Posted on January 1st, 2020


How to sing the national anthem of Sri Lanka in Tamil is a question to me as the current National Anthem is in Sinhala language and originally it was authored by the lyricist in the Sinhala language.  If anyone suggests or requests to sing in Tamil it will not be a national anthem, but a translation of the national anthem. According to my understanding, all countries in the world sing national anthems in the language lyricist produced although there are people living these countries, who use different languages.  For example, in Australia, a considerable ethnic group that uses Greek, Italian and Mandarin but the government never allowed to sing the national anthem in any other language than in English.

Why this truth cannot be understood by Tamils.  In India there are more Tamils than in Sri Lanka and Indian national anthem, Jana Gana mana adinayake jayahe” sings only in the Hindi language. Are TNA people stupids without understanding the simple truth or they want to make unnecessary issue ahead of the general election to secure seats.


  1. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Mr. Theopilus,
    The Tamil politicians are always hell bent on creating disharmony and unrest among the Tamil people and the Sinhalese. In India there are 64 different languages. India does not allow anyone to sing the National anthem of India in any language other than the Hindi language. So why only in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka suffered for 30 years and the Tamils lost more than any one due to the venom packed speeches of Tamil politicians. It is high time the Tamils started thinking for themselves instead of blindly following their party leaders wholse only interest is to maintain their jobs.

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