Corona-virus will change the way we live
Posted on March 17th, 2020

Orpheus Perera

Scientists are still trying to find out how and where this virus came from. The first casualties were discovered in a large crowded city of Wuhan in China. This does not mean that it originated there. People who are prejudiced against Chinese, most people in Sri Lanka making up stories and put on FACEBOOK, that Chinese are responsible for this dangerous virus. One faith healer who attracted many thousands of followers, in his You-tube, has confirmed the gossip among the uninformed people of Sri Lanka when no other scientist in the world point the finger at Chinese.

One thing scientists have agreed is, this virus evolved from Flue Virus which is also a fatal virus among the very old and weak people. Viruses, maybe looking for ways of resisting the medicines scientist discover for each viral decease. Many years ago Botanists discovered that even plants try to adopt them-selves to weed killers after many years of been used on them to kill them.

Things happening around the world now are the things we have never heard before. Since Monday Italy, the country, which has recorded 17,660 infections and 1,266 deaths from the virus, has enacted a set of sweeping measures that have left millions virtually confined to their homes and shut down large parts of the economy.

Yesterday Donald Trump declared that big cities in the USA will be shut down from today. Airports restaurants supermarkets, you name it they will be shut down. I believe that they will be looking after the poor and casual workers the same way as the way they do it in Australia. The restaurant staff will be working preparing food and dispatching for home deliveries. Self-employed and small businesses such as those who run their own coffee shops in the city will have to face economic problems. Home delivery people such as Ubar will be victorious. People have to do online shopping which will boost the parcel services employment. People are forced to work from home.

This will be the future of the world even after recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic. The majority of people will have to do telecommute rather than traveling to work. The advantage is for the future generations, will have petroleum for them and cleaner air to breath. The telecommunication companies will be the winners in this case.

Worldwide people will be automatically cut down pleasure trips, especially those who enjoy traveling by air will have to restrict them-self. Politicians in a country like Sri Lanka will reduce wasting people’s money by restricting their travel around the world. Their spouses and children will be very unhappy(and I am happy about it). Most of the international conferences and meetings will be held using video conferencing systems.

If you look at the history of Air Pollution level, for example in New York City for the past month and this month to date, you can see that the Air index has dropped by 50% in March as up-to-date, which is good news for the survival of the future generations.

Please scroll and check the History of NY Air Quality. High numbers mean Air is polluted. Lower the index is cleaner the air is.

Air Quality in NSW Australia.

At least the virus has cleared the air we breathe and if caught by the virus, we the older people with heart problems, past lung infections like pneumonia(such as myself) and diabetics and above the 80s, will be fatal. It does not matter as long as something good comes out for future generations(and they learn a lesson from this pandemic).

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  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Chinese meaning of Disaster is also relates to “Opportunity” I heard from someone.

    So you are right OP. This is an opportunity for the humanity to think differently.

    Also those who oppose communist rule in China will support it over Democracy, due to which no strong measures can be applied in a case of a disaster like this.

    China has managed it well and they will come back strongly to life like a Phoenix.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Covid-19 no doubt going to change the world. The root cause for all the problems world facing today is due to
    population explosion. In the past few decades world population has quadrupled and all these new mouths need
    loads and loads of resources. It’s not just that they create a lot of pollution too. From a sparsely populated place
    to a planet bursting at the seams. In some big cities of the world have populations bigger than some countries’.
    Add to this you have nukes, biological weapons, plastic menace, wars, refugees, global warming,green house
    gases, diseases, floods, droughts, jungles being cleared, alarmingly high births (especially from the fastest
    breeding religion aka religion of peace followers) etc. etc.

    We’ve got everything! Only thing lack is a plan to fix it. World leaders don’t know even there is a big problem since they are busy planning to outfox the rivals or exploit poor nations be more powerful or richer. We are doomed!
    Only a mad man or corrupt deshapaluwa will bet against it.

    To cope with this burgeoning population farmers, food manufactures adapt new techniques (short cuts), of course to maximise profits. A prime example is the use of antibiotics in animal feeds which make sure livestock go
    without having any diseases to the two legged creatures’ shopping basket after wrapping up nicely in, of course
    a nice plastic packaging. The two legged creature after divulging these for sometime become antibiotics resistant and scientists have to find a new fix to fix the two legged creature. Livestock also have diseases since they don’t have doctors and hospitals, and they pass on their diseases to the two legged creatures (their revenge).
    Moreover, they create a lot of green house gases too plus forests have to be cleared to rear them. When food
    is in short supply, people start eating all sort of things. After all, two legged creature’s distant relative chimp
    isn’t a meat eater. If you look at your teeth in the mirror it tells you what sort of diet you should be eating (it’s different from your cat’s, dog’s). The Buddha preached this over 2,500 years ago (First Precept).

    The Buddha preached how to live their lives over 2,500 years ago in Buddhism’s Five Precepts. Today, all the
    law courts under the sun use the Five Precepts to punish culprits who break them. Yet, Buddha’s teachings are
    frowned upon and instead people follow mythical gods since they don’t advice to refrain from breaking The Five
    Precepts. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution which buried the gods showed the world we had to evolve for millions
    to be two legged creatures (just like The Buddha explained). The Buddha also explained the universe is a vast
    vast vast vast vast place. NASA’s missions have proved this many times. Light years, exoplanets, etc. etc. bury
    gods again and again. Yet people are reluctant to accept them and follow religions of conveniences and don’t
    care about anybody or anything but themselves.

    Covid-19 have shown these two legged creatures change or you’ll perish. It doen’st differentiate rich, poor, powerful, powerless and dishes out the same fate, Two legged creatures should stop being greedy, stop having
    too many children to be kind to the planet. Some people think the best way to wrestle control is to keep producing votes using baby machines year in year out. This is what happened to old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, maldive, malaysia and indonesia several hundred years of the mussie arrivals in those countries with their baby machine wives. Today, all of them are mussie countries with more than a billion people.

    Covid-19 going to change the world and it’s telling these deshapaluwa’s to change their ways how to run their
    countries. Follow what The Buddha preached over 2,500 years ago. Science has proven His teaching to be true
    again and again. What’s more it’s the way to live on this planet and be safe from these disasters, natural and

  3. dingiri bandara Says:

    Well said Ancient Sinhalaya.
    For those who believe in evolution, this is message from nature that humans drastically need change the current life style. Extreme greed, over consumption, over exploitation of natural resources and their fellow humans, air and sea pollution, cutting down trees, creating garbage etc. To those who believe in creation, it is a message from the creator. The sad part is those religious leader who preach day night about the power or the creator to control any and everything, so far have failed to tell their followers that they need to change the current life styles and live they way their creator wanted them to live, as good human beings. They are only interested in increasing their flocks and making money. It is OK to pray, sing, worship the creator but teach them to behave.
    The saddest part is the leader of the countries are more interested in the stock market and businesses. Stock markets will fall, business will incur losses but when people live , they will recover.

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