A desperate nation expects all Presidential candidates, at least the three main contenders, to declare their policies regarding the following issues “as none of them has said anything on them’.
Posted on October 31st, 2019

Dr Sudath Gunasekara Former Secretary to Prime Minister Mrs Bandaranayaka and President Sri Lanka Administrative Services Association (1991-1994)

31.10. 2019.

1 Abolition of the Provincial Councils that have been a white elephant and that has wasted billions or even trillions of public funds for the past 33 years with no benefit at all for the country or the people and has become a political and Administrative disaster for this country, aggravating separatism laying the foundation for a Federal State in this country. To continue a rotten and  devastative political machinery spending billions that only multiplies a useless set of parasitic political rogues like 9 Governors, 5 Chief Ministers, another 36 Ministers and nearly 700 parasitic politicians and 9 institutions called Provincial Councils wasting billions with no service to the country at all when the whole nation is deeply sunk in a national debt trap, where  the debt ratio to GDP stood at the end of 2018 at 80% and now it could be even 100%, is disastrous for any country.

2 Abolishing the Rajiv /JR Accord of 29 July 1987 whish has almost nullified the Sri Lankan Constitution of 1987 reducing it to a mere piece of useless demy paper by compelling us to

1) Accept the Northern and Eastern Provinces as the Traditional Home land of the Tamils comprising 1/3 of the country and 2/3 of the coastal belt plus the marine resources for just less than 5 % of the nation’s population who are claiming a separate Rata (EELAM) for Tamils, first within this country and later to embrace the whole of Sri Lanka that would finally form the Head Quarters of their dream EELAM Empire.    

11)          Making Tamil also a National Language in this country and

111)       Granting Sri Lankan Citizenship to all Estate Tamils contrary to the Nehru/Kotalawala Pact of       1954 and thereby paving the way for India to convert the entire Central Hill country of this country in to an overseas Indian Protectorate in future.

(This is a total distortion of the history of this land of the Sinhala Nation that was there for 2500 years and a criminal and unprecedented betrayal of the Motherland and the Sinhala Nation by the treacherous politicians in 1987 which has to be reversed at least now if we are going to exist as a nation on this planet earth.) 

3 Reducing the Cabinet to a maximum of 20 and the number of Politicians in Parliament to 150 and Pradesiya Sabhas by half, removing the 4300 odd new additions made at the last Local government Elections ( oe preferably abolishing the PS sabhas and replace them with Village Councils), abolishing the National list, going back to earlier electoral system and abolishing the District MP system and PR system and reverting to the old electoral system where we will again have true representatives of the people in Parliament.

4 Pruning exorbitant Public institutions and reducing overstaffed Public Service to manageable levels to cut down public expenditure.

5 Creation of a new Political Culture by laying down minimum educational and other qualifications and a Strict Code of Conduct to Politicians and making attendance in Parliament compulsory

6 Abolition of Pensions and excessive privileges to politicians and converting politics to a ‘Mahajana Sevayak and a Desa Sevayak” instead of the present political culture of public exploitation and torment. Also do away with Official vehicles to all; instead give them a loan to buy their own  vehicles and pay the mileage as it was done in the past.

7 Ending the tragic House Maids trade with Middle East countries,that has completely ruined our culture and valued social fabrics and reduced this country to a land supplying slaves to oil rich countries. And replacing it with

        a) Avenues of a dignified and safe employment for them within the country and

        b)  Start a programme of sending professionals and technicians as an exportable item to earn foreign exchange, if the government cannot develop other means of earning Foreign Exchange

8 Ending the menace of University ragging by addressing their grievances and to convert the youth of this country to a dignified and valuable asset for development.

9 Declaring all lands over 5000 ft above Sea level as a strictly protected natural reserves and prohibiting any form of settlement above 3500 ft MSL as it had been in the past, to protect the water resources of the country, as water resources originating on these hills decide the entire life system and all economic activities in this country like Agriculture, Hydroelectricity potentials and all other industries

10 Making Buddhism the State Religion as it had been throughout history

11 Lay down the Laws as to what is the  Nation of this country, Official Language, National Anthem, the Law of the country and the National flag (One Official Language, One National Anthem, One law and One National Flaga)  

12 Need for a clear Action Plan to solve the plight of the Kandyan Peasants (all Sinhalese) heaped up from 1815, not rectified for the past 72 years by any Government, although we are supposed to have got some fake Independence in 1948 from the Colonial British.

13 An independent efficient, productive and people centric Public service and Judiciary free from Politics and Recruitments to Public Service and Judiciary only on competitive exams and meritocracy to be the only criterion in selection and appointment.    

14 Prohibiting all communal and religious Political Parties and replacing them with National Political Parties [f you can’t think of a system to run the country without political Parties imported from the colonial west and ending the tyranny of  minority politics in this country wedded to a One nation concept.

15 A national programme to develop and diversify the economy to make them productive and attractive avenues of self-employment in the fields of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Industries, Shipping, Aviation, trade and Commerce and Services instead of trying to pack all men and women to an already excessive and unproductive government service that has become a big burden to the national coffers and tax payers

16 Professional Foreign Service that can take Sri Lanka to the world and bring the whole world to Sri Lanka to develop this country

17 A programme to make Sri Lanka number 1 in the world in Fishing Industry by making use of the Indian Ocean that stretches from Africa in the West to Australia in the East and South Pole in the South and making this country a major naval power in the world by using our strategic location on the globe in relation to the Great East and West trade routes and its enormous economic potentials of fabulous ports around the Island. (The Indian Ocean is the third-largest of the world’s oceanic divisions, covering 70,560,000 km² or 19.8% of the water on the Earth’s surface. It is bounded by Asia to the north, Africa to the west, and Australia to the east)

18.To convert this country to an International hub in Aviation, Shipping, trade, Banking and all kind of Services to make this Island a world Giant making use of its strategic location and god given resources both natural and Human.

19 The need to take immediate action against Hindu and Muslim vandalism against Buddhist religious places in the North and East and to take steps to protect those places and the Monks living there.

20 To reduce excessive public holidays (some years running in to 132) to world average of 12 per year and to limit religious holidays only to those who profess those religions to save hundreds of millions of man days to boost development to catch up with the competitive world

 21 Death Penalty to persons involved in drug dealing

23 Designation of Ministers will be confined to Cabinet Ministers and Deputies only

24 A national Planning Council and a Supreme national Advisory Council consisting of non-political personalities

25 A new Constitution based on the history, State craft, legal systems, cultural heritage and traditions and customs of the 2500 year old civilization that suits this country best without blindly following the imported alien systems. That will end up with what is called A Civilization State” as expounded by Martin Jacques in his When China Rules the World.

Realization of these objective entails far and wide structural changes in systems and institutions which call for many a hardship and sacrifices in the short term that brings long term benefits for the country.

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