GOTA PHOBIA – Part VI D (Conspiracy to pin Gota for the Easter Sunday carnage)
Posted on October 30th, 2019


The reactionary, neo-liberal, foreign and tiger terrorist servile United National Party facing the biggest defeat and collapse in their history is reported to have made arrangements to launch a massive plan to pin the responsibility of the Easter Sunday mayhem on SLPP and the winning candidate Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in a wild attempt to minimize their repudiation.

This heinous plan is reported to have been initiated by the country’ biggest quisling anti-Christian, ant-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist agnostic and the leading butterfly (term used by President Sirisena to refer to homosexuals) Mangala Samaraweera.  This butterfly has a constant record of betraying political parties, betraying those who helped him, telling blatant lies, bluffing, arraign and attack people whom he dislikes and whom he is jealous of and some of which include:

  • Boasted that people in SLFP are people who will not pass excreta in the very plate they have consumed meals and a few months after making this statement in a Rupavahini interview betrayed Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike and joined the UNP. Madam Sirimavo has appointed him as a co-organiser for Matara electorate and has told her confidantes later that Anura brought a male prostitute (pirimi wesiyak) to appoint as an organiser for Matara;
  • Have acted as Gobbles of Sri Lanka on numerous occasions;
  • He initiated a poster campaign against Ranil when he was in the SLFP Sayinh Ranilta Be” (Ranilcan’t) but after joining the UNP praised Ranil as Ranil is the only person who can develop Sri Lanka;
  • Signed an agreement with TNA and TGTE in Singapore promising them a new Federal and secular constitution.  Sumanthiran told media that he came for this meeting as a beggar prepared to oblige for any condition;
  • In the run-up to 2015 presidential election that the then President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has swindled U,S,Dollar 18.5 Billion and deposited the funds in a bank in Dubai. Dentist and foul mouthed Rajitha said in several media conferences that he saw by his own eyes Namal carrying on his shoulders this money in gunny bags and it will be brought back to Sri Lanka soon but now no one talks about it ;
  • Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has obtained a huge commission when MIG fighters were purchased for the Air Force;
  • Mr. Gotabhaya’s family residence rent in The Los Angeles was being paid by Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington;
  • Cardinal Dr.Malcolm Ranjith is a great statesman who was solely responsible for preventing a Catholic-Muslim flare up in the post Easter Sunday carnage as envisaged by the government and the United States.  Mangala who doesn’t respet people has on numerous occasions criticised the Cardinal as well as Catholics;  
  • Addressing a meeting in Matara said that SriLanka is neither a Buddhist nor a Sinhala country;
  • To celebrate his 30 years in politics he could not find anybody more appropriate than Ms Samantha Power, the former UN Representative for the US, who was instrumental in bringing those fabricated charges against toue gallant war heroes.  These actions imply his devotion to America has blinded his senses.
  • The most despicable and unpardonable betrayal done by him was the c-sponsoring the American initiated UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka without the consent of the Present and cabinet approval which has surprised many countries as a Foreign Minister of a country has signed a resolution against his own country;
  • In another sudden move this quisling got the cabinet to approve yesterday (29th October) to sign the MCC agreement with the United State despite stern objection by the President. Political analysts say that this move has been taken 18 days before the election to express gratitude for the assistance being provided by the American Embassy for the election and ask why Sajith Premadasa who keeps on making hollow promises saying that he will not bow down to foreign powers did not oppose this move and raised his hand supporting it?
  • There are also allegations that he acts as a money launderer for terrorist diaspora making use of VIP travel concession he gets while travelling for overseas destinations’ 

This new conspiracy plan has been launched following the setback suffered in the LosAngeles Court Case filed byAhimsa Wickrematunga.

Mangala is reported to have got Thushara Wanniaratchi,a leading personality in the Computer Division of the UNP and several Catholic ministers and MPs in the UNP who have become disillusioned by the failures of UNP meetings held in Catholic areas of the Gampaha and Puttalam districts (in the Catholic belt).

