Sri Lankan Collective of intellectuals supporting the Minister of Industires
Posted on July 27th, 2020

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

There are certain opinions among the people today that intellectuals should go to parliament and run the country. The Collective recently formed and held the first inaugural meeting with the participation of the minister of industries has a different opinion. Interlevuals  should allow the politicians to go to parliament and support constitution but the intellectuals  should form committees and advise politicians to walk along the right path 

It is like the minister taking action to make manufacture  local Mammoties and agricultural tools using local recyclable raw materials and start production lines But the Interctuals should play an advisory role and educate the minister that the manufactured  tools should undergo Normalizing by heating it and insert in oil or cold water to strengthen and harden the tools to last long 

Another example is that according to Sinhala saying that intellectuals  cannot walk across Footbridge made of the single log but he needs a handrail 

The politician should be that handrail to cross the waterway which helps to overcome obstacles along the path of development 

Viyath Maga formed a few years back should not try to become legislators but support them to walk along the right path 

Just like the president said lately Brother, you do politics I will build the country

Similarly, politicians with Pannaraya should do politics but intellectuals should help them to build the country 

I am not supporting intellectuals running the country but  to become  advisors to people-friendly politicians 

Dr. Sarath Obeysekera 

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