Posted on February 17th, 2020

Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage 

Wigneswaran is happy and openly commented that he is happy as the U.S banned our Army Commander and his family to United State soil. Wigneswaran’s behavior at this moment needs to be deeply studied and find out more about his comment and behavior. He is has a political road map which is to gain control of the north as a separate land from the country and make it as their homeland for Tamils. It is only a dream which will never come true and the reason for that is quite clear. In terms of releasing that land from the terror groups, our soldiers sacrificed their lives, politicians, religious leaders and many. So we have buried many lives for the sovereignty of this country and its territorial integrity. So Mr. Wigneswaran, you need to understand the importance of being a patriot to our motherland rather than a traitor. Mr. Wigneswaran himself and his allies work hard on many fronts. they as such

  1. Calling United Nations to intervene
  2. Invite United Stated to intervene
  3. Igniting Tamil diaspora protest against the country 
  4. Bribing western politicians by Tamil voters of their countries e.g. Canada, England, the United States, France, etc.
  5. Influence Tamil people of the country through political influences
  6. Make every effort and plotting to undermine national security and promote democracy and religious harmony through and to maintain political mileage. 
  7. Try to bring United National Party into power to gain their political/separatist formula
  8. Doing nothing to uplift poor Tamil people’s livelihood and refrain from the development effort of north and east.
  9. Out of all behaving and acting like a person not belong to Sri Lanka while enjoying all the benefits of Tax money of poor people of the country. 
  10. Mr. Wigneswarn thinks that the people of this country not aware of all of the above. 

We urge president Excellency Gotabhaya to understand this man’s behavior and do as much as possible to develop north and east and uplift the livelihood of Tamil people and their living. The president of this country is responsible for the public and improving their lives. We all lucky to have him as the president of this country. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with much potential to have balance development ( I mean considering environment ) comparing to other countries in the region. 

If we allow the Law and Order to flourish and where people starting to obey the law, we would have a much disciplined and developed Sri Lanka. 

We need to have road speed limits and road signs to implement vigorously to minimize road accidents. 

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