Attorney at Law MP Udaya Gammanpila today alleged that the United National Party (UNP) is conspiring to put the blame for the Easter Sunday attacks on the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) presidential candidate Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa .He said that the UNP, out of fear of facing the biggest defeat in its history, is carrying out a massive conspiracy called Maha Helidarawwa” which is to be carried out in five steps.

According to MP Gammanpila, in the first step, the UNP has created false video evidence insinuating that Mr. Rajapaksa played a part in this attack with the aim of creating a political environment that is beneficial to him in relation to national security at the presidential election.

In the second step, Catholic UNP Ministers and MPs and some former provincial council members will hold a press conference alleging that Mr. Rajapaksa was responsible and demand to arrest him for these attacks. Then they would organize protests seeking to arrest him. Afterwards Catholic priests will request an impartial investigation on this issue.

Finally the UNP will publish a false document accusing Gotabaya Rajapaksa of having connections with international terrorists.

Referring to another meaningless jabber made by Sajith Premadasa recently saying madin epa godin enna” (come openly without slinging mud) Mr. Gammanpila said that they never flung mud at them and never made false allegations against them as the SLPP can understand his fear of defeat.

The filming of the fake video implicating that the Easter Sunday carnage was an act done by Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has been completed. As per patriotic people who happened to be among this video filming crew that took place  at the residence of the UNP Computer Division personnel Thushara Wanniaratchi in Battaramulla,the film has been made as a confession by a person pretending as a member of the Thawheed Jamaat.

This imposter states in this fake video  that he is a member of the Thawhyeed Jamaat and the Easter Sunday blasts were carried out by them with the intention of providing advantage to Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in the ensuing presidential elections as he would give priority to national security issue in the election campaign. It is projected as an act carried out by the international terrorist organization on the request of Mr. Rajapaksa. In the video it is also stated that two persons giving their Muslim names as identity were the individuals who acted as Mr. Gotabhaya’link personnel with terrorist organizations in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe.

In the second stage of the conspiracy a joint media conference will be held by Catholic members of Parliament (including ministers) and former members of Provincial Councils altogether 8 persons demand that Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa should accept the responsibility for the deaths and injuries suffered by the people and call upon to immediately arrest Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as the main suspect of the carnage    .      

The third step will be to hold demonstrations in front of Catholic and Christian in the country on Sunday 3rd November demanding arrest Gota”.

Under the fourth step will be encourage Catholic priests to request the Police to hold an impartial enquiry on this matter and make some dignitaries in the Catholic community constantly requesting for an impartial enquiry. 

The next, the fifth step will be publication of a doctored document by the UNP (similar to Tissa Attanayake’s infamous document prior to 2015 presidential election and Tissa Attanayake is now the media director of comedian Sajith Premadasa) claiming that Mr. Gotabhaya has strong connections with international terrorists.

Tushara Wanniaratchi has issued a communique saying that now he is the Head of the Media Division of the UNP and it states that Easter Bomb Blasts is the work of Gotabhaya, Gotabhaya has links with ISIS and even Somalian sea pirates are an invention of Gotabhaya.

In this communique it is stated that the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna(SLPP) candidate Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakshahas aconnection with the bomb blasts that took place in the country on the Easter Sunday. He has made this statement on his Facebook page.

He has also stated that Gotabhaya has connections with ISIS and the Somali pirates were formed by the previous Rajapaksa government.

Writer’s comment:  Thushara and the ignoramus UNPers should know that the creation of theIndian Ocean Maritime Security Unit and managed by the Avante Garde company effectively eliminated Somalian Sea Pirate menace in the Indian ocean and similarly the creation pf the Ratna Lanka Security servies and the Task Force created for city beautification and renovation of ancient monumental buildings in the post war period  by Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa gave relief to several thousand service personal to remain employed without getting themselves involved in underground and nefarious activities.

Meanwhile the Catholic MPs of the SLPP alleged that the United National Party has initiated a conspiracy to launch a video campaign to accuse Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as responsible for the Easter Sunday and thereby rob the Catholic votes for the losing candidate Sajith Premadasa. They said that the film of this doctored video was being carried out at clandestine location in Battaramulla.

