Alaina B Teplitz , do not make your diplomatic Accreditation a means to destroy a country for political advantage of the country you represent – USA.
Posted on January 24th, 2020

By Charles.S.Perera

Alaina B.Teplitz  you still have traces of genocidal traits you  inherited from your ancestors the Europeans who migrated to America about 600 years ago, and that is why you  have become a state slave to carry out  destructive plans of US State Department  as its Ambassador. You have no altruistic human qualities to evaluate the danger of the plans of USState Department to destroy Sri Lanka and untiringly work for separation of Communities in Sri Lanka, and make this beautiful country a military base of your country.

The proposed MCCC with Sri Lanka is a disaster.  Can you mention one developing country in the world which has benefited from any  Agreements it has signed with America.  To put it in another way America has not contributed  for the development of any developing country. They sign contracts which are beneficial to America  with little concern  to the country with which enters into such agreements.

There were people like you in the CIA , specially trained Agents  to put the minorities  against the majority in developing countries. Sri Lanka is not unaware of  such sinister American State plans  of putting minorities against the the  Sinhala majority and divide the communities to make the country weak and unstable to  facilitate drawing  benefits by such vulnerability. Teplitz; you are like an army  soldier taking orders from the  Commanders to shoot and eliminate the innocents and set up a system planned by your Commanders. You are like a bullet , which has know knowledge of what it does.

You know Teplitz the Indigenous Americans that consisted of 570 tribes  when the Europeans migrated to America had a history of over 15000 years.  Your immigrant ancestors brought with them viruses unknown to the indigenous American Indians who died in large numbers contaminated by these viruses. Some were killed in  armed attacks and burning down of their villages. They were massacred  using bacteria, viruses and toxin. They were dispossessed of their land, forcibly driven away into  settlements in  infertile hostile surroundings, where  they could neither cultivate nor hunt for  bisons for their food.  

In your infamous MCCC with Sri Lanka you have decide on an economic corridor from Colombo to Trincomalee and provided special  settlements  for the families who would be dispossessed of the land with your sinister  economic corridor which is to physically  divide the country  into two different land masses. And America is willing to pay 480 million Dollars just to cut the country  into two !

How much is Washington spending for the welfare of the indigenous American  Indian people and the  development of their settlements , and their culture ? Absolutely nothing is done for the welfare of the Indigenous Americans. They  are wilfully kept in poverty by the USA Government..

 What has happened to them today. The black Americans descending from the innocent Africans imported into America as Slaves have developed into a  important Community. American State Department is more sympathetic and pay more attention even to the Tamil Diaspora settled in America, than to the  American Indians who escaped the  American genocide against their ancestors. The white immigrant Americans have a history of only about 200 year and  celebrate their independence  annually.

But the indigenous Americans are forgotten. Though the terrorist sympathizing Tamils who migrated to America are now recognised and for their sake USA State Department is doing all they can to set up a separate Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka for them to have their holiday homes,  while the indigenous Americans are kept in the shadow for fear of their  emerging as a  force against  the immigrants Europeans who have usurped their rights to set up a government of their own .

That is how America evolved  in a country that does not belong to them and massacred and over powered its rightful owners, and now shamelessly speak of democracy and human rights. Though the immigrant Europeans did not use the same method the Nazis used in their genocide of the Jews, what the immigrant Europeans did to the Indigenous American Indians smell the same Nazis  genocide of Jews. But at leasts the Jews could fight back , not the poor American Indians.

Therefore, the present day Americans however much they try to wash off  the remaining stains of the blood of the innocent indigenous Americans they massacred  and left for dead and forgotten, with whatever washing powder of democracy and human rights, the stains  remain .  Every descendent of  those European Immigrants to America will forever carry with them those  deadly taints.  It is more visible amoung  the American diplomats acting as the Agents of the tainted ruling Class.

The American diplomats, CIA Agents are the  unfortunate carriers of this deadly virus which  politically and economically destroy the developing countries. The American history which is only about  200 years or so old has committed deadly sin  in developing countries far and near which had been seeking to be independent of the fearful tainted American Administration.

The  America State Department  got the CIA to assassinate  or ousted from office  in  various developing countries  the  political leaders who were introducing  people friendly political systems  into their countries. That was and is what America represents, a country  that keeps developing country poor and dependent on them.

That is what USA had always been doing in Sri Lanka. It has not carried out any development project for Sri Lanka though it constantly demands  entering into  agreements such as ACSA, SOFA or MCCC which are not at all what Sri Lanka or its people want.

America used  CIA agents to change regimes. In 1950 Jacob Arbenz President of Guatemala was ousted ,  Mossadeq Prime Minister of Iran was ousted , also in 1973 Salvadore Allende President of Chile was ousted leaving doubt about his suicide. In Congo, Lumumba was assassinated

Larry Devlin a former CIA Agents recounts in his memories how he was ordered to kill Patrice Lumumba of Congo. He says, In September 1960, Mr. Devlin received a cable advising him that he would get an important message from Joe from Paris.” The envoy turned out to be Sidney Gottlieb, the agency’s club-footed poisons expert, whom Mr. Devlin had met during operations to install listening devices overseas, and who would later become notorious for mind-control experiments using L.S.D.

Mr. Gottlieb said that the assassination had been approved by   President Eisenhower, but admitted that he had not seen the presidential orders. He explained that the poisons, including the spiked toothpaste, had been chosen to make the death appear to result from natural causes.” (

However there were great Americans who had the courage and  good sense when  understanding how distasteful the American political system is resigned from their assignments, not wanting to be a part of American political mafia. John Perking was  one amoung such. He states his experience as an Economic hitman, who acted  as a development expert and proposed to developing countries projects that indebted them to American  Companies, and became poorer and politically unstable.

Alaina B.Teplitz, it is better be an ordinary altruistic  person true to one’s  convictions  than be a part of a capitalist political system which is bent  towards manipulating governments in poor developing countries for its own  political benefit , not caring what happens to the poor countries or their people.

Aliana B.Teplitz when you come to a country as a diplomat try to learn about the culture and the history of the country.  When your State Department instructs you to carry out activities, please try to understand whether in carrying out those instruction there would be a conflict with the country with its Culture and its relationship with other communities that have come from outside, settled in the country and have after generations of living together  absorbed into the  common fabric of a Nation. 

Your MCCC puts into danger these fundamental issues of Sri Lankan Nationhood, therefore it is not  suitable to be introduced into Sri Lanka. We also cannot have confidence  in American Army Soldiers with their Guns roaming the country at their will and pleasure.

Aliana B Teplitz you have perhaps heard of the Kill team that blew up and shot Afghan Civilians to collect their fingers as trophies.


What is the guarantee that such things will not happen in Sri Lanka with American Soldiers entering  the country  under the MCCC ? The American Soldiers with freedom to roam  about in  Sri Lanka may give into their deformed sexual desires and  kill or rape the civilians? 

These things have happened lead by American Soldiers at Staff Seargent level. According to investigators and legal documents, discussion of killing Afghan civilians began after the arrival of Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs at forward operating base Ramrod last November. Other soldiers told the army’s criminal investigation command that Gibbs boasted of the things he got away with while serving in Iraq and said how easy it would be to “toss a grenade at someone and kill them”.

Therefore,  Aliana B.Teplitz take courage and tell your bosses in the American State Department that they should stop their unnecessary interference with the government of Sri Lanka to insist entering into deplorable agreements,  and pass disastrous resolutions  at the UNHRC in Geneva based on an absolutely fallacious, and an unacceptable Darusman Report..

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