Now is the time to spread light and love
Posted on March 11th, 2020

Bhante Y. Wimala

Dear friends and students, 

In the past few weeks, I have been talking with many people who are concerned, anxious and even afraid of the spread of the coronavirus around the world. There is no doubt that this is a serious situation and we all need to listen to the advice of experts and follow their guidelines carefully. I would like to share with you some thoughts that I have been sharing with my close friends and students who are experiencing more than a normal level of anxiety. 

Self- awareness  
You need to pay close attention to your level of anxiety, attitude, and feelings. The way you overcome darkness is by spreading light. Feeling miserable about darkness will change nothing and do nothing to bring light. This is a moment we all need to make an effort to radiate love and light. Whenever the disturbing thoughts make your mind heavy, you have the power to influence, change or replace negative thoughts by intentionally guiding your mind to positive, peaceful and wholesome thoughts. Your feelings are influenced by your thoughts. So this is a good time to practice the power of being aware of and consciously choosing your thoughts.

Empower those who are in distress
When you are peaceful, thoughtful and compassionate your words can empower those who are afraid, lost or unhappy. See how you can become a positive influence and comfort to those who are in distress due to many real concerns about the effect of coronavirus by becoming a more compassionate person. When a positive response flows from you as you become aware of the pain and suffering of others, we Buddhists call that compassion. Compassion is the perfect light to remove the darkness of pain produced by sadness and worry. 

Don’t allow polarized views to pollute your mind. 
I would kindly remind you to be thoughtful as you listen to the news or watch TV.  In a serious moment like this news organizations have an obligation to present the facts in a way so they do not disturb the peace of mind of individuals and do not spread fear. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Use common sense wisdom and your own fair-minded, unbiased judgment so that you can stay informed but undisturbed and positively motivated. It is absolutely necessary that you have the courage to say no and turn off the TV.  Don’t allow others to instill fear, hopelessness or anger in your mind.  Your peace of mind is a great gift you can now offer to the world.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.

With light and love,

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