Diplomatic Invasion and Spawning HR Violation and Indoctrinating Ethnic Abomination in SriLanka by Foreign Politicians
Posted on June 13th, 2020

Engr. Kanthar Balanathan  DipEE (UK), GradCert(Rel-Eng-Monash), DipBus&Adm(Finance-Massey), CEng. MIEE (UK) Former Specialist Engineer, Power & Control, NRG-GPS Australia

If one wants to know the true record of the problems & concerns in SriLanka (SL), then that person should exercise patience and read the entire document. No point in blabbering with a lack of understanding of SriLankan history and the issues that prevailed in the country since 1948.

  1. History

Since the war on terror was concluded and the country achieved peace in 2009, Tamil Diaspora was not exultant & ecstatic that there wasn’t any motive to show as a reason to swindle funds from the Tamils, hence started a campaign on Genocide, missing people, war crimes etc and opened up several diaspora organisations collecting membership fees and donations. Who are these people? Mostly doctors, business people, Accountants etc. Plus, maybe engineers who warm up chairs in Councils.

One should understand that before the war on terror was kicked off by the military, the county was under the control of the terrorist and guerrilla warfare of the LTTE (main) and several terrorist groups in the whole of SriLanka. The North was under full control of the key terrorist LTTE. The North and the South was under terror and people and the government was under horror and fear of bomb blasts, guerrilla attacks, air bombing etc. The entire country was devastated and business, development, etc was at standstill. The terrorist group LTTE demolished a Cement factory which produced 265,000 tons of cement per year. Key power line 132kV which supplied electricity to the North was blasted and dismantled. Oil bunkers and the main airport at Katunayake in the capital was bombed. Since all bombing and blasting cannot be accounted here in one page, in concise form: – several key installations and political leaders were bombed, blasted and killed. This includes the PM of the great country India, Rajiv Gandhi. Another horrific history is that several hundreds of thousands of peasants (Tamils) and workers were marched from the North to Mullivaykal as a human shield in 1995. The situation was like that of Kampuchea and Pol Pot. Most Tamils weakness is that these peasants and workers do not understand the economic risks/volatility and the development halt as a result of the terrorist’s act. Although medium level literacy rate is moderately high among Tamils, the majority of the population have a mindset of Tamil Eelam and Tamil power. Since 1972/76 the country was at turmoil under the terror of LTTE and nothing could be done as a result of practising Human rights, health & safety of people by the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and the military. Democracy was virtually nullified.

  • Leonardo Di Vinci

Can any foreign diplomat or a foreign political leader or a politician of a foreign country justify these acts? These politicians: Just think of the past, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, etc and the situation of these countries now. The cultural practice and mindset of different races are totally different. My different articles on history and politics of SriLanka can be read in my blog; http://nrnmind.blogspot.com/.

Please visit and read Professor Rohan Gunaratne’ s speech in my above blog; – A post-war challenge for Sri Lanka: Dismantling the LTTE overseas and rebuilding a Sri Lankan identity by Dr Rohan Gunaratne

Now let us come to visit the knowledge of Leonardo Da Vinci.

First of all, we must understand Leonardo Da Vinci theory on problem analysis.

Who was Leonardo Da Vinci? Quote ref: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2019/apr/22/who-was-leonardo-da-vinci-and-what-can-we-learn-from-him

Leonardo was born in 1452, apparently in a Tuscan village called Anchiano, not far from Vinci, and died in France in 1519. He may be best known as an artist but he was also an engineer, thinker and inventor.

The Genius in You – The Seven Leonardo da Vinci Principles

  • An insatiable curiosity.
  • Testing knowledge through experience.
  • Continued refinement of the senses.
  • A willingness to embrace ambiguity.
  • Developing a balance between art and science.
  • Cultivating fitness and poise.
  1. Don’t limit yourself to one field of study.
  2. Embrace curiosity and train your mind to question everything.
  3. Don’t just sit on these questions; seek answers.
  4. Learning happens over time. Leonardo didn’t wake up one morning knowing the entire anatomy of the human body. …
  5. Record, record, and record some more.
  • Spawning Human Rights Violation

Expertise + Flexibility + Reliability = Capability     (Kanthar)

Quote: Perception is an active mental act. It is a dynamic, a dialectical conflict between the self-perspective transformation and external vectors of power bearing upon us. That which we perceive is a balance between these antagonists”. (Ref: Understanding Conflict and War: vol. 1: the dynamic psychological field, chapter 11, by R.J. Rummel) 

Humans perceive different effects about the same state, as perceptions vary from person to person. People assign different meaning to what they perceive.  (Kanthar)

Although all human males are born with ≈1.5 kg of the brain, not all perceive the same thing in the same perspective, the same way. 

Knowledge is defined as information, proofs, aptitudes and proficiencies, acquired through involvement and practise; i.e. an appreciation of the theoretical and practical training, and understanding of a subject or job. 

