Final Decision
Posted on July 28th, 2020

Viraj Kithsiri 

There are many a reason why someone should vote for a particular party at this election.

As usual we will be in a quandary to choose the right one if not yet decided.

But what should really be the reason to make your final decision?

The yahapalana regime  may not have shown the worst of the President and Prime Minister dual because both embarked from the same party and with an agreed plan at the outset.

What would happen if they are from different parties with different agendas?

Clearly the President has declared a nationalistic economy whereas both main opposing candidates argue for an open economy. That is just a beginning.

And here we have now a President who is known to have a strong head and leadership.

It will be very different to a lame soft spoken Sirisena if this President has to deal with an opposing candidate in the government.

For instance will he give into awarding  twenty thousand or ten thousand rupees as promised  at the election by the opposition?

Even if you vote with the hope of receiving this it is very unlikely to materialize with this President in power.

Out of many valid reasons the security of the country was the most important at the last Presidential election.

Should not this be the most important reason, to avoid a dual battle in the government that will be most harmful to the country that should decide your final solution?

Even in an unlikely scenario if any of those opposing parties is elected it will be a worse case scenario the general public will be left to witness in disgust.

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