be three or four but not anymore. Judges keep on walking and watching how these cooking are taking place and they always see how the food cooked.  They often see how mistakes are done but seem to ignore.

Usually there are about four cooking sessions and at the end of every session, one competitor is eliminated. The rest of the few contestants have to face similar risks. They make so many mistakes while cooking, waste far too much energy, and often get showered with cooking aroma. I think the judges are not taking those mistakes into the competition, as long as the food are palatable. Sometimes even beef not properly cooked. When they are sliced one can easily see that they are virtually raw meat.

I am certain that this kind of cooking cannot be called energy saving cooking but they are send to viewers in their inbox with a name such as energy saving cooking. I had the chance to demonstrate to the public in four different TVs in Sri Lanka how scientific energy saving cooking is done. Also I demonstrated this scientific energy saving cooking for the approval of The Sustainable Energy Authority then The Invention Commission added my work to their official web site. All these work can be viewed even right now at The Google search under my name. I am certain if my work is good enough to be broadcasted by four different TVs in Sri Lanka then my work should be good enough to be shown in any British TV but so far none of the British TVs have contacted me about my work.

I still claim to save about 60% of the energy used in cooking by applying science. When I explained the scientific energy saving cooking in Sri Lanka TVs, I had to use both English and Sinhalese in my explanation because I was not aware of the proper Sinhalese terms only but if I had to demonstrate my work in any British TV then I would stick to English only in my scientific energy saving cooking. I am capable of cooking so many things where majority of people use on daily basis. Please let me repeat if my work is good enough to be shown in four different TVs in Sri Lanka then it should be good enough to be shown in British TVs as well. Your comments are welcomed

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