‘Co-sponsorship’ of Geneva Resolution of 2015
Posted on February 26th, 2020

Palitha Mapatuna

‘Co-sponsorship’ of Geneva Resolution of 2015

I refer to the letter of Chandre Dharmawardana (posted on 24/02/2020), titled ‘Geneva Resolution – Ministerial violation of power!’

It seems that the individual, who had been designated as foreign minister at the time,had taken upon himself (with involvement of some others) to ‘co-sponsor’ and, thereby, help foist a resolution upon Sri Lanka, detrimental to her sovereignty and interests, and without proper authority to do so.

Thus, in the absence of proper authority, it needs to be deemed that  this individual had acted in his personal capacity; the country, itself, has had nothing to do with this ‘co-sponsorship’. 

Palitha Mapatuna

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