Make this leadership talk of every platform because Country will great again with this leadership of Sri Lanka.
Posted on June 11th, 2020

Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage 

I am accountable and responsible for the people of this country” Presidnet of Sri Lanka Hon. Gotabhaya Rajapakse

      President Gotabhaya has been introducing a new discipline to our nation, his legacy is progressing, the socioeconomic and cultural progress will bloom through that vision and as patriots we need to ensure his victory.

These days media platforms discuss the topic of Country’s Leadership”, qualities of state leadership”, and” what is the right leadership” etc. Which is good but not enough. When it comes to leadership in politics, we will definitely talk about our past political leadership in this country. We will remind only handful of such graceful leaders in this country. According to my memory early 70’s when Sri Lanka Freedom Party was in power; our country’s potential was great. We were a not debt ridden nation. People were disciplined, law abiding, our state institutions had a great respect, our judicial system was not exploited by politicians like today. Our judicial system should not exist to solve disgusting cases of UNP or SLFP political cases ; judicial system exist to a noble cause for citizen of the country. There was a judicial process which was called Mathew Peris, Priest murdering of Russel Ingram” and I remember the case was a quite famous hearing at that time. Some German judicial experts were in the country to see the grand justice process carried on in judiciary as visitors. We had a rule in our country where we were safe, human nature was respected, happy, and we were heading towards a promising more of our own proud tomorrow in the areas  of social, political, and cultural of preserving of our own heritage. Sri Lankans had, had been developing as a proud nation in every aspect of human development indexes. We were the first in many human development indexes in Asia. But as far as I know; year 1977 was the year of everything started to ruin and exploiting; As J. R. Jayawardena win the massive victory; he promised to feed us with 8 kinds of grains, and he used that victory to change the country in economic, social and cultural aspects by using western ideologies with the advises of handful of coated gentlemen. The powerful balanced coexistence of our social ecosystem started to collapse with underrepresented uncertainty. J.R. Jayawardena became the president with executive powers and introduced free open economy to our country. There were simultaneous things happen during this time. The economists who graduated Ph.D’s from western countries introduced open, market economy to our country and which was quite new at that time. We were able to wear generic Nike Shoes” and generic La Coste” t-shirts. At the same time they introduced drastic changes to our healthy industries, culture and heritage. We had been introduced new pop culture and compelled to thrive in that culture. We were ruined in that culture and our economy; which we ended up with huge economic draw back today. When we just look back and we find ourselves, those pundits and politicians accompanied our motherland’s future in the wrong direction which was the wrong path as we all know. J.R. Jayawardena not remembered even today as a patriot to our country or more suitably just a politician who ruined the country. His followers are still in that party and still want to continue the same black era to our country, and we experienced their actions and behaviour over the past five years. It was a curse to our beautiful country.

As fact Ranil Wickramasinghe and the gang threatened our constitution. He knows he cannot come to power through people mandate. During their so called rule he manipulated the constitution through different unacceptable methods, and those actions has caused a huge damage to its transparency, integrity and safety of our country. He should have taken oath to protect and preserve the constitution but made some mockery changes to our constitution to gain the power and has done a huge damage to justice system, constitution, and parliament system of the country. Even now Ranil and his gang make unaccepted plans to gain the power of the country. By all means our country was rocked in many ways for bad in terms of justice system, broad day light robbing the central bank, uncertainty, Safety of the country, well being of our people. People of our country must aware of these damages caused by that rule. Time to time he comments in media even now for democracy and he doesn’t have a mandate to speak such; as he is a disgusting political figure in Sri Lankan politics.

I am not sure, some of you may have observed in our country that the most of politicians trying to make people’s issues political” for their advantage. And they make use of issues” to discuss in front of media and get some advantage to their political fame. This is disgusting and it is not going to work for them. It is because the people are more intelligent and their political reading is more powerful. For example JVP; they have just handful of representation in the parliament. Their conduct and behavior not accepted by the people of this country. Over the years they had been contributing to change our constitution and supported Ranil and the gang to make that changes, but it didn’t work. JVP was trying to talk of introduction of a constitution with 3 or 4 representation of parliament or Were they trying to hijack 22 million people mandate? What we have seen with current leadership as such; he has empowered institutions and decision makers to do their jobs without inter fearing any political mediation to do their jobs. That is why our country was successful in combating with Covid-19 pandemic. This leadership need to develop more and more into many areas and we are happy as it is blooming.