A media conference by the SLPP MPs in this connection was held at the Renovel Hotel in Kochchikade with the attendance of parliamentarians Nimal Lansa, Sanath Nishantha, Arundika Fernando, and Mrs. Sudarshini Fernandopulle. In addition to these MPs the Chairman of the Wennappuwa PS Mr. Trevin Fernando, former Provincial Council member Upul Rajitha and the former MP Sarathkumara Gunaratne also participated in this media conference.

The MPs pointed out at this media conference that the vicious elements in the UNP have planned to release the doctored video to the media outlets and the social media, to hold a media conference f UNP and allied personnel after that and then launch constant demonstration in front of churches to force the government to arrest Mr. Gotabhaya. 

The MPs pointed out that Mangala Samaraweera, Thusitha Halloluwa, Dayan Jayatilleke, and several others are behibdthis conspiracy and said that at a time a presidential commission has been appointed to probe the Easter Sunday carnage, thus conspiracy is being launched to get some form of mental satisfaction over the undoubted defeat being faced by then on 16th November.

Given below are opinions expressed by the MPs at the media conference. 

MP Nimal Lansa:

The United National Party will not get even one million Catholic votes. Knowing about their apparent defeat they are planning to get some votes through this kind of conspiracies. The government was in receipt of information related to this attack on 97 times. They had CID as well as the TID, They had the Police and the Intelligence Service units.  They formed aSelect Committee after the attack.  These measures were taken only to hide the real culprits involved in this operation.

We urge the Catholic community not to get misled by the government’s deceptions.  The UNP which is unable to face the people is attempting to mislead the people through various fraudulent methods and get their votes. An advertisement company has been paid Rs. 100 Million to turn out  this video.  We know that this video is now being filmed in Battaramulla. The government anticipates to distribute this video to the people and plunder the votes of the people.  We urge the Catholic people if these vicious elements come to hold demonstrations in front of Catholic Churches teach them a strong lesson that they will never forget.

MP Sanath Nishantha:

The objective of turning out this bogus video was to mislead the people saying that Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was responsible for the Easter Sunday attacks targeting the presidential election. Its objective was to apprise the people that the security in the country has collapsed. We have received information that after releasing this bogus video to social media the Catholic MPs in the government are to hold a media conference and accuse Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as responsible for the Easter carnage annd then hold demonstrations byUNP hooligans in front of the churches and demand for the arrest of Mr. Rajapaksa.  We have collected all relevant information on the people involved in these activities and their plans and necessary steps will be taken to take appropriate legal action against them.

MP Arundika Fernando:

It is people like Mangala Samaraweera, Thusita Halloluwa, and Dayan Jayatilleke who are behind this conspiracy.  What Mangala did always was launching conspiracies like this.  The appointment of a Select Committee was a strategy to save people like Hakeem and Rishad. This type of nasty acts are being done in the run up to the election to bait our Catholic people. We are going to report this matter to His Eminence Cardinal Dr. Malcolm Ranjith.  At the same time we will take legal action against this conspiracy. .

Mrs. Sudarshini Fernandopulle MP:

Justice was not meted out by this government for the victims of the Easter Sunday carnage.   We cannot get satisfied about the so-called investigations.  The Select Committee report was a lacuna.  We will not allow this government to further deceive the Catholic people.

The former MP  Sarath Gunaratne also addressed the media conference.

Meabwhile addressing a separate media conference today (30th October) the media spokesman of Mr. GotabhayaRajapaksa, MP Keheliya Rambukwella said that they received information that Catholic MPs in the government Kavinda Jayawardene and Niroshan Fernande and Minister John Ameratunga’s private secretary have brought a large stock of posters accusing Mr. Gotabhaya as responsible for Easter Sunday carnage and they have reported this matter to the Police and the Election Commission.  Addressing another media conference the former Minister MP Susil Premjayanth said today that the public servants are due to cast their postal votes tomorrow and the day after (31st October amd 1st November) and yet they have not seen the manifesto of the joker Sajith Premadasa.  He said that there are 1,5 million public servants and this the first time a prominent candidate has ignored the public servants.

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