Open letter from the Chinese embassy to the Editor of Wijeya Newspaper.
Posted on April 11th, 2020

By Orpheus Perera

It is pathetic, some Sri Lankan’s are still pointing the finger at China for causing this deadly virus. Did they point the finger at Spanish people for Spanish Virus which killed 30 to 50 million people in 1918? Did they point the finger at America for giving AIDS to foreign countries too?

I did not read the article written in the Wijeya News Paper. I read only the open letter issued by the Chinese embassy, about the letter and I am sure Chinese Embassy officials are not bluffing around.

From the time the CORONA VIRUS was discovered in the City of Wuhan in China, there have been many Face book posts and YouTube news, giving reasons why china got this deadly decease.

  After the US, it was Sri Lankan’s who, ignorantly kept on blaming Chinese for this virus.

 COVID 19 may have originated in the USA and few people may have died(old age, pneumonia), which actually could be due to Coronavirus.

Then it may have gone to Wuhan where after a few deaths Chinese scientist discovered the reason for deaths were the new Virus. Sri Lankans who were blaming China was not even scientist or doctors. Even a faith healer called Kumara gave many reasons for blaming Chinese eating habits. He should be able to heal all the Corona patients by waving his hand, visiting IDH. Sometime back on his you-tube saying that he is not allowed to come and heal the sick people in hospitals, where doctors have said they can’t heal. He appealed to the health authorities to give him a chance to show his colours, further his supporters said that the doctors are scared that he will heal these patients and prove doctors are useless.

The same healer in Sri Lanka, who replicate Sai Baba in India, tried to heal a child who is Gluten intolerant,, by his mental powers and then forced the child to eat bread landing the child in ICU.

I still believe that the Health department Authorities should give Mr. Digana Kumara Chance to heal those who are down with Covid19 and in isolation at IDH. Faith healing may work only for people who have faith in the healer and the child who was Gluten insolence did not have any faith, only his mother had the faith, which could not be communicated to the child.

 AIDS Virus in the USA was discovered after the death of famous movie star Rod Hudson. He had slept with over 2000 men and women, having sexual intercourse, before he was down with the illness that the team’s doctors could not diagnose.

Many American’s must have died of Flu, Colds, heart and other viruses because their immune system was destroyed by HIV. HIV was discovered, because, Rod Hudson was a rich and famous man, people like Elizabeth Tailor kept on pushing the system to find how he died.

In the same period in Sydney, police found a dead body of a Teenage male prostitute in a River that depend on tides. The body was a blue and forensic scientists in Sydney could not find how he died. Only after the discovery of HIV, as a result of research for Rod Hudson’s death, the Police declared that the boy must have died of AIDS.

All these viruses are results of nature’s intervention(IN MY PERSONAL OPINION AND NO NEED TO BELIEVE)  for some purpose. CORONA-VIRUS, according to a scientist, is evolved from the Flue virus, still can be counted as the work of nature.

The western world had the smallpox virus, killing many people from time to time. People on South American mountains, in remote places such as Peru, were never immune to many unknown viruses. Spanish conquerors went and gave them blankets infected with the smallpox virus, wiping out almost the entire Inca-Indian population. Spain was overcrowded at that time. They went and killed the locals and settled down in South America. Now they are destroying the world’s largest rain forest Amazon.

Nature prefers that you control your own population than looking for new lands to expand, killing the local people.

In 1918 Spanish flue came to control the world population, especially that of the West(Spain, Portugal, etc).

Spain fighting against the Corona threat.

The deadliest Spanish Flue virus did not go away without taking about 50 million lives around the world and many Spaniards.

Concerning the COVID19, China, a country with so many Billions of people got it under control very well from the crowded city of Wuhan with a population of over 11 million living in one place. Beijing has over 11 million and Shanghai has over 22 million. What would have happened if the Virus went out of Wuhan to other cities? I think Sri Lanka, been a third world country, has done well to protect its people from this deadly virus.

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  1. Charles Says:

    Every Western Televisions attack China . They praise Taiwan trying to put China and Taiwan against each other . Perhaps they think if there is a conflict between the two they can intervene with Nato to drop some bombs in China !! West has so much of disaster to the rest of the world in the past and tey continue it today. China has come out of Covid-19 and even begun to help those in need by providing masks etc. while West find itself unable to solve the devastation that is being caused by COvid-19. The West should atleast now stop their hate habit. UNHuman Rights Council, Humaqn Rights Watch Amnesty international they cannot do any good to developing countries They are now suffering but still they they will never learn lessons.

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