Therefore, it is conspicuous that foreign politicians and diplomats do not make comments and conduct interviews on the SriLankan issues, theoretical genocide and theoretical missing persons etc.

Let us all study the true story of events that happened for the 30 years that SL was under the control of the terrorists LTTE.

Some years before the USA Asst Secretaries and Indian foreign secretaries and some other countries politicians fly into SriLanka lie that of seagulls. (i) Some countries have a mindset of establishing a base in SL to widen their empire, (ii) Countries like India was always interested in SL to keep their power base stable and to spy on SL, (iii) Countries like Norway, go knows as to why? Maye if they want to help then can, but it is sure that Norway is a janissary of the USA. What is the guarantee that Norway does do what the US wants?

Now China is interesting cos of India’s influence. China has conquered most of the African countries by giving aid and the poor idiots do not realise the consequences. In giving aid to the countries by the African culture, it may be evident that China may have pumped in millions of dollars bribery to the heads of these countries. Most of the installations in Nigeria, Zimbabwe and other African countries are not controlled by China. SriLanka received the aid of several million to construct a port in Hambantota. Today the port has been leased to China for several years. This is the trick of the diplomacy of China which the damn Sri Lankans did not understand. Did they not have the preception or were they, idiots. Another Tamil went to steel 20 billion RS from the Central Bank, who was nothing other than the governer then Arjun Mahendran who has changed his name now. These are worse than theoretical genocide, forcing the country to bankruptcy.  Why not these damn foreign politicians and diplomats talk about the practical forcing of SL to bankruptcy.

The Tamil Diaspora (TD) is now in full gear, maybe assisted by some countries or intelligence orgs to proceed with their attack on SL.

It is a pity that every year TD gets a mental effect as if the moon has come closer and the gravitational force influence on the brain of humans to cause a psychiatric disorder. 18th May, 25th July, 27th Nov, Sivakumarans death (suicide) etc.

It is an opinion that if a person attempts to commit suicide, then that person may be suffering from a psychiatric disorder. judiciary Service Commission shall not intake such candidates into their service.

Several terrorist cadres were sent through rehabilitation centres in SL and SL shall be careful not to appoint such people to sit in judgement or services, like that in a Court.

  • Australia

There were some organisations in Australia and several Tamil radio stations broadcasting racial slogans among the SL people. It is to be remembered that SriLanka consists of majority Sinhalese, then Tamils, Burghers and Muslims. SriLankan diaspora in Australia also consists of majority Sinhalese, Tamils, Burghers, & Muslims. Some political party members focus on Tamil diaspora organisation and support in spraying racial differentials among the SL populace. All Sri Lankan have come here to live not to victimise GOSL and liquidate the government and make them poppers. What do these organisations gain from what they broadcast and get politicians to speak in public? In Canada, the country is in the brink of demand from Tamils for a separate state. Canadian Tamils somehow force Tamils to enter parliament and organise to get what they want. The writer knows cos he can understand Tamil. Canada should get their RCMP members to learn Tamil to spy on these terror groups.

The Mayor of Toronto (John Tory) is quite versatile in that he is only focusing to develop Toronto and give people what they need. However, Some members in Australia are proud to support Tamil Diaspora and talk on TVs.

Tamils are shrewd in that they are now dragging in Aboriginal issue which is long gone and all aboriginal people are living happily apart for a few illiterates who misbehave.

Quote from Tamil TV:

1000’s of Abusive Emails, Threatening Violence against my family, Sexual Violence against my wife… these sums up exactly the type of people which we must stand against. – Hugh McDermott in an exclusive interview with

Full interview: https://youtu.be/A4aXo2rmFRc (with English subtitles)


For an MP in Australia, he could easily get the police to track down the culprit who threatened violence. Strangely, this MP could not. Some MPs play partisan politics for votes.

Let the foreign politicians and diplomats not play partisan politics for votes as they seem to nullify the effect of democratic principles.

  • The photos depict the 300,000 civilians taken to safety by the army.
  • Submarines manufactured by LTTE. Who made these?
  • 32 feet canon buried in ground by the LTTE.
  • Foreign military advising the SL military.

Australia is a country where we all live and work hard to survive, it is considered that when politicians play on cheap partisan politics supporting only one side of the ethnic race, it is unfair, and maybe human rights violation. Why not talk to the SriLankan High Commissioner in Canberra, and the SPUR- Sydney & Victoria to study the real truth of the situation. It may be that the practice of democracy can lead to partisan politics, I do not know.

At this situation of the Corona Virus pandemic period; firstly, Tamils should not have gathered for Mullivaykal remembrance, but stayed at home and remembered. Secondly, Dr Hugh McDermott, you could have avoided a speech in FB about the false pretence of Genocide” as it would have hurt thousands of SriLankan Australians. It is to comprehend that you in the labour party may be attempting to drive a wedge between the two races in SriLanka, Australia and the world.

It is a polite request that kindly politicians could avoid practising partisan politics and let democracy take its progression.

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