Posted on June 25th, 2020

by A. Abdul Aziz.

Some atheists claim that this universe is in existence from ever and it will last forever. If this universe is in existence from ever, then it must have infinite source of power and energy, but we see that no material thing is infinite in this universe. The temperature of Sun is falling down, even the earth is cooling off. All the sources of energy in this universe are being consumed up and exhausting.

So the world is approaching to its end as was prophesied by all the religions. It proves that the universe came into being a finite time ago and it also has a definite end. We know from our whole life’s experience, that if we consider any process, there are only two possibilities, that a process is either started by some human beings, or it might be a result of some other process. If we move back in this tree of processes which are a result of some other process, ultimately we shall come across a process, which could not be attributed to any other process. At that place, we are left with no other argument, except to believe that it was started by some Super being. We refer to that super being as ‘GOD’, some atheists call this Super Being by the name of ‘nature’. Actually just giving a different name to this Super Being really does not make much difference, they believe in GOD, and all they need is just a little fine tuning.


  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Universe isn’t forever, NASA has shown it. We know now the sun expanding and (maybe the universe too) and
    the earth eventually going to swallowed up by the gas giant. People used to worship rivers, mountains, trees, gods
    in OLDEN DAYS IN THE ABSENCE OF SCIENCE. Today, all honest, educated people accept god concept is a man-
    made myth. It has only holes and more holes, not a shred of evidence to support it.

    If we accept the concept for argument sake, how do you explain there are millions of other creatures on the planet.
    Why? What for? What is the use? Why they differ from country to country, region to region? Why people look black,
    white, brown, yellow etc. etc. to fight with each other? Why the earth is the size of a grain of sand in the vast vast
    vast universe where distances are measured in light years. If one knows the meaning of light years, he straight-
    away going to cast doubt the myth. Why the earth is round, why is it rotating, why built in volcanoes, tsunamis,
    deserts, cyclones etc. etc. Can’t be a sensible man’s work. Is it?

    The Buddha preached over 2,500 years ago the universe is a vast vast vast place there is no need to explore
    it since we are going through a samsaric journey. The He preached every universe life time a Buddha is born to
    guide the humans to end their suffering. This concept later adapted by others in the name of a god. Univerese
    is too vast, nobody knows where its edges are. Spacecrafts going 1000s of light years still it’s not the end. That
    alone should be enough? Shouldn’t it?

    Buddhism’s Five Precepts:
    1 do not kill (animals included)
    2 do not steal
    3 refrain from sexual misconduct
    4 refrain from lying
    5 refrain from alcohol/drug abuse
    While the above five is the penal code in every country under the sun and breaking them is committing sins.

    Then Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths:
    1 The truth of suffering
    2 The truth of origin of suffering
    3 The truth of cessation of suffering
    4 The truth of the path to cessation of suffering
    What The Buddha has preached has been proved to be true by science and again to be true. The Theory of Evolution, The Tree of Life, Theory of Natural Selection, NASA’s finding about the universe etc. etc. no conflict
    at all. What’s more brilliant minds Einstein, Arthur C Clark etc. etc. accepted The Buddha’s teachings to be true.
    Yet, today money-ruling world, truth isn’t the truth, it’s what is to your advantage.

    Covid19 is a prime example. Two legged creatures are not supposed to eat meat (look at their teeth and cat’s/
    dog’s etc). After all, our distant relative chimp isn’t a meat eater. While two legged creature who used to run in
    the wild naked developed their brains to fly in jets, landing on the moon etc. etc. and the poor creatures’
    brains didn’t develop enough to curse the most dangerous creature on the planet? It’s absurd to think that way.
    Most of the time, animals are killed in front of the other animals and to think they don’t have fear of death is
    downright absurd. Now we know when cursed, it sends bad energy in wave form and it could damage the culprit
    badly. Remember hitler, lk porisada R@, barrel man hitler mala paharan, sad man hussein etc. etc. They tasted
    their own medicine in this life. What’s more eating meat gives two legged a lot of diseases and causes a lot of
    cancers. Why the two leggeds are disease-ridden now compare to a few decades ago? Now everywhere you
    look you see hospitals, hospitals, all sort of cancers, all sort of diseases. Why? Because of the chemical-laced poisonous diet the most dangerous creature on the planet having day in day out.

    When people sin karma follows them all the way. Unlike the god theory, god punishes the culprit. How on earth
    he going to keep track? Computers? Army of secretaries? Then if he punishes people, he is committing a lot
    of sins and going to lose his job. Doesn’t he? See all doesn’t make any sense. Go to any museum in the world,
    and try to find a god.! Today, all the problems world facing thanks to population explosion and religions of
    conveniences which don’t regard sins as sins and people/societies/countries have become selfish, greedy,
    uncaring liars. Is there any wonder the world’s most dangerous creature running scared of an invisible killer?
    Then again, The Buddha preached, health is wealth, and be kind to nature and the living things. In today’s
    greedy, money ruling world that’s the last thing we can expect? Let alone listening to the greatest human being
    ever born, people outside the religion want to destroy it since it doesn’t fit their lifestyles. Instead mythical god following is preferred only to pay for the sins in their next 100s of 1000s lifetimes in the animal kingdom before being promoted to be two legged creature again (Darwin’s Theory of Evolution?).

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