Cardinal wants ‘real masterminds’ of Easter attacks brought to justice
Posted on March 2nd, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

Archbishop of Colombo Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith today called on Sri Lankan authorities to bring to justice without delay the true masterminds” behind the Easter Sunday attacks and those who have seriously neglected their duties despite having prior knowledge of the attacks.

A copy of the final report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) appointed to investigate and inquire into the Easter Sunday attacks was handed over to the Archbishop of Colombo, yesterday (01).

Speaking to reporter at a press conference in Colombo today, Cardinal Ranjith expressed his gratitude to the members of the commission for their work over a period of around one-and-a-half years.

He also stated that a team comprising himself, Auxiliary Bishops, reverends and several experts are working on studying the report extensively and present recommendations.

He stated that although various individuals have expressed various views regarding the report of the commission, he cannot make a final conclusion regarding the report until it is properly studied. 

However, the Archbishop pointed out that they have great doubts as to whether the country’s security agencies such as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) and State Intelligence Service (SIS) had carried out investigations in depth regarding these culpable homicides while the commission was engaged in its duties. 

Cardinal Ranjith stated it does not seem like the aforementioned agencies are working on apprehending the true masterminds” behind the Easter Sunday attacks.

He said that although some actions have been taken it appears though these have been done without much conviction. 

Therefore, we are asking authorities to explain as why they have been unable to investigate the masterminds behind the attacks, those who aided and abetted, those who funded the attackers as well as the individuals who intervened to weaken and sabotage the investigations into them, and to bring them all before justice despite two years passing since the attacks.”

He alleged that they have received information of undue political influence on certain high-ranking officers who investigated the attacks.

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  1. Gunasinghe Says:

    It looks like Cardinal is trying to politicize the Easter attack report. Report based on evidence presented to commission by different agencies. It is clear for even 5th grader that Former president and security apparatus are culpable for nor doing their job. If they acted properly the bombing could have avoided. But finding the network responsible for attack is not the commission’s responsibility. Investigations are still going on and all the details can not be divulged. According to his recent press conference looks he is teaming up with Yaha Plana goons. he has to realized that this happened during their government. Also it is disgusting to see some of the SLFP members like Dayasiri Jayasekera claim that commission trying frame former president. I do not know what end he is talking. Sajith’s goons are trying to convince public that attack was due to current government’s fault.

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