Present day the leadership has defined in different context. Instead of focusing on what individual leaders do, need to think about what effects leadership have on the people around them: how they elevate talents, expand capacities and empower others and institutions to succeed. All of these only possible when people built Trust” on that leadership. When the leadership in charge of the rule, it requires think very carefully about crafting strategies and surrounding that offers leadership in the absence as well.

Ranil Wickramasinghe publicly addressed that the economy has been in a situation in dire condition and public need to be aware of that. This was his message to public plain and simple. So he forgotten that when he was the immediate past premier central bank was in his rule and he is responsible for plotting the robbing of central bank using Arjuna Mahendran. And he is one of the member’s of that gang responsible for the recent holy day attack and number of perils occurred to our country over past four and half years. Four years ago rule of Ranil and the gang history is a chaos to our country in social, political, Judicial, Legislation and security and many more ; we as citizens of the country don’t like to see that to occur again, and we don’t want to see repeating that ugly history repeating again. It is better to understand to visualize this time as a revolutionary” era. When Russian revolutionary time; writers use their pen to make articles and awaken people towards the revolution. This is not a weaponize revolution but it is about a revolution of mobilizing brains towards that prosperity revolution. We must not leave it only to President Gotabhaya. Writers, Media platforms, Artists, must write think and work on Dawn of a New Era to our contry.”

Think about what is happening in united states of America these days. There is a huge vacuum for political leadership in that country. Over the past three and half years; president Trump’s leadership has been a complete failure. These days all retired military Generals accusing to President Trump, as he is not being able to provide the leadership to unite the country. He was a in a bunker in Washington DC for his safety. Couple of days ago he built a fence around white house to protect him. These type of things never happen in united states of America. He has been criticized by many political circle for his failure. United States America history is the history of Black people, nobody can write history of that country without black people. But black people have been living under steel toes. George Floyd put to death in a horrendous style on the street, civilized world will never want see their own eyes. We all know how he was put to death. We all know there is an Organization called Human Rights”, which is always trying to make fresh accusations to our country on War Crimes”. But they are not dare enough to release a statement of the crime against George Floyd happened in Untied States Of America. As far as I know they never publicly release anything about black people’s tragedy in United States Of America. You can understand duplicity of this useless organization.

The central idea of this publication is to ensure that you love to your country. When that kept in your mind. You will never do any harm to your own country. You do everything putting your motherland in front of you. That is what is most important at this moment by the fellow citizens of our country. There is a strong evident reason to believe and confident as we have patriots in this country as rulers by now. They unite the country after a 3 decades of civil war. They are the rulers of the country by now. People of this country have the confidence they will take step wise approach to solve economic, social, cultural issues of this country.

I remember one time one of the ministers openly said that he will make this countries economy open like playground to play anything. So any one can play any game here. We need to have our own productions, manufacturing, research, our own creativity built into new inventions. Then only we can develop our economy. Liberal economic policies will not bring any prosperity to anywhere in the world. It has made poverty, few wealthy people, and disasters to environment, unrest among people and instability to society.

United National Party and other political parties aware that they will not be able to win this election and trying tactics to delay the election and find some mileage out of incidents by criticizing them. It is a huge draw back of their politics. A closer look what happen over the days is a huge draw back for them. Prof. Ratnajeewan Hoole was pleading from people not to vote Podu Jana Peramuna.” Dr. Hoole we would like to see and I believe your community even want to see that you do some good to our country. You are old enough and knowledgeable enough to understand that you must perform your duties within the frame work of state policies and to your job duties. You must not do politics while doing your job. Government must take disciplinary step to investigate your behavior in this case.

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